Justin Timberlake Would ‘Love’ to Make a Musical (VIDEO)

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Justin Timberlake stopped by The Late Show With David Letterman Wednesday night, where naturally the conversation turned to his currently on-hold music career.

The inquisitive Letterman asked JT, who was there to promote his new movie In Time, whether or not acting was his main focus nowadays. To which he replied, “My idols are [Frank] Sinatra, and Dean Martin and Gene Kelly - the guys, in the height of their era, did it all … They were kind of required to do it all.”

So does this mean he’s about to make a movie-musical? Not exactly, though Justin said he’d “love” to star in one if the project isn’t dated.

“My problem with musicals is … We’re sitting here having a conversation, and all of the sudden, we’re singing.”

What do you think? Would you love to see Justin star in a movie musical? Or should he leave the singing for the recording studio?