When Bad Hair Happens to Hot Dudes: Jared Leto at GQ Man of the Year Awards (PHOTOS)

Beware of the bouffant! Jared Leto is known for his wild hair styles, and he's taking "high fashion" quite literally with this hairstyle.

He marches down the red carpet to the beat of his own drummer, that's for sure. In a bright red jacket, black gloves and a poofed up 'do, Jared gave the press line at the GQ Man of the Year Awards something to gawk at.

The ceremony took place in Berlin, Germany.

Our favorite man from Mars (as in 30 Seconds to) isn't the only one who could use a little help from a professional stylist to tame his mane. Celebuzz has complied a whole gang of guys in a gallery we had to call When Bad Hair Happens to Hot Dudes!

Because bad hair days don't discriminate, we've also got the ladies covered too.



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  • Natasha Hornell-Scott
    Natasha Hornell-Scott


  • Lila

    it says a lot about his attractiveness that he still looks good with that hair...

  • 'Nancy Rose Vinson
    'Nancy Rose Vinson

    My Lord that man is gorgeous!!!

  • Echelon

    If you knew anything about him you'd realise that he doesn't give a flying fuck what other people think of him. He's truly one of the most caring, down to earth celebrities out there, and we love him for his crazy looks. It's just the way Jared is. He's not trying to hard. You're just a rather unfortunate, uninformed bunch of hipsters that think a certain look belongs to a certain person, end of. Why does it even matter. It's his talent that's important. Jesus christ.

  • Acew


  • SmallBeetle

    THIS is stylish, deal with it... Pomhawk^^

  • Minjj

    His freaky hair made headlines = free press & mission accomplished.

  • Annymous

    I think he looks over the top kewl.

  • May

    To the dumbass named acew, Jared Leto will be 40 in less than 2.5 months. He should stop pandering and behaving like he is 12. That is the truth painful as must be for him. A fool at 40 is a fool forever. He also desperately needs some maturity.

  • iamcasey723

    WTF is with all these comments hating on Jared!>:E He's freaking sexy for his age no matter what he does to his hair~ although personally I think he should go back to the mohawk:)

  • acew

    2nd Jared doesnt care at all about his hairstyle if youwere attentif you would see that hes the Most sweet and talented person ived ever met ... I wish only If ya have meet The Echelon. You would Understand or maybe would stays a mystery

  • acew

    Whoever tha fck **Ass who said bad stuff on jared im really pissed at you right now ... Hes not even 40 yet dumb soul pfff. AN ECHELON X

  • Alli

    I always loved his natural look, now with all his crazy hair/clothing "spasms" I just.. don't really see it anymore. Like some others said, he's trying too hard to be different I guess.

  • May

    Why does a man over 40 strive so hard to look and act like he is twelve. I just don't get it! I used to like his acting but now just can't stand him either as a person or singer.

  • May

    Why does a man over 40 strive so ard to look and act like he is twelve. I just don't get it! I used to like his acting but now just can't stand him either as a person or singer.

  • courtneybaaby

    none of these guys are hot

  • courtneybaaby

    dannng hes ugly

  • simplydiffer

    Jared Leto truly tries to hard to be edgy now. Or at least be a "dreamboat". I'm not one of those crazy Twilight conspirators, but ever since Rob started struttin' his signature perfect messy hairstyle, Jared's been tryin' to jump on that train. Doesn't this hairstyle remind you somewhat of the one in the first Twilight? Jared just fails at all angles on this, but his band's music is good.