Happy 62nd Birthday, Bruce Jenner! See Him Through the Years (PHOTOS)

Bruce Jenner sure has lived quite the life.  Back in the '70s, he was one of the most successful and hard-working athletes on the planet, becoming a national hero after winning gold at the 1976 Olympics for the decathlon. Cut to 35 years later, and he's not only still a sought-after inspirational speaker, but also the father figure for one of America's most well-known families: The Kardashian clan.

Bruce's fame through the years is a fun one to take a look at, from back in his ripped athlete prime all the way to now, where he proudly walked stepdaughter Kim Kardashian down the aisle for her wedding this summer. With three more opportunities to be the father-of-the-bride (for Kourtney Kardashian, as well as Kendall and Kylie Jenner) as well as the potential wedding of son Brody Jenner, Bruce has a lot to look forward to in the coming years.

Check out our little celebration of Bruce's life in the gallery above, and let us know in the comments below: What's your favorite Bruce quote from his time on the Kardashian shows?



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  • bulldogmommy

    I totally agree!! Have you seen his sons-look just like him-very handsome & the 2 little girls he has are the prettiest daughter-IMO:)

  • Yanique Francis
    Yanique Francis

    Happy brithday Bruce! How u live to see many more to come, ur bless with a wonderful family┬▒ friends.one love yanntia

  • Lisa

    What about Khloe's wedding? He walked her down the aisle too!!

  • sarah

    Happy Birthday Bruce!!!! Hope your day is filled with all your birthday wishes!!!!!

  • vanessa

    Happy Birthday! Bruce and may ur day be full of love and happiness with the ones u love! Cause u have a big and wonderful family <:)

  • danielleakame

    he was actually human looking and kinda hot...why would he have plastic surgery?

  • Laura mcdermott
    Laura mcdermott

    Happy birthday bruce luv watchin u on telly

  • Perla

    Happy Birthday Bruce...I just want to wish you the best today and always. Your a very sweet man and i wish i had a father figure like you! xoxo...love Perla...:)

  • Rae Elwin
    Rae Elwin

    Happy Birthday Mr. Jenner!! I wish I was privelaged to have a step father like you after my fathers death.. But I was bless with wonderful Brothers & Sister and later Husband & kids, but they still don't fill the need for a father's LOVE! The Kardashians are more than blessed to have a wonderful father like you in their lives... Happy Birthday again! May the good Lord bless u always... Rae

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie

    Happy Birthday Bruce! You truly are an example of a wonderful father :) Many more decades to come :D Happy Birthday X0!

  • diofelo ebi
    diofelo ebi

    Happy birthday Bruce! Wishing u many more fulfiling yrs.

  • Gata liketoma
    Gata liketoma

    Happybirthday Bruce i love u the greatest!

  • amy silva
    amy silva

    My family wishes you good health and long happy life. Happy Birthday, Mr. Jenner!

  • Karen McCallum
    Karen McCallum

    Happy Birthday to the nicest man on tv! X

  • ruby leal
    ruby leal

    Happy Birthday Bruce wish you have the best day ever today! Much love from this Chicago girl!

  • Cristina

    that beautiful! Greetings from Venezuela, I do not miss their episodes

  • Iva johnson
    Iva johnson

    No disresepct to kim but didnt he walk khole down first now come on people I love them all but why do every one think its ok to leave khole out, her wedding was first an I loved it just as much!!!! I love u doll u an lamar r a great couple an dont u let anyone make u feel lest the great!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer "COLOMBIA"

    Wow! Sexy!!!!!!

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer "COLOMBIA"

    Hair ^o^

  • cassandra

    Happy birthday bruce! You deserve a day of laughter and love . You are an amazing father and role model.. And you always make the show more emjoyable ..

  • jozie

    Happy birthday Bruce wish you many more have fun with your family and once again happy birthday

  • Christina

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!

  • Denise Rivera
    Denise Rivera

    i remember being a young girl and thinking wow he's HOT!

  • Anni

    OMG.! in this picture Kris looks like KHLOE! O:

  • Veronica Gortariz
    Veronica Gortariz

    Happy birthday Bruce I wish you many more to come may god bless you and your family today and always. :)

  • SuperModel

    HBD Bruce....<3

  • Mary Gentry
    Mary Gentry

    I hope you have an amazing birthday Bruce! I have no doubt that your wonderful family will make it a rememberable one for you!

  • Mary aisagbonhi
    Mary aisagbonhi

    Hapi birthday bruce...wishin u d best in all ur endeavours

  • Julie Candra
    Julie Candra

    He may look fresh faced because he had a face lift, and does botox on a regular basis!!I I think I look great .....but would look VERY fresh faced if I had all of that work done on my face. I love the man, but he doesn't have that face without lots of help!! He is what I consider a pretty cool guy but most stars look so good because they can afford to go under the knife!

  • Tamika

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUCE , i wish you all the best ...have a amazing day <3 .....best wishes from SLOVENIA

  • Janet Villafranca Borromeo
    Janet Villafranca Borromeo

    Happy Birthday Bruce!! Wishing you a good life, joy and happiness. Have a great day.

  • hottieville805

    Happy birthday Bruce!! The day I met you at Dash Calabasas I was star-struck! lol thx for taking a pic with me! Hope u have a wonderful, amazing day! and many more to come! You are an inspiration and a great role model...for not only your kids but to us in the world....Have a blessed day and enjoy! 62 years and many more to come! LOVE YOU XO

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    God Bless Bruce Jenner. You've got to have lots of Patience, Strength and Endurance to put up with this bunch. I think he looks the best he's every looked since his athletic days. He looks fresh faced, and that hair cut rolled back 20 yrs. .

  • Robin Clark
    Robin Clark

    Happy B-Day

  • Birna

    Happy Birthday Bruce !! :D hope you had an awesome day ! :)


    Love Bruce 'One of the hardest working and most successful athletes on the planet'-maybe in the US. There is a bigger world out there Yanks and it is becoming more difficult to ignore it