Anne Hathaway Goes Completely Makeup Free For Stroll Through Brooklyn (PHOTOS)

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood didn't follow Anne Hathaway to the gym on Thursday. The Dark Knight Rises actress was seen strolling through her Brooklyn neighborhood looking completely makeup free. 

Her boyfriend Adam Schulman joined her on the walk with their dog. Dressed in a beanie and all black ensemble, Anne braved the rain like a tough New Yorker. 

This look is a far cry from Anne's hipster style on Wednesday. 

The actress was spotted hailing a cab in the Soho district of NYC too-cool-for-school shades. What do you think of the look? Click the pics and defend your decision in the comments!



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  • Elvin Orta
    Elvin Orta

    As if all of you ladies looked fantastic without makeup. Chill...

  • Slow Driver
    Slow Driver

    Yikes. So pale.

  • tommy mo
    tommy mo

    i would still blow a hot steamy load down her throat!!!

  • tommy mo
    tommy mo


  • Kat

    give her a break shes beautiful....u ppl i swear.....whoever wrote this "story" must b gorgeous uh? ;)

  • bkjgui

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  • Jasmine

    Seriously, people just because she's an actress that doesn't mean she has to look glamorous 24/7. She's human just we are, and she was leaving the gym after an intense workout. Who wears make up and dresses fancy for the gym? Just look at her skin its flawless, with absolutely no acne. Look at pictures of Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, etc and you can see blemishes everywhere.

  • Zoe

    leave her alone.

  • simplydiffer

    Not cute.

  • courtneybaaby

    she really doesnt look good...

  • o_O

    Please, don't say "still hot", she isn't.