‘SNL’ Star Seth Meyers Steps Into Closet to Show Off His Autotune Voice (VIDEO)

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Ready for another round of awkward shenanigans? In the latest installment, Seth Meyers is the fifth (and latest) Saturday Night Live cast member to join host Mike O’Brien for some uncomfortable chitchat in the hit web series, 7 Minutes In Heaven.

A multitude of stars have stopped by to awkwardly chat with O’Brien in the cramped closet, often getting blindsided by the improvised banter and the show’s signature kiss. But in Seth’s case, he and Mike played off each others quirks and comfort quite well.

The newest episode featured a new game: “Mikey Think Stinky,” in which Seth has to scrunch up his nose in agreement while saying “stinky” to a number of random topics. At one point, the duo went out of character to discuss the iconic variety show’s harshest critics, saying:

“I think SNL is one of those shows that people are mainstream critical of,” Seth said. “You’ll read a review in The Economist about a book about the Titanic, and somehow they’ll zing SNL in.”

The comedic pair ended things with “Closet Theater,” where they both acted out a broadcast interview about recent muggings in a residential neighborhood. The catch? Seth responded to the questions in an autotuned-sounding voice.

As for the anticipated kiss, we’ll just say this: Seth definitely knows what he wants (and doesn’t want) when it comes to puckering up! Click to watch the video and find out how the kiss plays out!

SNL returns with new episodes on Nov. 5 with host, Horrible Bosses star Charlie Day and musical guests, Maroon 5.

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