Kardashian & Jenner Girls Wish Bruce Happy Birthday (PHOTOS)

happy b-day!
The Kardashian and Jenner Girls Wish Bruce Jenner a Happy Birthday

Here's to many more years of keeping up with Bruce Jenner!

 The man has been a big part of the Kardashian clan over the years -- so when his 62nd birthday arrived, it was no surprise that Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie, and Kris all took time to wish him a happy birthday

Kim wrote on her blog:

Happy birthday to the rock of our family, Bruce!

I remember last year we went out for dinner and we all went around the table and shared our favorite memories about Bruce, and mine was from my 11th birthday, when Bruce brought Burt, Casey, Brandon and Brody to meet me, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob for the first time. Well this year I think you gave me a new favorite memory… you were there for me to walk me down the aisle on my most special day and I’ll never forget that. Bruce, as every year goes by you give me 1000 more memories like these. I love you so much and hope you have an amazing day today! xo

In classic Khloe humor, she added:

Happy birthday to one of the greatest dads in the world, the one and only Bruce Jenner. Bruce, on your special day, I just want to thank you for always putting up with our bullsh*t and loving us kids unconditionally LOL. We have been beyond blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for everything. Love you always!
Kourtney left a short and sweet message on her blog:
Happy Birthday to Bruce! One of my favorite people in the world! You have taught me so much and I love you madly! Enjoy your day!

Kendall and Kylie lovingly wrote on their site:

Happy birthday to the best dad in the world!

You have always been there for us and we love you more than you will ever though. And even though we are growing taller every day and are practically the same height as you, we will always be your little girls.

We love you, daddy!

xo Kendall and Kylie

Kris wrote:
Happy birthday to my amazing husband Bruce!! I hope you have a beautiful day today. I also want to thank you for alllll you do for all of us… especially putting up with the drama we can certainly dish out on a daily basis!! You handle us all so well and I love that you are so chill and let it roll off of your back!!

You deserve a fabulous birthday and a blessed year!! I love you!!

Check out the best moments of Bruce and the girls in our gallery above!

What was your favorite Bruce moment on Keeping Up With the Kardashians? Sound off in the comments below!



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  • Maryanne Gaeta
    Maryanne Gaeta

    Someone that heavy in the hips area, SHOULD NOT be wearing a gown like this....UGH....

  • Maryanne Gaeta
    Maryanne Gaeta

    When Kendall and Kylie were kids they were totally adorable. It's so sad when kids grow up, i just hope they don't walk the same path as their older siblings. That would be a travesty.....

  • cathyz

    yeah me too.. :) but i missed the wedding of khloe ;(

  • Remmy

    Happy belated Birthday Bruce. You rock, especially with all the drama that goes on around you.

  • happy birthday!!
    happy birthday!!

    I wish u many more birthdays!!!

  • sin

    Kris is already trying to figure out how to pimp the one under legal age. She has already started selling the other daughter out.

  • Nina

    Pls tell ur mom(Kris Jenner) never to change her name To Kardashian..she should stop this her brand brand brand!she can also brand Jenner to be famous like Kardashians too..dnt make Bruce to feel bad pls Kris...

  • fDorcas

    From Lagos Nigeria, wishing you many happy returns of the day Bruce! Tanx to you & your family for making tv not boring! lol.. You are a good father& husband LLNP. Love y'all, love khloe lots!

  • Nicole

    poor Bruce...lost his balls many years ago!

  • Am joy frm nigeria
    Am joy frm nigeria

    To a very special and dear friend that i respct....kip bein d gr8 bruce jenner! God bless u!

  • ISA

    Happy Birthday Bruce !!!! You are the rock of this beautiful family ! God Bless you !!! I'm a future single mom with 3 kids very abused by their dad ! Need help so bad , hope your wife will read my msg :(( you are a great dad !!!!

  • Tracy

    Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! HURRAY. I am so happy for u Bruce. U have such a wonderful family to share ur special day with. I wish I had a family like urs. Happy birthday to u. Long life and prosperity. My Love to ur family that kips me glued to my tv all the way frm Lagos, Nigeria

  • Maria

    Happy Birthday Bruce May you have a Wonderful Blessed day filled with love and happiness!!!!!!!!!

  • Victoria Oddiri
    Victoria Oddiri

    Hey Bruce we love u. Hapi bday. I c d the way u take kare of ur family n home. I wish I had a dad lyk u but unfortunately I do not have one he walked ouy of our lives. Once again hapi bday. Much Love Bruce Jenner.

  • Rickan Naidoo
    Rickan Naidoo

    Happy Birthday Bruce all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa. May you Have a Wonderful Day as you Celebrate such a milestone in your life with your loving family.. May God Bless you!!!

  • cynthia

    Happy Birthday Bruce,  wish ‎​​U̶̲̥̅̊ all that ‎​​U̶̲̥̅̊ wish yourself.  pray for ‎​​U̶̲̥̅̊  experience more years  come. Hǎ̜̣̍ve̶̲̥̅̊ Ω̴̩̩̩̥ fun-filled birthday. Luv you

  • Johanna

    Happy Birthday Bruce have a gr8 day

  • Margaret Saldana
    Margaret Saldana

    happy birthday bruce!!

  • jodie

    Happy burthday brucey.ur brill. Love ye all specially khloe. Xx hav a fab day Bruce

  • Kathleen

    Happy Birthday Bruce!! Hope your day is filled with happiness and love!!

  • Tamara

    Happy birthday Bruce! Love love watching you on tv you're absolutely hilarious! Hope you have an awesome birthday and may god bless you with many more years to come. You're an amazing person!

  • jennifersmith

    Happy bday BruceJenner

  • shaneice

    Brue, may your. Day be full of loVe and joy. For on this day God stoped all that he was doing to create such a amazing man. Name. Bruce! You Rock and I wish my. Dad couldf be more like you. Happy birthday!!!

  • Richard

    Happy Birthday,Bruce! Hope you have a wonderful day and how blessed you are to be surrounded by the most beautiful family in the world! Peace and Blessings, Richard

  • bruce

    Happy birthday I remember meet u and rob at a park about 2yrs ago u were not u avage celebity u had no problem possing for photos with my family and u signed a dollar bill that I still carry in my wallet to this day that's for the memorys and again happy birthday have u have a wonderful one

  • Beth Ebling
    Beth Ebling

    Happy birthday Bruce... U r an awesome husband, dad and stepdad !!!!

  • Janel

    Happy Birthday Bruce,I know I will prob.never get to meet u,but I still wanna wish u the Happiest Birthday Ever.U have an amazing&beautiful family.Hopefully u will all spend it together.

  • Lisa Camarena
    Lisa Camarena

    Happy Birthday Bruce. You look like an awesome dad and person. I wish my dad was here. My dad passed away at the age of 50 from a massive Heart attack. I was 19 when he passed. I am now 31 with my own family. I wish my 2 kids could have met their grandpa Reuben. GOD bless and Happy Birthday.

  • Charli

    Happy birthday bruce!!!! Hope its a great one :)

  • Sandra L. Portalatin
    Sandra L. Portalatin

    You are an amazing dad. So sweet, supportive and a cool person.you deserve the best birthday party. From San Juan ,Puerto Rico .

  • Kim Andersen
    Kim Andersen

    Happy Birthday , Bruce Jenner...wishing you a Happy Birthday from a big fan or your families...Kim

  • Rose

    Happy birthday Bruce, although I will never know personally, I wanted to let u know that I think u are an amazing person and dad! You are definitely an inspiration to the world...God bless!

  • taylor

    Happy birthday. Bruce

  • miss gudNESS
    miss gudNESS

    Happy birthday bruce.. hope u have an beautiifull day 2day. Xo.Ox. O_o..

  • barbara from puerto rico
    barbara from puerto rico

    Happy birthday Bruce may god keep blessin u with health, happiness, and faith enjoy with ur beautiful family I know when its time to blow out those candles u won't need to make that wish *62* ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Blow out your candles and eat alot of cake.; )

  • Penny

    chris looks amazing!

  • happy birthday Bruce may god bless u with many more.
    happy birthday Bruce may god bless u with many more.

    Happy birthday Bruce may god bless u with many more.

  • michelle morgan
    michelle morgan

    Happy birthday Bruce Jenner!!! U are an amazing man with a big big heart!!! I love watching ALL of u..(keeping up w/kardashians)anyway..enjoy your day & may God bless u & your family!!!! **Muah**

  • Nicole laird
    Nicole laird

    Happy Birthday Bruce my dads name was Bruce he passed away yesterday every bruce I see is always a wonderful man have a great day xoxo

  • Rosa

    Happy Birthday Bruce I hope you have a wonderful birthday..xoxo;)

  • Leah B
    Leah B

    Happy 62nd Birthday Bruce. You have been so blessed with an amazing family. The love you all have for one another shines through in every way. I enjoy getting to see a tiny snippet into your lives and adore the love that is among your family. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday and may you be blessed with health, happiness and love for many more years to come!!

  • Beenda

    Happy birthday i love the show and you are a great dad and grandfather

  • Karabo Maphalle
    Karabo Maphalle

    Happy birthday to a great husband, father, friend,role model n super duper teacher in the whole wide world, u r truelly n example of what a mentor man should be like, having no father myself I am happy that other girls like yours r blessed to have a daddy like u..... here's to many more happy returns all the way in Dubai



  • Elizabeth Gutierrez
    Elizabeth Gutierrez

    Happy Birthday!!!!!! You might not know me, but I know you... You are a Great and Strong Father and husband to your unique family. They might not show it MOST of the time, but I know they Truly Love you and are bless to have you Always.. Keep hanging in there. May All Your Wishes Come True c:

  • Marla Yvonne
    Marla Yvonne

    Happy bday Bruce. Have a great and blessed day. I wish I could of had a dad like you. <3

  • ashlee

    Happy Birthday Bruce!!! Xo

  • Yvonne maldonafo
    Yvonne maldonafo

    Bruce, just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I follow you and your family faithfully, I enjoy all the drama, the sad times as well as the good! You ate one special guy! You are a great husband as well as a wonderful dad!!! May you be blessed with many more birthdays! Y. Maldonado

  • Miriam

    Happy birthday Bruce!

  • Mindee Tea Ly
    Mindee Tea Ly

    omg kylie fab go kyles kylie looks so fab in dress and red lip

  • abbey

    Happy birthday bruce I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy yourself with your slightly crazy but very loving girls (and a few outnumbered boys!) Best wishes! Abbey :)

  • Dina

    Happy birthday

  • liz142

    Happy Birthday Mr.Bruce Jenner. May God continue blessing you. You are a great man with a big heart! Wishing you lots of happiness and good health for many years to come!!

  • Christina

    Happy birthday bruce. You are a great father.

  • Nisha

    Happy Birthday Bruce have an awesome want :)

  • Monalisa Langner
    Monalisa Langner

    Happy Birthday Bruce!

  • darlene young
    darlene young

    Happy Birthday Mr. Jenner i pray u enjoy you day and u r blessed with many more

  • Anahi

    Happy Birthday Brucee(: Enjoy Your Day With Your Family!! Wooo Goo Bruce!!

  • roseanne white
    roseanne white

    Happy birthday Bruce from New Zealand

  • Rod

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Cathy Doom-Torrez
    Cathy Doom-Torrez

    Happy Birthday Bruce!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jasmine

    Happy birthday brucyy

  • nic

    Happy birthday bruce , the girls r cute they grow up fast .

  • Kristen

    Happy Birthday Bruce Have A Wonderful Day May This Day Bring You Lots Of Good Wishes For A Whole Year Through Happy Birthday Again

  • melissa

    jus wanna say happy happy b'day mr bruce jenner hope u hav a wonderful an blessed day full of love an laughter wit many more happy ones 2 com!god;s richest blessings 2 u an urs!

  • Elizabeth

    Happy birthday and god bless u!....

  • takura zauyamakando
    takura zauyamakando

    Happy bday Mr Jenner, wish you many more years to come, God bless you.

  • thecla

    Happy birthday to you Bruce jenner enjoy the day and good richest blessing to you and many more.

  • lori dean
    lori dean

    Happy Birthday Bruce! hopes you have an awesome day!!

  • Luciana Martins Carvalho Ramos
    Luciana Martins Carvalho Ramos

    Happy Birthday, Bruce!!!!!

  • kemar francis
    kemar francis

    Happy birthday bruce jenner i watch u on keeping up with the kardashians every chance I get & ur awesome keep up di gud work wid di kids & enjoy ur day 2 di fullest.

  • Laura

    he looks like a dude!

  • norma

    Happy bday to bruce amazing guy Wooow ur my idol mr bruce :)

  • Tara pontelandolfo
    Tara pontelandolfo

    Happy birthday mr Jenner. You deserve to have a fantastic day. All the best to you on a very happy birthday

  • Nicole

    First of all I'd like to say that I love the show! And Bruce you certainly are a wonderful husband and father! Have a Happy Birthday and may God continue to bless and keep you and your family in his loving arms!

  • michelle

    Happy birthday Bruce, hope your family spoils you rotten on this your special day. You are truly an amazing dad. Your kids are blessed to have a dad like you. GOD BLESS. (Don't give him a hard time girls, you can start again tomorrow)

  • zanelle

    Bruce u jst a super persevierer u strong and smart uve been a great dad to all the gelz tought them well and treating them like yo own..anx a lot wich I had a dad like u the gelz are soo lucky to have u into their fab lifes*ma moment was wen bruce took korn and kloe to the motivational speech*brucer ure the man

  • Vneal Vanderheveljr
    Vneal Vanderheveljr

    Happy Birthday Bruce an many more to come have a Great Day!!

  • Thomas Viola
    Thomas Viola

    You are the man Bruce

  • ellen

    I've always love Bruce in your show. She's an amazing person, I look up to him and wishing I could find a man like him. My favorite was when he talks to the girls about boys and pregnancies. When he was with Khloe at dinnertime. Take care Bruce and stay being a good man.

  • nomali

    Happy birthday Mr Jenner! U are a lovely person.enjoy ur day with ur family.pls girls don't give him hardtime!!!!

  • Eva Schwab
    Eva Schwab

    Happy Birthday Bruce!!Hope it's awesome! Love ya!

  • jolene

    Happpppppy birthday bruce!! Hope all your woman spoils u!!!!

  • Georgia

    I have two favourire moments. The emotional speech bruce gave the night before kloes wedding, brought so many tears to my eyes. And the moment Kim got emotional before the wedding while folding her fathers shirts. Bruce you are extrodinary I have so much respect for you, you have shown us all what a great father and person you are. Everyone in Melbourne has Bruce Jenner fever. We love you!! Happy birthday!!!

  • Bree Skeirik
    Bree Skeirik

    on kendall

  • Bree Skeirik
    Bree Skeirik

    that dress is gorg

  • lYNN

    Happy Birthday Bruce, GIRLS LOOK CUTE!

  • bruceisthebest

    I love you Bruce! My fave moments on the show are your pep talks to everyone reminding them what's really important in life! You gave 2 good ones to Kim, once during the wedding planning when she was looking at Robert's clothes, and another time during her housewarming! Bruiser you are the best, Happy Birthday guy!!

  • Mauletha Reiss
    Mauletha Reiss

    You all have the awesomest lives and i love you guys, i luv how close the whole family os can u adopt me,Lol!!

  • gail davis
    gail davis

    Happy bday Mr.Jenner hope this day brings you peace and quiet!! No drama ladies!!!

  • china

    My favorite memory is wqhen kris finally put Bruce picture on the infamous wall @ the Jenner's home which he rightfully deserves. Have a fantastic birthday Bruce

  • Vanessa Hizjoi Johnson
    Vanessa Hizjoi Johnson

    I have tons of respect for a man who provides for his children the way that you do. You truly are a diamond in the rough!! I know Mrs. Jenner feels blessed everyday to have someone like you as a partner, lover, and friend. Have fun you guys ; )

  • Lissi

    Happy Birthday Bruce enjoy your birthday and your family and GOD bless you

  • Vanessa Hizjoi Johnson
    Vanessa Hizjoi Johnson

    I love this!!!

  • Sam-e Hovani
    Sam-e Hovani

    i saw bruce today, i didnt know it was his birthday, woulda given him a biiiiig hug! happy birthday bruce!

  • kelly

    Happy Birthday Bruce !!!!!!!

  • Vanessa Hizjoi Johnson
    Vanessa Hizjoi Johnson

    Happy Birthday Mr. Jenner!!! I hope you have/get all you want and more!!!

  • Sabrina

    Where is the Rob's message ?

  • Sandy

    When Khole was having bachelorette party for Kim and Bruce and Kris. Had to go to sex store to get all the stuff Khole wanted Bruce looked so outta place it was a site to see