Courtney Stodden, Doug Hutchinson Dress Up for Halloween (PHOTOS)

Courtney Stodden Pics!
Check out the 16-year-old bride.
17-year-old bride Courtney Stodden and her 51-year-old husband, Doug Hutchinson, posed for photos in their costumes over the weekend, suggesting that they may have a sense of humor about their May-December relationship after all.

Courtney, of course, used the opportunity to dress up like a sexy cheerleader, complete with a barely-there top, pleated skirt, knee-high socks and some type of large candy cane stick thingy. But it was her hubby Doug who stole the show, when he showed up dressed as – wait for it – Courtney Stodden.

This is just the latest photo-op for the infamous couple, who were recently kicked out of an area pumpkin patch for alleged inappropriate behavior.

What do you think of their costumes? Are they awesome or, well, inappropriate? Check them out in the gallery, then sound off in the comments.