Look Sharp! Jamie Bell Suits Up at ‘Adventures of Tintin’ Premiere (PHOTOS)

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Little Billy Elliot is all grown up! Jamie Bell looks every bit the mature man at the Adventures of Tintin premiere.

The 25-year-old actor stars — or at least his voice does — as Tintin in the big screen adaptation of the comic classic.

Off screen, he’s gotten quite cozy with Evan Rachel Wood. The two are back on after a short split.

Upon meeting during a video shoot back in 2006, the two got hot and heavy, even getting matching tattoos before they broke up. They recently reconciled. From the looks of recent pics, it seems the reunion is going well!

For those unfamiliar with the classic Tintin comic books — which is quite likely because it debuted in 1929 — the series follows a young investigative journalist and his faithful fox terrier Snowy.

One of the most popular comic book series in Europe, it has been franchised into film, radio, television and theater productions. Now Tintin is getting the Hollywood treatment — with a hot young actor taking the lead role. No word if his famous catchphrase “great snakes” will work its way into the reboot. They should totally bring that back, though. It fits almost any situation!

Daniel Craig will also lend his talents. ”The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of The Unicorn” centers around a mysterious clue to a sunken ship and a race to find it first.

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