10 Things You Don’t Know About ‘In Time’ Star Amanda Seyfried (PHOTOS)

JT & Amanda Kiss!
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We may know her as the bubbly blonde in Mean Girls or the musical bride-to-be in Mamma Mia!, but these days, Amanda Seyfried is taking on more tough girl roles! Starring alongside the always handsome Justin Timberlake, Amanda plays a young heiress and the two fight to take down the corrupt government system!

Next year, Amanda will be hitting the silver screen once again with films Gone and The Wedding, where she stars alongside Hollywood A-Listers like Robert DiNero and Katherine Heigl!

Check out the gallery for fun facts you may not have known about Amanda!

 Amanda and Justin are set to hit theaters with their new flick October 28! Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!