Gaga to Gosling: Celebuzz’s Guide To Celebrity Halloween Costumes (PHOTOS)

Sexy Costumes: Guess Who?
Which stars got sexy for Halloween?
It may be hard to believe, but Halloween is almost here! Still need a costume? Here are some ideas that are fun, unique, and easy. From Katy Perry’s “California Dreamin” getup to Nicki Minaj’s pom-pom dress, click the pics for your costume tutorial!

What will you be dressing up as this year? Let us know in the comments and check out a few costume how-to videos below!

Katy Perry ‘California’ Cupcakes

Katy Perry is one of the sexiest women alive right now but she really pulled off some super cute looks in her California Girls music video. For a sexy but sweet costume idea, try making her cupcake bra. Everyone will be so impressed with your hard work, but it is actually easier than it looks!

For the outfit, all you need is a light blue sports bra, a bright blue wig, and jean shorts—and to accessorize, wear a blinged-out ring, lime green and turquoise eye shadow, and a headband with a bow. The only part that requires a little work are the two cupcakes which will be attached using Velcro, but this video shows you exactly how to do it in under an hour!

Amy Winehouse Zombie

Pay tribute to the gone-too-soon pop singer this Halloween.  Layer on the liquid eye liner, fishnets, and tattoos, buy a huge beehive wig, and you are good to go! Use white powder and black around the eyes to create the zombie effect. Check out this how-to video on how to get the perfect bee-hive hair!

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Over the past few years, Lisabeth Salander from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has become a hugely popular literary character. Like Jo Calderone, the key to this costume is the attitude, so while simple to put together, it is really fun if you are not usually the punk rocker type. Get a long, spiked dog collar, leather jacket, combat boots, and pixie-cut black wig—and don’t forget the piercings and the tats! You can buy clip-on piercings and real-looking tattoos at many costume stores so don’t worry. This will not be a lasting commitment. Unless you want it to be…


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