Rachel Bilson on Meeting Ryan Gosling: ‘You’re Supposed to Be My Husband!’ (PHOTOS)

Rachel's Bikini Bod!
Rachel Bilson flaunts her two-piece.
Rachel Bilson may be dating hottie Hayden Christensen, but upon meeting Ryan Gosling, she was singing a different tune. She told NYLON magazine of the Drive star: 

“I met him [once] and I didn’t know what to expect. He was so funny and goofy. His timing and everything was amazing. I was like, ‘You’re supposed to be my husband!'”

Who do you think is better for Rachel: Hayden or Ryan? Defend your answer in the comments!

The Hart of Dixie star is very much known for her flawless fashion sense and credits her childhood for making her the style-savvy celeb she is today! She told NYLON

“I always had to dress myself, which is very interesting when you’re two.  My poor mom.  There was this one dress, it was my favorite – it was really colorful and big and ridiculous.  I wore it until it fell apart.  I was a very bossy fashionista when I was three.  I feel like if I ever have a daughter, there is going to be some sweet revenge placed on me because of how I was as a kid.”

For more of Rachel, check out NYLON magazine, on newsstands Monday, Oct. 31.