Lindsay Lohan Grabs a Quick Smoke Before Community Service; Gets Visit from Sister Ali (PHOTOS)

It looks like Lindsay Lohan is doing good on her word to finish community service!

Earlier today, Lindsay was spotted grabbing a quick cigarette before heading inside to work at the morgue. The starlet was previously sentenced to finish a minimum of sixteen hours of community service before her next hearing.

LiLo also got a little treat in the form of a visit by here sister Ali. She could be seen with a big smile on her face as the younger Lohan made an appearance.

LiLo's next hearing is scheduled for November 2 -- meaning she will have to work at the morgue for at least two days a week since her last courtroom visit.

Do you think Lindsay is finally cleaning up her act? Sound off in the comments below!



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  • Lee

    Yes...she still looks beautiful! I just hope she lives long enough to age gracefully!

  • Nicole

    you MUST be blind, that girl is far from beautiful!

  • Nicole

    excuse me, but wth is she getting visitors at the dam morgue? the judge said, NO disruptions, couldn't her ditzy sister wait till she got home?

  • aj

    Loser I want 2 be her!!!!

  • maxi