Radio Disney's 'Next Big Thing' Announces Final Four (PHOTOS)

Today, Radio Disney announced the remaining four contestants for their Next Big Thing competition!

The lucky four who will be moving on to the second round of competition got to meet with recording artist Cody Simpson for a jam/mentoring session that will air on Radio Disney and the Disney Channel.

The contestants told Celebuzz that Simpson has given them some helpful hints during the session: 

Shealeigh  - "Cody showed me some vocal warm ups and routines to do before a performances.  I am using these vocal exercises every day."

Zack Montana - "Cody gave me some great advice by suggesting that when I rehearse I run while I sing so I can better move around the stage while singing."

Tay Barton – "Cody's advice for me was to practice the guitar so it would eventually become second nature. This has helped me on the N.B.T. tour because now I can focus on my singing and not my guitar playing."

The new episode of Next Big Thing will air on both Radio Disney and the Disney Channel.



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  • Brianna

    I think zack montana should win because he's a great singer I have all his songs :) good

  • kaytlon

    i think zack should win

  • tay barton
    tay barton

    I like tay barton because she sings great and when I hear it I sing it to I just love the way she sing and I hope she is the winner and everybody do a great job and good luck to all of you.

  • Sally101

    I think Tay Barton should win she sings very good

  • Shealeigh

    Shealeigh your an awsome singer and I hope your dream to victory flourishes.

  • Kiki

    I think sheliegh should win

  • simplydiffer

    Radio Disney is still on air?