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Hi dolls! It’s been way too long since my last giveaway so I decided it was time to get back in the habit of doing them every week!

This time I’m giving away three bottles of Lamar’s and my fragrance, Unbreakable. I’m still in love with the way it smells and I literally fly through bottles LOL. Fortunately I always keep extras on hand, but I’m willing to spare a few for my dolls LOL.

I’ll be choosing the three winners at random, so just leave any old comment in the comments section on my blog. You have until Wednesday, November 2, at 5pm PT to enter. Good luck!!!!!!

P.S. Unbreakable is still available online on the Perfumania website, on and last but not least, the Sears website!

If you buy it, be sure to post a pic of you with your bottle on my Facebook page so I can post here on my blog. Love you all madly!



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  • britbrat

    Khole and lamar i think u are a fabulous couple and i love your show and i wish u alot of years of happiness and if u pick me as one of the ones to get your perfume i would be so happy cause in this town u don't get to see much and tell lamar that my cuz tyler loves to watch him play ball.

  • Christina

    hoping to win, thanks!

  • Rust Hawk
    Rust Hawk

    Thank you for the chance!

  • katmagick

    Would love to try your fragrance. Hope I get lucky!

  • Susan Lopez
    Susan Lopez

    Khloe, would love to receive a bottle of unbreakable. I like you the best you seem the most down to earth. Hope you and Lamar will last a life time.

  • indiandoll

    I LOVE UNBREAKABLE! it smells so good! I EVEN REPLACED my ARMANI AND GUCCI!!!! <3 you and lamar are so hott! LOVE YOU!! XOXO

  • Shaunya Hartsoe
    Shaunya Hartsoe and Lamar have a relationship that alot of people want...I have seen u have ur moments where u can be in abad mood that day or something but when ur around Lamar its like all that goes away and its just ya'll two..ya'll have an amazing relationship..i hope when I get older my relationship will last forever and be as joyful as urs and Lamars :)

  • efifs

    khloe, i love your family and your hubby lamlam! you guys are so adorbs! i love all of you guys perfume. they smell so pretty and dark and mysterious! hehe, but i love you and i fan mailed you about a month ago, so im hoping to hear back soon! best of wishes. xoxo efi

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia

    Hi Khloe it was nice to have met you and your sisters at the Cerritos Sears. I was so excited hope to see you all again on your next book signing. Take care!!

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia

    Hi Khloe it was nice to have met you at the Cerritos Sears. I was so excited I hope to see you again at your book signing. Take care!!

  • Nicole

    Oh goodness what an amazing giveaway, I would love to be one of the lucky ones to beable to try a great product and share. Thank you.

  • Ifedola

    Khloe and Lamar, u two make a cute couple. Love to watch you guyz on cable. I hope your fans from africa are eligible to win the perfume. Keep up the good work. Much love, Ifedola from Nigeria

  • Ifedola

    Love your confidence and openness on how you handle family issues

  • Cristina

    Dear khloe I have watch you and your whole family over the years. Khloe you are my fav I love how open about your feelings. I love how you love your body and you don't care what people say about you. I think people should respect you more than anyone keep up the good work

  • Barbara Persia
    Barbara Persia

    would love to try this

  • Denise Rodriguez
    Denise Rodriguez

    Khloe I love you, please pick me!!!

  • tikiluver

    I love you Khloé :) If I win I will seriously freak out cause I always enter to win stuff and I never win :( <3 you Doll <3

  • ecaterina29

    would love to try it

  • Kimberly Lange
    Kimberly Lange

    Khloe and Lamar, I watch you two on your show and Keeping up with the Kardashians. I think that you two are a awesome couple and I know that you two are the second couple to come up with a fragrance and I think it is great. I love the name that you two have come up with and I would love to have a chance to win a bottle of Unbreakable because if your love is strong nothing can be Unbreakable.Also I remember you two sitting down with your fragrance lady to come up with this awesome prefume for the world to share in.Thanks Khloe and Lamar

  • Kimberly Lange
    Kimberly Lange

    Khloe and Lamar, I can remember when you two sat down with your fragrance lady and make it. I watch you two on your show Khloe and Lamar and Keeping up with the Kardashians and I think that you two came up with an awesome fragrance named Unbreakable. I would love to have the chance to win a bottle of Unbreakable because that is how love is nothing can be unbrakeable is your love is strong.

  • amy blancett
    amy blancett

    Khloe, I absolutly love your show! I think you are absolutly amazing and a great role model! You and lamar are so cute together and I wish you both many many years of happiness :)

  • Penelopi Kokkinias
    Penelopi Kokkinias

    Khloe, Love your show, and I truly love how u guys help people in need. Im truly addicted to perfume and i already own Kim's perfumes. I would love to add this bottle of unbreakable perfume that me and my boyfriend can both use together <3

  • memommon

    I'm a perfume addict and have been wanting to try this since it came out!

  • Jacqueline Buckley
    Jacqueline Buckley


  • MARY


  • Marie Harrison
    Marie Harrison

    Hi Khloe I live in the UK and dont get to enter most of your giveaways, I would love to win a bottle of unbreakable, I love you, Lamar and the rest of your family xxx

  • Dori Royer
    Dori Royer

    I want a bottle of your new perfume and I absolutely adore you and your family!!

  • Elizabeth Chinn
    Elizabeth Chinn

    I absolutly love you guys!! You are the cutest couple ever!! <3

  • Gail Richardson
    Gail Richardson

    Hi Chloe,l You are my favourite sister, keep on being yourself and don't change, can your British fans be in with a chance of free perfume, if so put my name in your lucky dip. Much love Gail xx

  • wheat636

    Got a bottle as a gift last night, it smells good!

  • vonnie

    I am a huge fan! And its wonderful to see the true side of your life and not just what the tabloids put out! Your a positive influence and a great role model.

  • Erica

    Hey Khloe I am a huge fan of yours & enjoy watching your tv show. Been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians for years. Would love to own a bottle of your fragrance, PLEASE PICK ME!!!!

  • rafeeah

    Hey khloe I honestly luv watchinh u n lamar u guys r da perfect couple n u jst lyk me the straight foward type n u dnt tyk shit from anyone luv u lots :-)

  • L. A. R
    L. A. R

    Khloe, I have been watching you and your family on t.v for ar couple of years now and it's been wonderful to see how everyone has matured to be such beautiful people both inside and out! You seem so happy with Lamar and I think it's great that the two of you fell in love fast and hard! Life is short and I wish you all the best and continued success!! You are the best persknality wise because you "keep it real!" Take care!

  • fabiola

    hi khloe im so fan of u and ur hubby hope u could pick me so I could smell just like u jk I never will smell like u u are unique well I hope I could win told ur mom that she is so lucky to have u ,kim,kourney,rob oh and dont forget about ur pretty little sister and u guys are so lucky to have her she is the most respecfull women love u all and God bless ur family

  • rhonda aldrich
    rhonda aldrich

    Hey Kloe, my sister and I love watching you and your family. It reminds us so much of us but without all the glam and money. We totally relate to your family. Although we do live in different states, me in alabama and her in california, we watch together and talk about it. It would be great if I could win a bottle to give to her. She has a little girl and spends nothing on herself. I think if she had some of your perfume it would help her feel better about herself. It would make her so so happy. Well still we love you and your family. Hugs and kisses.

  • kristin

    Khloe....I just want to say that I admire your commitment to your husband, your marriage and life. You seem to be the smart-headed sister. Not that the others aren't, but you've stayed very real and down to earth. I admire you for that. Stay strong and positive... xoxo

  • Wishful thinking :)
    Wishful thinking :)

    Hey Khloe, guess what one wish I would have? That I meet you when you come to australia next month. That would be awesome because I adore you and your corky ways. But I don't see that wish coming true (I'm not that lucky:( lol) so my next wish would be that you pick me to give away your and Lamars fragrance for me and my hubby to use. Love you. Ps HURRY up with season 2 xxx

  • Mayra R.
    Mayra R.

    Hey Khloe! Love u and ur fact ur whole family and the shows:) Please pick me!!! I would really like to try out Unbreakable!!<3

  • Theresa

    I cant afford many things for me as a stay at home mom our child with heart disease makes it even more difficult it would be great to win a bottle...we never miss a show! your gorgeous Khloe inside and out!

  • Marie Picklesimer
    Marie Picklesimer

    Yesterday i took my PTCE exam and passed to my surprise.My grandmother has small cell cancer and has been in and out of hospital so i have spent all my time with her and was not studying like i should have been.But with her prayers and a little bit of luck i passed!!So today is my first full day of being a CPHT and i thought it would be nice to reward myself with something,i was in process of looking online for my reward lol and i checked out ur website just to see how things are goin for u and seen u are having this perfume giveaway so i thought i would leave my comment in hopes of winning one. That would be the ultimate reward to have a great smelling perfume to wear to my great new job!! God bless you and your family with love!!

  • Hannah Morgan
    Hannah Morgan

    You're my idol and I adore you and Lamar! I can't wait for Khloe&Lamar Season 2! I love Unbreakable and i've always wanted a bottle but it's really difficult to get because I live in Northern Ireland! I was going to ask for one for Christmas but it would be my dream to recieve one from you!:)

  • Lauren McKenzie
    Lauren McKenzie

    Khloe' I would love a bottle of yours and Lamars fragrance Unbreakable. I live in Australia and I have found that no where is selling it. Even the online stores, dont post to Oz : ( Im sure it smells amazing. I think you should tell everyone to sell it here is Australia. We are missing out : ) xx

  • Jennifer

    I am a perfume freak! & I am always looking for the newest fragrance to try. I usually buy the knock off's of perfumes cuz I can never afford the ones I want half the time, so winning unbreakable would be awesome! good luck to everyone! :-)

  • Rachel moore
    Rachel moore

    Hi khloe I love your show and how you and lamar are with each other. It really warms my heart to see true love. I would love a bottle of your scent. You look like the kind of woman that has excellent taste in perfume. God bless you and lamar.

  • Sharon

    Hey Khloe....we love you here in Buckhead....down South. I live in the Atl where we know how to "party"! I would love to win a bottle of "Unbreakable" and love to meet you and your fam one day. Im a BIG fan of ya'll! ;)

  • Marlene Gurule
    Marlene Gurule

    Would love to try a bottle. LIVE....LOVE....LAUGH....

  • Hi there. Would love a bottle.
    Hi there. Would love a bottle.


  • Lauren

    Hi khloe, Me and my husband just got married in Vegas, we had a wonderful time, and we aspire to b as happy as you and Lamar! You and your family really make us feel like we know you when we watch you on E! May I just say you looked amazing on ur wedding day to!! ha!! Would love a bottle of ur perfume, dont fink il use it thou if I won it, I'd frame it, ha ha! Much love Lauren from uk!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I love u khole kardash u r so cool and real I admire u and ur husby beautiful combination. pray God keep u two for life.
    I love u khole kardash u r so cool and real I admire u and ur husby beautiful combination. pray God keep u two for life.

    Love u khole and lam lam

  • Nesh

    Hi Khloe, I am absolutely obsessed with you and your entire family. I have watched every season aired here in South Africa, and love it. Especially loved Khloe and Lamar. I would love a bottle of your fragrance, especially as it has not arrived in S.A yet. Pretty please ship me my very own bottle of Unbreakable. Thank you...mwah..

  • Ruqaia Rasoully
    Ruqaia Rasoully

    hey khloe i am a huge fan of you. you inspire me. you are my role model. i love you to death. and i love the smell of the unbreakable. it smells amazing. i love it girl and i love you 2. you are the best khloe.<3 <#

  • Chidinma Anuniru
    Chidinma Anuniru

    Unbreak my heart with ur luvly unbreakable perfume,say u luv me agn plz.i love u guys.d kardashians rock.thumbs up.

  • Elena

    Woulf love to smell like romance.. Would be a great be-lated birthday present

  • Kalee Humphrey
    Kalee Humphrey

    That's so cute! I'd love a bottle! I'm running out of mine, anyway...:) btw, I'd love to meet you all one day. That would be fun. Caio.

  • nic

    hi khloe , you are my favorite , unbreakable l have not had the pleasure to smell , l will have to check it out ,

  • Jessamy Harrell
    Jessamy Harrell

    Khloe, you are my absolute fav. Kardashian!!! You and lamar are the cutest couple in America I just love your relationship... It inspires my relationship!!! My hubby and I really love ur show!! I really hope to win your amazing fragrance...keep it up girl ur great!!!!

  • alisa

    pick me please! : )

  • Cheryl Redman
    Cheryl Redman

    Love this !!!! Be great to try your divine perfume!!!!

  • janelovessyts

    »--(¯`v´¯)--> UNBREAKABLE <--(¯`v´¯)--« ღ ᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ ღ

  • Kate Kardashian-Bieber Mc Grillen
    Kate Kardashian-Bieber Mc Grillen

    Khloe; Hope I Win Because Ive never Accualy Smelt It Before But Im Sure It Smells To Die For! Can You Please Follow Me On Twitter? If You Can Its kate_mcgrillen thanks! Love You Doll <3 xx

  • Kate Kardashian-Bieber Mc Grillen
    Kate Kardashian-Bieber Mc Grillen

    Khloe; Hope I Win Love You Doll Can You Please Follow Me On Twitter? Its kate_mcgrillen thanks <3 xx

  • Jennifer López
    Jennifer López

    Hopefully the name is going along with your relationship:). "un breakable" I love it<3

  • Lorna

    why do i have to live in England ?? dam it, always the US ah well !! ah well khloe if you ever read this i LOVE you and think you are incredibly funny and very beautiful.You and lamar are just the best couple ever. Everyone in the UK adores you and your family. Wishing you luck with everything xxxxx

  • Becky

    Pick me, me, me. I would like to try unbreakable; but don't have extra money to purchase a bottle. You are me favorite; well I have love for kourtney also bc u two are so funny when u drag her on the floor. Keep it real kk

  • esther

    khloe n lamar, hmmmm!an amazn couple. Aldoh,i hvn't used ur perfume,i feel it's a nyce one. Keep it up khloe love ya

  • Isel

    I love u guys , khloe and Lamar are an amazing couple also your whole family .I love your fragrance and I hope to win because it well make me and my love unbreakable just like U and Lamar. Keep going strong . Love & peace

  • Darlene Denise Tett
    Darlene Denise Tett

    I love U Khloe & Lamar. and your entire Family. I would love to win a bottle of Unbreakable. Peace I would love to win a bottle of Unbreakable. LuV U both. Peace

  • Alfred Miller
    Alfred Miller

    i LOVE HER you are so right!! she is perfect the way she is! not to mention she is BANGING AS HELL she has an amazing personality she is funny as hell! seriously

  • Victoria

    I love Unbreakable!! Smells amazing!!