Readers Respond: Did You Like Britney Spears’ Bare-Bellied Style?

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Britney Spears recently took the stage at o2 in London, England sporting an array bare-bellied ensembles that left many readers with mixed feelings.

Some fans thought the outfits fell flat in terms of flattering the songstress while many came to BritBrit’s defense. Amongst the pieces in question was a bedazzled bra and tattered denim short-shorts. 

We decided to hit up the comments on our Facebook page to see what you’ve been saying about Britney’s tummy-flaunting stage style!

Monique M. gave the “Criminal” singer a thumbs down: “Nay…doesn’t look nice at all.”

Shonda A. commented: “She should do more working out if she’s gonna try and rock that outfit!!!”

Alabella brought the debate to the original post: “It’s OK that she’s curvier, but I think you have to learn to dress accordingly. Wearing nothing but shorts and a bra when your gut is spilling out is not flattering.” 

As much as she tried, Catherine B. just didn’t like Brit’s ensemble: “I love Britney, but I don’t like that outfit at all on her.”

However, many readers saw nothing wrong in Spear’s outfit — and even praised BritBrit’s guts in baring it all on stage!

Astrid Z. said: “She looks great!!”

Sharon D. commented: “Yay, if u have got it flaunt it xxxx.”

Added Natalie K.: “She is amazing love it!”

Jeremy O. praised: “She’s Britney Spears, she can do whatever the hell she wants! She’s the Queen of Pop! She’s my favorite!!”

It seems like the verdict’s still out on Spear’s style!

What do you think of Britney’s get-up? Continue the debate in the comments below!