Costuming Up With the Kardashians Halloween Contest: Submit Your Pics!

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Halloween is here! There will surely be parties aplenty this weekend, with costumes ranging from ghosts to skeletons and other creepy things, but the ones we’re interested in are the celebrity costumes … and we want you to submit photos of your best — past or present!

From the Kardashians to Katy Perry to Gaga to Courtney Stodden (best costume option of the year, if you ask us), Celebuzz wants YOU to submit your best Halloween costumes via photo (like last year’s winners up above) for our Costuming Up with the Kardashians contest. The winner will receive a very Kardashian gift basket AND another special surprise. How do you enter the contest? Simple!

COMMENTS WILL NOT APPEAR UNTIL THEY ARE APPROVED BY CELEBUZZ. DO NOT SUBMIT MORE THAN ONE. Upload a photo in the comments section below of you wearing your best Halloween costume. Also include a brief description. To upload your photo, simply click the “Add A Photo” link under the comment box and follow the instructions. Note: You must be Celebuzz member or use Facebook Connect in order to comment.

Got that? Have a happy and safe Halloween, and start submitting below!