Britney Spears Bares A Lot Of Belly For London Performance (PHOTOS)

Brit's Outrageous Outfits
Check out B-Spears' seriously risque ensembles. Read More »

Britney Spears is sure to receive some backlash after stepping out in this super-skimpy number for her performance at O2 Arena in London this week. 

The "Criminal" singer stepped out in nothing but a sparkly bra, matching cutoff shorts and fishnets, baring what some may think is too much skin. What do you think Britney Spears' stage style? Leave your reviews in the comments!

Despite what the critics may say, the Princess of Pop had a great time in London, tweeting: 

"You rock London. See u tmrw… -Brit RT @BritneysRadar: you were so amazing in London tonight! I will never forget it Britney. Thanks so much!"
Britney recently released a music video for her song "Criminal" that featured some sexy scenes between her and boyfriend Jason Trawick. Check out the video below!



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  • LJ

    I wish people could show a little empathy. Everyone is so quick to point the finger at celebrities when they complain about their lack of privacy and say that if they don't like it, they shouldn't be famous. But for some, like Britney, who grew up being a performer it's really all she's ever known. Imagine how you would feel being criticized for the shoes you wore when you went to the store to buy some milk, for the unflattering angle of you in a bathing suit, etc. etc. etc. Everyone always pointing out your flaws. Yeah, she had a nervous breakdown, who wouldn't? She's returned to what she likes to do and still has her mommy body. SO WHAT. I'm tired of everyone thinking that as women we need to be able to have a baby and then be back in tip top shape in a month. It sends a bad message to women, girls and men who have formed unrealistic expectations because of this kind of crap. It's just sad.

  • darlingtess71

    britney is still hot and beautiful.

  • darlingtess71

    brit is still great having 2 kids and still hot looking..

  • William

    That is a woman with a figure. I don't know when curves became a bad thing and the scrawny, malnurished,starved look became popular. She is Sexy

  • Jessica Skubi Harris
    Jessica Skubi Harris

    Yall just get desperate for a news article, eh!? It doesn't count she was outta the country. ;)

  • Nicole

    I like Britney, but this pic makes it look like her belly is flopping over her shorts, but it must be a bad angle. she's got some nice muscles in her legs!

  • Jarvin Martinez
    Jarvin Martinez

    YA'LL PEOPLE ARE SICK. Poor Britney Spears. She is trieng the Most she can. Were atleast Lucky she would go on stage. most artist looking like this wouldnt and Hide. But lucally she cares of us. And this is what we do to her. One day she is gonna die. And those people who made fun of her and Judged her will go to hell. ok? So she gained a little. That doesent mean she is still Britney Spears. She will always be that Beatiful Nice girl inside. Just leave her alone

  • lindsay

    i agree with nic-i also think its just a bad angle. i saw britney on the femme fatale tour a few months ago and she looked GREAT! do you know what's crazy? just like mmm88 said, i saw a magazine recently that said britney was in the best shape of her life! so which is it? i guess it really doesn't matter because britney looks PHENOMINAL for having 2 kids! period. if she gains a few pounds, so what? she IS human, after all. ive always thought brit had one of the nicest bodies ive ever seen and i still think that.

  • SC

    I like Brit and am very disappointed. For the most part, these cheap-looking costumes are far more trailer-trash than femme fatale. The bedazzled cut-offs look like something she'd wear to Target.

  • nmad

    I'm not a fan, but honestly what a rude article. This is not a new outfit. She's been wearing it the entire tour. It's articles like this that make us women feel like we need to starve ourselves in order to be valuable. Shame on you celebuzz.

  • Phumla

    Brit I love u gal u rock, but ur a mother now and ur body is no longer the same as it was before. Ur very sexy don't get me wrong but the are some cloths that can make u not, be careful what u wear love u lots brit fan.

  • Nic

    Give her a break! It's a bad angle, look at the rest of the pictures.

  • Vanessa

    I love her, she looks amazing. shes curvy and I love it. Not like those aneroxic victoria secrect modelss.

  • Tracey Parker
    Tracey Parker

    really? she looks healthy.. this world is so cought up on people supposed to look perfect that the fans are starving themselves and becoming anorexic to be skinny. celebrate healthy!

  • julie

    WHY bare such an awful body!?? No excuse!

  • Michelle Myers McDaniel
    Michelle Myers McDaniel

    Hopefully she will rethink that outfit when she looks at these pictures.

  • anonymous

    That's not a model body. That's a short stocky thick body like Jessica Simpson. Not attractive at all.

  • Jen

    If she wasn't a little heavier than other celebrities, this wouldn't be too much skin at all. Get a grip.

  • lily

    I give her props! She's got more curves but she's hot in anything! People tend to forget its about the music!!! So stop running ur mouths about dumb stuff!!!

  • MMM88

    What's going on? I thought she got back into shape. I'm confused.

  • AlaBella

    It's OK that she's curvier, but I think you have to learn to dress accordingly. Wearing nothing but shorts and a bra when your gut is spilling out is not flattering

  • kamiluccha


  • Misty Metz
    Misty Metz

    I've never seen her in concert, but I've wanted to! I love her style, and that seems to be what most singers are wearing in concert. Go Brittney!

  • Rebecca Honey
    Rebecca Honey

    Britney Spears has a healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country.

  • Maguire

    Britney Spears is so voluptuous and sexy. She's amazing. That woman is incredible.

  • Jennifer Upham-Gassman
    Jennifer Upham-Gassman

    I agree with you Mel. She is a woman, not everyone is going to be a size 0. Get over it she has gained a little weight, she will work it off. Geesh!

  • Wayne Wade
    Wayne Wade

    Me & my friend decided to give Britney another chance after being disappointed with The Circus tour. Really wish I hadnt. I have no issues with her gaining a bit of weight, Christ mine goes up and down enough. What I have an issue with was the lack of energy and connection put into the performance. She was lifeless, out of time and clumsy. Never again will I go too see her. I'll just stick the buying her music.

  • Bernadette Afan
    Bernadette Afan

    can't believe this . :(

  • Bernadette Afan
    Bernadette Afan

    what happen .. :(

  • Eddie

    You know she has worked hard to be where she is now ! She has been around for a longtime and you really a bunch of loser for putting this article out! Don't you have any actual interesting news. Also there there is a reason this photo is not vet complimenting

  • pamela

    omg!! iuu!!

  • mel

    why dont you people leave her alone. give her a break. she is beautiful the way she is. nothing wrong with her body. maybe you should focus more on other people for a change. ffs give her a damn break. no wonder she reacted the way she did at that time. because of all this.. pathetic i tell you

  • Kristin Schafer-Joyce
    Kristin Schafer-Joyce

    She looks great and heathly!!

  • Christina

    She's a performer and she does an amazing job... If she was 15 pounds lighter and fit the mold of what's "sexy" itcwluld he fine! Back off & leave Brit alone!