Adam Scott Impersonates Hilary Duff! (VIDEO)

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Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott (or was it Hilary Duff?) is interviewed right before his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he does a hilarious impersonation of the former Lizzie McGuire star. The actor doesn’t necessarily go above and beyond for his Duff impersonation, instead just answering questions as he believes the pregnant singer/actress would. 

The Step Brothers star responds to each question with a hilarious puzzling look. When questioned how he (or rather she,) would define being a woman, the actor responds:

“I think that an essential part of being a woman in modern American society is first being a child star. If you don’t go through that step then you may as well cash in your chips. Your not a real woman. I’m Hilary Duff.”

Hilarious impersonations aside, the actor is currently keeping busy with Parks and Recreation and according to IMDB, he has four projects lined up for 2012.