Penn Badgley Has Giggle Fit Filming ‘Gossip Girl’ (PHOTOS)

Penn Semi-Shirtless!
Check out this 'Gossip Girl' guy's festival fashion!
We’re not sure what’s going on here, but it looks like Leighton Meester and and Penn Badgley are having a good day at work!

While shooting a street scene for Gossip Girl, Miss Meester must have hit Penn’s funny bone. The actor busted out into a giggle fit while filming, causing Leighton to crack a wry smile.

Looks like New York’s Upper East Side just got a little less stuffy.

Although Penn is quite the hottie, he’s not shy about admitting his fellow costars are pretty good looking too. In fact, he recently said on Regis and Kelly that his vote would go to Chace Crawford

“If there were to be one Gossip guy hunk, I think it probably would be Chace,” he joked.