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The influence of HBO’s prohibition drama Boardwalk Empire has seeped into pop culture in the form of finely tailored suits, fedoras and cocktails! Celebuzz caught up with the Emmy nominated show’s sexy star Michael Pitt at Esquire’s 5th Celebration Of Big Black Book with Tanqueray (DJ’ed by Mick Boogie) on Wednesday night in NYC, and the Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike had lots to say about what the modern man can learn from the men that came before them.

Dressed in a sleek black suit, his trademark long hair slicked back and his girlfriend Jamie Bochert by his side, Michael was adamant about bringing back men’s fashion from the ’20s and ’30s, telling Celebuzz

“Certainly the three-piece suit has got to come back. Once you put that suit on… For me, I’ve never been into fashion but when I put on that three-piece suit, I got into it.”

Michael plays James “Jimmy” Darmody on Boardwalk who is working his way up to running the alcohol business in Atlantic City, but in season two finds himself having to choose between his mentor Enoch “Nucky” Thompson (Steve Buscemi) and his wealthy father. Regardless of his predicament this character knows how to dress!

“I’ve learned about the time,” the actor, 30, said of working on the prohibition period piece. “You learn about the present when you look at the past.” That goes for fashion too! Michael’s campaign for three-piece suits seems to be working as both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Justin Timberlake have been spotted sporting the style.  

Another trend that can be partially credited to Boardwalk are the classic cocktail concoctions showing up at big city bars. Michael admitted that his liquor of choice is gin, Tanqueray in particular. 

“I’m all about Tanqueray 10. It’s like the Tanqueray that you drink in a martini. … That bottle is really good. … [Also], they have a drink called the South Side. It’s kind of a mojito.”

The South Side cocktail requires, Tanqueray gin, fresh lime juice and mint.

Aside from his flourishing acting career and his fabulous taste in suits and fancy drinks, Michael has been working on his music. His band Pagoda has been around for several years and he’s finishing up a record as of late. “We’re just waiting for the right time to release everything,” he said, adding that he’s also working on some solo musical projects and some stuff with his girlfriend Jane. 

If you haven’t heard of Pagoda or watched Boardwalk, you may recognize Pitt’s starring roles in the thriller films such as Funny Games and Murder By Numbers. So which does he prefer: TV or movies?

 “I wouldn’t choose. There’s no difference for me. I don’t judge the form in which the work comes. I judge the work. If the work is good, I’ll do it wherever in whatever medium. … I think that it’s a very old school mentality, you know, telvision and movies. To me, it’s all filmmaking.”

Check out Michael suiting up and kicking ass every Sunday night on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire

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