Justin Bieber Pulled Over in His Batmobile (Seriously)

Bieber Shirtless in Miami
Justin Bieber lounges around while on Miami vacay!
Biebs & Selgo Beach PDA
Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber get close in Hawaii.
A lot of 17-year-old drivers get pulled over for being inexperienced or just pushing the limits of the law — only when you’re superstar Justin Bieber, when those lights start flashing, it’s not your mom’s dented hooptie that you pull to the side of the road. It’s a Batmobile.

TMZ reports that Bieber and two other cars tagging along with him (one being a Rolls Royce driven by pal Sean Kingston) were pulled over this week for some unknown reason. Police found Bieber behind the wheel of an entirely customized all-black-everything Batmobile, complete with a “JB” logo branded onto the side of the car.

Thankfully for Bieber, the cop stop was a little more than an inconvenience. He and his entire crew were able to drive away with just a warning — and probably a high-five from drooling officers. Shouldn’t they be the ones with Batmobiles?

In other Bieber news, he and girlfriend Selena Gomez recently adopted a puppy named Baylor, which Selena has been taking care of as she continues her tour across the U.S. Check out pics below!