Kristen Stewart Has Big Baby Bump in New ‘Breaking Dawn’ Clip (VIDEO)

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Twilight fans — get ready for some more spoilers. In the latest Breaking Dawn TV spot, Kristen Stewart is rocking a big baby bump. In the clip, Edward (Robert Pattinson) rubs Bella’s growing stomach as they talk about how the wolves want their baby. Plus, we get to see Aro (Michael Sheen) and some Volturi, who have their own plans to seek revenge.

Watch the clip below and let us know what you think.

A few weeks ago, the studio released a new bundle of images from the film. Among the new photos, we get to see some wedding snapshots of the Cullen clan as they’re seen looking up at the altar where Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are exchanging vows, plus one of Edward picking his new bride up as they head indoors during their honeymoon (wink wink!).

Also in the photos are two brooding shots of teen wolf Taylor Latuner as Jacob Black, one in which he’s defending Bella from his fellow wolfpack — muscles flexing and all. Dawn will hit theaters on November 18.