Miley Cyrus Wears Rocker Chic Outfit to Kelly Osbourne's Birthday Bash (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus definitely looked the part of a party girl when she attended Kelly Osbourne's 27th birthday party in West Hollywood on Thursday.

The 18-year-old pop star was seen leaving Little Door Restaurant wearing a loose, leopard-print blouse, black motorcycle jacket and red maxi skirt. From the view of one pic, it looks like the former Hannah Montana starlet went for a daring, braless look. Luckily, a wardrobe malfunction was avoided.

As for birthdays, it looks like Miley's celebrating her's a little early. She topped off her outfit with a black diamond 'L' necklace, which she bought for herself and dedicated to her on-again beau and Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth. She even posted a pic on Twitter of her new bling, saying:

"Just got myself an early b-day present :) how cute is this little black diamond "L" necklace! Reminds me of my boo"
Kelly O. even joined the social media fun and posted a pic of her and Miley during all the fun:
"Having the best birthday with @MileyCyrus I'm so happy she came!"
How did Miley fare in the rocker chic ensemble? Play fashion police and give your reviews in the comments!



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  • emuse

    she shat her pants.

  • BRC

    Is that Morticia from "The Addams Family" with her? That is one UGLY hair do... As for "Fashion Sense," it looks like they're wearing the new Forrest Gump collection. Nice to see that they're dressing up to go to the trailer park Sunday Social.

  • kgkukoooo


  • NinoGonzalez13

    Beautiful Sexy Girl! LOVEYOUMILEYx

  • kamipj786

    Nice Outfit Hannah Montana !!

  • Raylisa Jane
    Raylisa Jane

    miley is so lame

  • ez

    dosent say she is a party girl,person is just commenting on her outfit

  • JAG

    She looks beautiful.

  • Amby

    So typical. Instead of concentrating on how pretty she looks, you're concentrating on a part of her anatomy that isn't actually showing. We see more peeking out of gowns at music award shows. Party girl? She doesn't look drunk and she's practically dressed like a pioneer. Such the party girl who misses her boyfriend, and wears his initial to the wild party. Lookin' gorgeous Miley.