Gisele Bundchen Bikinis with Baby Benjamin (PHOTOS)

Gisele's Sexiest Looks
Does Gisele ever look bad?
Woah, momma! Gisele Bundchen shows off her model figure in the Caribbean. The hot mom works in out in a bikini, soaking up the sun with her son.

Little Benjamin (her child with with footballer Tom Brady) looks adorable hanging out seaside.

Her baby boy is growing up fast, now 22-months! The pics were taken yesterday while taking a break from the chilly East Coast weather.

Most recently, Gisele has been spending time in Beantown while her husband Tom practices and plays with the New England Patriots. We caught the two on a park playdate earlier this month!

Throughout her career, Gisele has hit many highlights. One of them was getting to wear the most expensive undergarment in the world — Victoria Secret’s Million Dollar Bra!