Courtney Stodden Before the Fame: ‘She Was 12 or 13 Years Old’ (PHOTOS)

Courtney Stodden Pics!
Check out the teen bride.
Lots of people have declared shenanigans on Courtney Stodden, wondering if she’s actually 17 years old as she claims to be, given that she does seem to appear to be a bit more, um, mature. And now with a new batch of photos emerging showing the teen bride wife of actor Doug Hutchison back in the day, Celebuzz went straight to the source to find out more about the photos of Stodden that some are saying were taken less than two years ago.

Initial reports claimed that the vast array of pics showing a fresh-faced Courtney were snapped 18 months ago, but Courtney’s mother tells us that’s ridiculous and that the photos were taken much longer ago. When asked about the photo set, Krista Stodden told Celebuzz exclusively:

“She was between 12 or 13 years old when they were taken, and they were shot by a modeling agency. You take her makeup off now, and she looks exactly like that. That’s her with no makeup on.”

Krista goes on to say that aside from the any differences that makeup might cause, everything else on Krista is 100% the real deal.

“Her breasts are proven to be real,” Krista said, a declaration supported by Dr. Paul Nasif, a renowned Hollywood plastic surgeon, when Celebuzz quizzed him about Stodden’s appearance back in July.

The photo set also includes a photo taken in a hot tub that shows Courtney in between her two sisters. “Those are my two older daughters. On the left is Ashley and on the right is Brittany, and they’re married and have husbands their own ages,” Krista laughed, alluding to Courtney’s 35-year difference in her marriage to Hutchison.

As for allegations that Court’s recent appearance on Dr. Drew showed her slurring her words and raised claims of her possibly being on drugs or pills, Krista says that’s absolutely impossible, declaring that Courtney “is totally drug free. Drugs have never been in her premises. She is totally against all that kind of stuff and she’ll never be around alcohol or drugs or cigarettes or anything. People that have met her, they just go ‘That’s Courtney.'”

“I think she was one person that Dr. Drew could not diagnose,” Krista said with a chuckle. Watch Courtney on Dr. Drew below!