Busted! Leighton Meester Gets Arrested on ‘Gossip Girl’ Set (PHOTOS)

Leighton Meester had a run in with the law on Thursday afternoon and wound up getting cuffed by police. Of course, it’s was all just part of the Gossip Girl script.

Leighton was caught acting intoxicated and wearing a ‘Bride to be’ tiara as she provoked a police officer (actor Amir Arison) into arresting her while filming on location in Greenwich Village. Her dapper costar Ed Westwick looked on in disappointment, but didn’t do anything to help her.

What trouble has Blair gotten herself into this time? Perhaps it’s a bachelorette party gone wild? We’ll just have to wait and see GG fans!

Leighton has been busy on the GG set. She was spotted earlier this month looking gorgeous while shooting a few scenes, where she’s being mobbed by photographers. Looking super chic, Blair is dressed in a stunning yellow coat and winter hat for the scenes.