Courtney Stodden Before the Fame: 'She Was 12 or 13 Years Old' (PHOTOS)

Lots of people have declared shenanigans on Courtney Stodden, wondering if she's actually 17 years old as she claims to be, given that she does seem to appear to be a bit more, um, mature. And now with a new batch of photos emerging showing the teen bride wife of actor Doug Hutchison back in the day, Celebuzz went straight to the source to find out more about the photos of Stodden that some are saying were taken less than two years ago.

Initial reports claimed that the vast array of pics showing a fresh-faced Courtney were snapped 18 months ago, but Courtney's mother tells us that's ridiculous and that the photos were taken much longer ago. When asked about the photo set, Krista Stodden told Celebuzz exclusively:

"She was between 12 or 13 years old when they were taken, and they were shot by a modeling agency. You take her makeup off now, and she looks exactly like that. That's her with no makeup on."
Krista goes on to say that aside from the any differences that makeup might cause, everything else on Krista is 100% the real deal.

"Her breasts are proven to be real," Krista said, a declaration supported by Dr. Paul Nasif, a renowned Hollywood plastic surgeon, when Celebuzz quizzed him about Stodden's appearance back in July.

The photo set also includes a photo taken in a hot tub that shows Courtney in between her two sisters. "Those are my two older daughters. On the left is Ashley and on the right is Brittany, and they're married and have husbands their own ages," Krista laughed, alluding to Courtney's 35-year difference in her marriage to Hutchison.

As for allegations that Court's recent appearance on Dr. Drew showed her slurring her words and raised claims of her possibly being on drugs or pills, Krista says that's absolutely impossible, declaring that Courtney "is totally drug free. Drugs have never been in her premises. She is totally against all that kind of stuff and she'll never be around alcohol or drugs or cigarettes or anything. People that have met her, they just go 'That's Courtney.'"

"I think she was one person that Dr. Drew could not diagnose," Krista said with a chuckle. Watch Courtney on Dr. Drew below!




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  • Nur

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  • Akpunonu

    You know it is amazing just how many links apeapr on the interweb tracking back to some kind of soft porn at the Daily Mail- that bastion of Middle England. Keep up the good work.

  • Sandi

    She always tries to hard to look sexy but instead looks like an idiot. Even the younger pictures show this which to me is a huge cry for attention. Her parents are the biggest selfish morons that ever lived. They wanted to make big money from exploiting their child but instead have turned her in to a laughing stock.

  • Sandi

    She was a cute kid but no raving beauty - BUT so much cuter than the monster they made her in to now. Her parents should be prosecuted for child abuse and the pedophile she married should also be prosecuted for child molestation.

  • chumlee

    guess you didnt watch the tv when they were on some show or another cos they did an ultra sound test and proved her boobs were real and really you cant blame the parents as i have met ppl who have bad parents and are really nice interesting people really you just have her to blame

  • emo

    Its a shame, she was such a cute and normal looking girl before she turned into a slut...

  • Grant Taylor
    Grant Taylor

    she got fake boobs shes from ocean shores i have friends who knew her personally shes just a dumb skank.

  • justaguy

    Wow..this pic is hot

  • PJ

    Wow...she looks so pretty and natural here. I don't know how anyone could love the "after" Courtney once they've seen this picture. Too bad she's allowed herself to get sucked up into the whole Hollywood thing - now she looks like an old transvestite - and I sure don't mean any disrespect to the other trannys out there.

  • Ephebophilologist

    To be fair, Brooke Shields was also attractive (and appeared mature for her age) when she was 12. However, her mother Teri was very careful to groom Brooke's image as she grew up. Brooke's raciest "scandals" — the Calvin Klein jeans ad and her role in the movie Endless Love — are quite tame relative to Ms Stodden-Hutchinson's demeanor in the faux-pas-razzi shots we see on this and other websites.

  • Kimmy

    she looks so much better without the crap on her face and the plastic in her chest. she looks like she's about 15/16 here

  • anno

    where is here breast before she got famousnthey are clearly not here

  • uraloser

    she must have put miracle grow on them things, haha. No just 5 bras and some chicken cutlets!

  • Pseudy

    She isn't a god damn singer. Stop calling her that.

  • Will

    Awww, where were her big ol titties at? Its almost like they, i dont know, magically sprung up overnight. Or maybe over a mid-morning while under heavy sedation. Hmmmm

  • anonymous

    how did her boobs get from that small buns to now??and she said she didn't had surgery.funny much?

  • Sarah

    I think she's always had issues - those younger shots (although less fake and in your face) got a bit suggestive too. Now that she's getting attention for it, though, she's taken it to a new level.

  • Sarah

    Well, we've seen what her mother is okay with nowadays.. so it's not entirely surprising :/

  • pak31

    Not necessarily. Plus these pics are not 5 or 6 years ago.

  • pak31

    I think I read somewhere that she's only 13 in these pics. So she's pretty young, her breasts could have been smaller then and gotten bigger with more development. That doesn't mean though, that the one's she has now are real, just saying that a girl at 13 can change by the time she's an older teen, bra size.

  • brandon

    seriously, she's a total whack job and freak.....but I would DESTROY that....when she's 18, of course....ahem.

  • chopper

    she's still ugly, and still not famous. same with her husband too......

  • Zana King
    Zana King

    hahahahhaha great work-magnifique

  • Ammz

    Wow... she actually looks her age here! Now she's just an ugly wreck.

  • Natghlie

    I'm sure her friends are embarrassed of her now

  • Natghlie

    Yeah, what all has she done to her face since this? I'm 13 years older than her now and she currently looks 10+ years older than me. Something is off about her.

  • Natghlie

    Dang, she looks decent here.

  • Ptaw

    I bet her mom is taking the picture and whispering "okay dear now take off your top and poke out your lips a little more... "

  • Ptaw

    Now THIS is attractive!!! I don't know what happened!

  • AH

    I don't even know what to say except we should stop giving these people the attention they want. All anyone is doing is saying how rediculous they are. We should be trying to figure out how to stop this from ever happening again.

  • AH

    Eewww. That's all that comes to mind when I think about this whole situation.

  • AH

    This photo is completely inappropriate. I cannot believe that any mother would be ok with this. It's disgusting!

  • Anita Torlak
    Anita Torlak

    c this is netural boobs

  • Cameo Walker
    Cameo Walker

    yes, but 5 or 6 years ago, a teen would be wearing wide leg or boot cut jeans



  • Dirtgurly

    Pre boob job and pedophile husband

  • Moni Milligan
    Moni Milligan

    Wha??? She's famous???

  • Danny

    These pictures must have been before her mother pimped her out.

  • jb

    There were no skinny jeans then? That's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. Skinny jeans became popular in the 50's and have been in fashion on and off ever since. They are nothing new.

  • Penelope Clearwater
    Penelope Clearwater

    no we won't...

  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen

    She was so pretty. Looks a little bit like Evan Rachel Wood.

  • Lix

    Are you guys stupid!? she doesnt have implants just masses of padding

  • Brandis Riddle
    Brandis Riddle

    she looks normal

  • ann

    She looks so gorgeous :)

  • Jane

    Her parents should be ashamed of themselves. Oh wait! They're making bucks off her. Can someone say Lindsay Lohan? Selfish pigs....poor girl...

  • Bilel Xbilel
    Bilel Xbilel

    I knew there just joke okay Debra. I know who's dog is lost maybe at dog pound

  • Bilel Xbilel
    Bilel Xbilel

    I knew there just joke okay Debra. I know who's dog is lost maybe at dog pound

  • Kaylee Collison
    Kaylee Collison

    btw-- is it just me or does she age a couple years in between each of her video interviews as well. b*tch looks 50 in this latest one :*(!

  • Kaylee Collison
    Kaylee Collison

    to age that much in a couple years must have taken some serious serious tanning, surgery and/or drug use and abuse. i'm sorry, there's just no way makeup alone could do that to you by age 16. totally sucks...she ruined herself.

  • thejadedentrepreneur

    Wow, she actually looks like a little girl here. Jesus what happened to this child?

  • thejadedentrepreneur

    When mommy and daddy are whoring you out to the highest bidder it's probably a typical day in the Stodden family.

  • thejadedentrepreneur

    Daddy was priming her right for her future porn career. This girl's parents are as bad or worse that Dina and Michael Lohan and should be arrested. Seriously, where the hell are the police?

  • thejadedentrepreneur

    Someone needs to tap your IP address for child pornography if you think a 12 year old child is inspiration for your pathetic spank bank.

  • Jennifer Allen
    Jennifer Allen

    nice dirty mirror

  • kaydinosaur

    It's so sad to see such a beautiful young girl turning herself into a skank..

  • twinklemepink06

    i feel so bad for her. She totally just outted herself by showing her older pictures (regardless of how old she was) she did NOT have big breasts in the younger pictures. She basically told the world "I HAD PLASTIC SURGERY AND I AM A SLUT THAT MY PARENTS MAKE MONEY OFF OF!" great job LOL

  • Sasha

    Oh my, the bathroom self portrait with the toothpaste splatter on the mirror. This must be the same bathroom where she taught herself to apply that horrible eye makeup.

  • Sasha


  • Anonymous

    she looked a lot better back then. now she looks like a cheap hooker.

  • sheri

    not exactly typical poses for a 12 year old. Who took these photos? Her parents must be nuts. She must have been 14 when he got her breast implants which only her parents could have allowed. I feel sorry for this girl.

  • AlaBella

    She's actually cute on the "old" pictures - but I still can't believe her boobs are real. they look way too plastic. As for the "she’ll never be around alcohol or drugs or cigarettes or anything" comment, all I can say is that her mother is delusional. I'd be very surprised if that girl hadn't had tried alcohol or cigarettes at least once already

  • simplydiffer

    She was really a cute girl back then. However she look 17 then and looks 20 something or above now.

  • Noah

    She is 17 now. You are saying there were no tight fitting jeans for women 4-5 years ago? Uhhh, really?

  • wtf

    that video...her eyebrows...unibrow?

  • Diana

    That cant be from when she was 12 or 13 cuz there were no skinny jeans then, I know. This has to be at least 15. Maybe 14

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    Thanks for the info. man

  • courtneybaaby

    those shorts could be underwear.

  • courtneybaaby

    now this is where she started to be the slut she is today.

  • courtneybaaby

    lol and she reckons shes had no surgery HAHA

  • courtneybaaby

    haha they deleted your account too!

  • justaguy

    I am glad that someone took these pics. She looks yummy and these pics will provide me with some quality time with myself tonight.

  • justaguy

    She was one very sexy little girl. I wish that I knew her back then

  • E

    No implants my a**!!!

  • E

    Awww. She was cute before she f*cked up her face!

  • Cara

    gosh she is really messed up in the head if she was such a beautiful girl before and now turned up to be a walking plastic and joke in HW. This is what a false desire for fame would do to you. I hope child welfare are looking at cases like this. There is definitely some negligence of parents that contributed to this freak show.

  • E

    She should've turned that gun around!

  • ssstephanie

    And I'm livng proof! I'm the only daughter out of three boys and I'm not a skank :)

  • Anne

    thaatt'ss where she started getting fucked upp

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    Ha! I think you are on to something.

  • dee

    Hmm..She says she has never gotten a boob job but you would think her sisters would have bigger busts..

  • sona

    doesn't matter daughter or son, if u're a good parent your children will do just fine!

  • HannahB

    She looks like a totally decent girl, fresh faced and pretty. Its such a shame her minds fucked x

  • Noah

    Probably Chris Hanson.

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    What pervo would take a picture like this? She was 12 or 13 for goodness sake.

  • Evelyn Maestre
    Evelyn Maestre

    She looked way better before, now she looks like there is something really wrong with her fake self. jeez just admit that your fake and we will respect you more...

  • Jodie Atkinson
    Jodie Atkinson

    She was a pretty girl! oh man...

  • allsaints45


  • Noah

    By creepy, you meant "more sexy" ... right?

  • Noah

    The chick on the left has some serious belly button issues. She she get that fixed ASAP.

  • omfgitsmateo

    Headline should read "Courtney Stodden when she was 15 and a half......" Crazy to see what 6 months will do to a girl.

  • Melissa D Preece
    Melissa D Preece

    wow some of these pics are completely inappropriate for a "12 or 13" yr old.!!!

  • Lisa M. Beck
    Lisa M. Beck

    This girl seems like she's high on something in this video

  • Lisa M. Beck
    Lisa M. Beck

    "You take her makeup off now, and she looks exactly like that. That’s her with no makeup on.”......which makes this relationship even more CREEEEEPY!!!!!!

  • tigertaint

    she used to be so skinny!

  • Noah

    All the top models from her hometown would pose in front of the smoothie store. It was sort of a right of passage in her community.

  • Noah

    I hope I never have daughters.

  • danielleakame

    she looks normal...lil skanky for bein 12 but yeah