Pumpkin Carved Celebrities Rock Out in Orange (PHOTOS)

With Halloween inching closer and closer, we here at Celebuzz thought it would be super cool to compile the best pumpkin carved celebrities we could find!

Check out Hollywood starlets Kristen Stewart and Britney Spears in pumpkin carved couture. Oh so chic!

Can you spot Comedy Central funnymen Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart? Or how about President Barack Obama or Joe Biden going out in orange?! 

Take a look at our photo collection and let us know how the pumpkin impressions compare. Have you ever done your own celebrity pumpkin? Post in the comments!




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  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen

    It looks like her nose is bleeding

  • courtneybaaaby

    looks abit like elvis

  • miafrea

    i thought this was ke$ha