Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce From Kris Humphries

It seems the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries be over.

After spending Halloween weekend apart, TMZ reported that Kim would be filing for divorce on Monday -- 72 days after the couple tied the knot this August in an over-the-top lavish wedding. Fans of the Kardashians just got to see the nuptials take place on E!'s four-hour wedding special that aired in early October -- pulling in monster ratings for the network. E! News later confirmed the report, and now TMZ has the documents to prove it.

In an official statement to E! News, Kim confirmed the divorce, saying:

"After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage. I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don't work out as planned. We remain friends and wish each other the best."

Meanwhile, Humphries is reeling from Kim's decision to file for divorce, telling People in a statement:

"I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce... I'm committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it work."
According to TMZ, Kim cites "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split, and that she won't seek an annulment.

Ryan Seacrest also says he confirmed the news, saying via Twitter: "Yes @kimkardashian is filing for divorce this morning. I touched base with her, getting a statement in just a few mins."

Seacrest continued on his radio show:

"I’ve spoken to her briefly, and she is sad and got caught up in all that was going on [in the wedding]. We’re going to have a statement from Kim in just a little while. There were rumors up until the wedding, and after the wedding a lot of rumors about it. It is true.”
TMZ cited that Kim and Kris had major tensions over where they would settle down and live -- as Kris reportedly wanted Kim to move to his home state of Minnesota, while she wanted to stay in Los Angeles with her family.

Reports of trouble within Kim's marriage circulated almost from the get-go, though the couple had been mum about their relationship status over recent weeks. On Oct. 21 for Kim's birthday, the two were seen looking as loving as ever during Kim's big birthday dinner party in New York City.

Check out pics from the party below.



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  • Isabel Alejandra Díaz
    Isabel Alejandra Díaz

    Yes she is and so what? What are you going to do about it? Are you going to be so hardcore and post naive comments on my post? Get a life people, WHY do you need to be so mean to them??? Just GO AWAY

  • Dedy

    Maybe, just maybe, she liked what she wore and didn't care what pleope think. Yet more DM stories about female appearences? Never talk about blokes, do you?

  • E

    HAHA Fake square tits

  • Sharon love
    Sharon love

    I think me Kim r good BFF and Kris is a jerk I watch their show even the new one the frairytale wedding . And the kourt and kim take new York even the. Mamai .they r so good I even saw how Kris hum was so bossy to Kim sister I just wanted to hit him with a pillow.he is so a jerk

  • Chryssy Blais
    Chryssy Blais

    if you dont like kim why are you even fallowing her you dont know what truely went on between them i for one feel bad that this happened i could see from the show that she really did love him but it wants the same for him he was always saying she was too materialistic but yet he knew that from the beginning if he had suck a big problem with it and the way she live he should have never asked her to marry him he knew about her business and her work how the hell is she supposed to do that from Minnesota he should her working is important to her and she made it clear she always wanted kid but as with so many other celebs there is not reason to move to the middle of no were just to have a family this isnt the 1950s anymore

  • Kristine Smith
    Kristine Smith

    'This is so ridiculous' as Kim always say in her show... well, obviously Kim used him. After that $20 million worth wedding then the fairytale divorce after 72 days. $20 million would’ve been more than enough to feed the hungry people in Africa. $2 million, Kim’s engagement ring price tag, would’ve been more than enough to help the displaced flood victims in the Philippines and numbers of couples in america can have a decent marriage from this money. ... and where's the sanctity of marriage?

  • kimmy123456

    you haters are all so mean! seriously, just cuz your jealous doesnt mean you should go against kim!

  • Daciajean

    You can tell all this because of a t.v show? Are you rich or just want to be? Just curious how you know so much about Kris & Kim's personalities, the real people. Not what we see on the show's. Do you know them? I admit I judged Kim in my 1st post and believe its true and obvious via the shows. She spends a ton of $ in front of the whole world for us all to see. You talk about how Kris dressed, really that's a great reason to divorce someone. Do you teach a class on how to be shallow? He was right to feel that way about Bruce I think. Did you not see the episode where the kids had to point out the fact that there were no pic's of Bruce in the house. Like she even tried running him out of the garage. Just because we don't live in the 50's anymore doesn't mean we shouldn't respect each other. As I said before we see of them what they want us too see. We have no idea who those people really are. Reality t.v. is a joke!

  • Daciajean

    I just don't understand going through so much trouble to get married, spend way too much $, put all this stuff on television showing two people so in love and you want to divorce after 72 days? does anyone believe in what marriage stands for anymore? We have people fighting for the right to be married and straight couples can't even stay together so what's the point. So everytime a married couple disagrees should we run to the divorce lawyer? I think he should get his ring back!!!! I'm sure anything in the prenuptial agreement on the Kardashian side will be untouchable. Hollywood get a grip, a clue just stop getting married! You think of divorce while walking down the isle. So there is absolutely no point. You have no respect for the sanctity of this sacred commitment. Why not go to a marriage counselor and at least try to work things out? You were so sure about getting married, so why are you so unsure about asking for help? He is the one with the good old fashion values. you should have known his beliefs and wants before even considering marriage. I would hope. You are polar opposites! Did you think you both would just agree on everything and live in lala land or what? I'm sorry I was such a huge Kim fan she really turned me off by this. Her mom keeps saying; "She has a big heart and is so giving". I'm not buying it. I think a big wallet and high maintenance. All about fancy things and career. If she wanted to be married and have children so bad and loved someone enough to marry them then why if she really truly wants those things is she getting a divorce only after 72 days? Did they do any pre marital counseling? They sure made sure they got a prenup. Why not put forth the effort to make the relationship last?

  • Olga Kasjan
    Olga Kasjan

    can some one tell me why kim and kris broke up

  • hoops1

    Wow! Kim you know I saw this coming along with many other people. I didn't know that it would be this soon. Kris was not the right guy for all the right reasons. He didn't compliment you. You all were not a good looking couple. Just a couple. He was very awkward. He was in it for the wrong reasons. You have to remember his friend told him that you were interested in him and his response was "me." He was shocked that a beautiful famous reality star like Kim would be giving him the time of day knowing that he was unemployed and not a NBA star. You brought fame to him in these 7 months and now he is famous for a 72 day failed marriage. He wanted to change you. He wanted to take you from your family and comfort zone so that he could make you the simple country housewife he wanted. That wasn't going to happen. He feels like Bruce, Lamar and Scott are punks or rather push overs. He lives in the old days when me spoke and women abided. This is 2011 and especially if I am making more than you and taking care of myself without your earnings you should close your mouth and let me do me. Bruce had a over 20 year marriage and Lamar over two years and despite Scott's ups and down he has a commited woman and a beautiful son so Kris needs to take some lessons from those men. Kris also need to take lessons in dressing because that might have gotten him 8 more days an even 80 days. He went to his bachelor party in a "white tee" when the real men in his entourage were well dressed for the ocassion. Lamar tell him just because he plays basketball he doesn't have to dress like it all the time. Switch it up sometimes! Also, keep (two-legged) and (four-legged) dogs out of the bed. You just never know what tail they have been sniffing while they are out...smh Just keep dogs in their own place and your bed is not the them their own bed and with the money they own house. Really? A dog in the bed that has been running outside sniffing his nose thank you. Kim you guys were not compatible and now Kris can go back to being who? Oh, yeah Kris arrogant Mr. Lonely again. Kris take a page from the men who are still on t.v. smiling to the bank and cuddling with their baby at night not their dog. Kim good luck and take some time to heal from this mistake and use it as a learning moment and stop looking for your Prince. Let him come and find you.

  • Hoops1

    Wow! Kim you know I saw this coming along with many other people. I didn't know that it would be this soon. Kris was not the right guy for all the right reasons. He didn't compliment you. You all were not a good looking couple. Just a couple. He was very awkward. He was in it for the wrong reasons. You have to remember his friend told him that you were interested in him and his response was "me." He was shocked that a beautiful famous reality star like Kim would be giving him the time of day knowing that he was unemployed and not a NBA star. You brought fame to him in these 7 months and now he is famous for a 72 day failed marriage. He wanted to change you. He wanted to take you from your family and comfort zone so that he could make you the simple country housewife he wanted. That wasn't going to happen. He feels like Bruce, Lamar and Scott are punks or rather push overs. He lives in the old days when me spoke and women abided. This is 2011 and especially if I am making more than you and taking care of myself without your earnings you should close your mouth and let me do me. Bruce had a over 20 year marriage and Lamar over two years and despite Scott's ups and down he has a commited woman and a beautiful son so Kris needs to take some lessons from those men. Kris also need to take lessons in dressing because that might have gotten him 8 more days an even 80 days. He went to his bachelor party in a "white tee" when the real men in his entourage were well dressed for the ocassion. Lamar tell him just because he plays basketball he doesn't have to dress like it all the time. Switch it up sometimes! Also, keep (two-legged) and (four-legged) dogs out of the bed. You just never know what tail they have been sniffing while they are out...smh Just keep dogs in their own place and your bed is not the them their own bed and with the money they own house. Really? A dog in the bed that has been running outside sniffing his nose thank you. Kim you guys were not compatible and now Kris can go back to being who? Oh, yeah Kris arrogant Mr. Lonely again. Kris take a page from the men who are still on t.v. smiling to the bank and cuddling with their baby at night not their dog. Kim good luck and take some time to heal from this mistake and use it as a learning moment and stop looking for your Prince. Let him come and find you. God loves you unconditionally.

  • April Dashno
    April Dashno

    I love the dress that the woman behind Kim and Kris is wearing! She is amazing!

  • JEN

    Although I'm not really a fan of Kris I agreed with his thoughts and behaviiour. He wasn't goin to bow his head and agree with everything that the kardashians said. He's right tellin Kim she's to much obsessed with bein a princess, everything isn't good enough unless it cost 6 figures. And which guy in there right mind is goin to take this girl serious.Ur just as fake as ur face Kim and someday u will realise the awful truth. 72 days ?????????

  • expected more
    expected more

    wow im sure glad the gays cant marry and ruin the sanctity of marraige...*insert giant eye roll here*

  • sarah

    Kim Kardashian will never truly be happy! She runs away from her dreams, I know she loves him so y wld she run out so quickly?!?! I believe It had to do with alot of pressure from her family, and business.... NEWSFLASH your family will always be there no matter what choice you make!!! Im sure your fans understand your married and in love that wont make them stop buying your merchandise etc. so not only did you F*** up your dreams, but you just lost alotta respect from alotta ppl girl, have fun tryna earn it back!

  • Maureen Fashina
    Maureen Fashina

    Kim dear, its a pity that you are not as wise as I thot u are.Marriage they say is not a bed of roses; it is actually made for matured minds not age-wise per say but for those who can easily make use of common- sense. U can't be a baby forever my dear; think before making or taking decisions.Give your life to Christ Jesus Darling and he will gladly sort out all that concerns

  • sinbad

    he is like a kid next to her young tell boyyyyyyy awwwwww

  • Ala

    I tot u realy wantd dis marriage,kim u have no respect 4 womanhood nd d institution of marriage.dis is a very stupid thing 2 do.u shud make ur marriage work instead of runnin out of it.remember its 4 better nd worse.

  • gee

    Yeah, Kim. An unsuccessful marriage is one that fails to resolve issues, misunderstandings, problems.....Pls, don't let uourself be labelled a failure also.....or worse still, an old lady!

  • Lillian

    As much as I admire u Kim, I really think u shld really think again abt dis divorce, family are important, but look at ur sisters, dey all hav a family of dere own, chloe got Lamar, kourt has mason, n u re nt getting younger, u re a beautiful girl but u re nt going to be dis hot d rest of ur lyf, changes occurs everyday, dis world is dynamic, vry soon d kardashian brand will fade ESP since dere is no 1 to uphold d legacy, u all re getting older, so grow up n think wat will happen wen my mom n Bruce re gone, chole is busy with Lamar n kids n kourt with mason n Scott, who do I have, grow up baby girl it's bat tym, n knw many pple want/need wat u hv, by can't hv it. U will never knw wat u hv till u lose it, take it from some1 who knows, life is all abt choice, u can choose to make ur marriage work n dat will require sacrifice from the both of u, marriage is full of ups n downs, d best of dem re d mst difficult. U can choose to listen to this or not but I will appreciate it if u get dis msg, wether u use it or not is entirely up to care

  • dizzy1

    OMG... did she really say, "Everyone that knows me knows that I'm a hopeless romantic!" Kim, are you stupid or what!?!?!!! You can sugar coat it anyway you like but the bottom line is that you are a DESPERATE foolish girl!!!!! .... you want it so badly that you'd jump into any relationship without using your head! Geez Louise, girl!!! You're a grown woman and you're still thinking of fairy tales!!! Get your head out of your Arse and smell the sweet roses, honey!!!!! It's reality time! ... Seriously, what guy out there is gonna take you seriously after you pulled this stupid, childish act!! Poor stupid girl! And, you said you Dad always said "to do things that make you happy". Well, little girl, I don't think that you dad was referring to this. What dad would really be happy that you go through all that shit (an over the top wedding) only to say 3 mos down the road "Ooops, I made a mistake. I rushed in to it". Geez Louise, you may be a pretty girl but you sure do NOT have any brains or substance. You are a DISGRACE and an EMBARRASSMENT .....

  • Rachel

    Am so disappointed! Never knew kim is this shallow she should have committed a bit longer72 days how short! She has phobia and kris deserved better. ! Shame on u kim for not trying to make your 17 million dollar marriage work! What a flop!

  • Mokgadi
    Mokgadi r thy realy divorcing? Thy dnt evn hv 6months in the marriage nd alreadi thy divorcing, wow. I so dnt envy kim ryt nw.

  • danielleakame

    lol well duhhhhh shit i won the office pool! yay 70-100 days was my wager! hells yeah...thanks kim for my lunch! ahahahahahaha

  • Kim K fAn
    Kim K fAn

    Im a big kim fan... but i knew they were gonna break up! But i still dont think the wedding was to gain money! she lost alot of money preparing for that wedding!! And for ppl who are saying she hates dogs... reggie used to have a dog and she used to love it, she also once adopted a stray puppy!

  • Sonjia Landry
    Sonjia Landry

    If Kim and her family get and keep Christ in there life, they would take marriage and all other relationships serious, all that money on a wedding, you don't have to move so fast.

  • ramira

    WHAT A WASTE OF 6 MILLION$$$$$$$$!!!!! I believe kris humphries does love her but kims not ready for marriage yet-her Kardashian business empire comes first. shell come to realize in time that money and fame isnt the bee all and end all of life.Good luck to both of them.

  • Miss-J

    I think that the Kardashians look down on people who are not of their calabar (in real life that is, not what they show us on tv), they are not intouch with real issues of life and how to deal with them and appreciate them mainly because they put more effort in maintaining the world of vanity, glamour and Money.. So from the get go Kim could never relate to Kris coz he appears to appreciate the little things that are not determined by money.. Life's True persectives really need to be Revised by this family.. And they should really look around them and see their tru reflections coz nothing around them is foreal! Even their friends r with them mainly for their Looks, status and money, so they all end up not having time to really know people, understand them and appreciate them on an 'unconditional' level- outside their family relm..

  • anna

    10 millions $ for this it's so crazy ! poor kris it's wrong since ever !

  • E

    Very well written Isabel. I could not agree with you more. You are very insightful for 16. Don't listen to Teresa.

  • marann

    I am very sad to hear that Kris didn't know Kim had filed for divorce. One things I must say, there are men, and then there are men. Kris is a man who was open and honest with her. He didn't bite his tongue as to how he felt about things. He is not Bruce or a Scott. In Hollywood, people tend not to live in the real world, and Kim has fallen into the fake world of glamour and glitz. Kris knows what it is like to have a real family, and he wants that for himself. He wants a family, with children, and the man is the man of the house. Kris is not like Lamar. I have nothing against Lamar, but the fact is Lamar was looking for a family that he didn't have. He knew his mother loved him but she isn't here anymore. We know about his father. He needed family who he didn't have to take care of. He wanted to be taken care of. The Kardashians are that for him. However, Kris has a loving family; and he wants that for himself. The real problem is the both of them didn't sit down and think things through. Kris' pastor should had given them counseling before they married one another. No doubt a lot of their problems would had been hashed out, and there would not had been a wedding. Just because your mother married Bruce after a few weeks, and your sister married Lamar after a few weeks, doesn't mean it will work for you.

  • E

    Shouldn't they have talked about where they were going to live before they got married?

  • E

    Kim K. is your role model???????? I feel bad for you girl!

  • Diana Milena Alzate
    Diana Milena Alzate

    Is too sad how people can change their feelings so quickly, I wish the best for them but I think they should work out in their relationship." just saying"

  • monicat

    i think everyone saw this coming butttttt i still wish Kim allthe best! i think she was to wrapped into the whole wedding part that she forgot the importantce of mairrage.. love u Kim! hope your doing well!

  • cindy

    sorry i misspell i meant a 'give a guy a Break'

  • cindy

    Isabel u 16yrs and claver then Kim

  • Tiredofspoiledcelebs

    she might need to employ the help of her sisters to help finish the task of writing 500 thank you cards to the guest at her wedding she had 72 days ago. I think this is a very pathetic story. Marriage is for better or for worse. You could tell from the show that these two were not meant to be. Khloe recognized it! Its too bad Kim was so desperate to get married (like Khloe) and have children (like Kourtney). Kim has turned into a whiny celebrity with aspirations only in material goods. She needs to re-examine the way she lives her life. When she said her vows she said for better or worse. This is not her first trip down the aisle, youd think she'd have figured it out this time. Divorce should not be an option unless the relationship is violent or demeaning. She should not take the easy way out, she should examine what made her fall in "love" with Kris in the first place. Stupid Kim, get your act together.

  • cindy

    Kris lives in real world, Kim doesn't deserve Kris. The man told Kim the truth and 1day she will see that. that family should marry each other

  • cindy

    but if u decide to divorce your hubby, u tell him first not the press

  • cindy

    I am sick an tired of u ppl saying Kris was in it for money how much did he spent on her ring? Kim need to married her mum because that the only person she cares about. when ppl get married they give up the 'i' for 'we'. she didn't communicate with her hubby when planning the wedding it was her mum the decision maker. when her mum hired the cars for Kim's wedding she didn't include Kris family. that whole family need the get real. and Kris wasn't mean he was honest

  • micheliky

    you silly people in this post you get married and you expect to leave till death do you part. Well thankfully she knew what she was doing rather than trying to stick it out in a depressing marriage. BEter early than never and leaving in regret. Only wish is people do cut down on the expenses. I am trying to educate my brother and cannot but for 8 000.oo he would have finished his schooling .. We dont have a home but for us 65 000 we will be able to buy a 3 bedroomed home. In zimbabwe just consider this. than k you..

  • cindy

    Kris was honest lol, that guy is living in a real world unlike that family, they all make me sick

  • Fiera

    Stupid! Stupid! Stupid woman...Khloe was always right about her sister and her choice in men.

  • D


  • Mary

    Which sport will she start following up now?? :-)))))))))

  • holly

    Well who can live in that family .Her mom just can not let go...

  • Lisa Smullen
    Lisa Smullen

    kim never wear that again.yur to pretty to wear pants for a grandma.sorry.

  • Kim



    Kim hate's Dog's and she HATE'S YE-HAW Minnesota. She said it her self ON T.V.!! Why does anyone follow her anywhere or buy their items. if you do you are Just as STUPID as Kris Hump. I GUESS KIM HAS A HOLE THAT EVEN HE CAN'T FILL, She said i Love you this much_________________________________________12 1/2 im guessing.

  • Billybob

    you got that shit right on, he is a good person down to earth he don't waste money like they all do but they don't care about money even know they never had any money untill now and it's ONLY because all the suckers buying their stuff is making them more money hand over fist. STOP!! Giving them your hard earned money they only blow it on trips, cars, diamonds, clothes, hotels, if you all are that stupid to support them then go ahead it gets you nothing but BROKE and them more stuff to flaunt in front of you...i'm just saying THINK ABOUT IT!!! :)

  • Cher


  • boobty

    HE was a young boy with a BIG #$@% U Know what, SEX Wasn't that Good her sister said to someone that told another person that told my brother's friend then he told us. to bad cause they really made a CUTE couple. the thing is Kim has her own money but the fat sister saw a advantage to some one who has MONEY so she Jumped in 9 days, noway she was loosing they Bucks/Billfold!! Lamar how stupid can u be??? now give her the baby and she'll be gone with alamoney and child support.

  • boobty


  • boobty


  • MARi23

    he got suckered, he is young and dumb, AND SHE HATES dog's... she will never find a guy for true LOVE! the family acts like oh we are a loving family we got each oter but look at the show they are all back stabbing each other disrespecting each other and fighting all the time, i think they all need a srink...................

  • violet wanyana
    violet wanyana

    Am devastated by the news oh my lord i wish these two can work out there differences if possible they would seek counseling before making this huge step of there lives its not going to be easy on the two may if they did it would have helped and take for example the mother would have advised her differently and may be khloe herself because she knows what to do and how to handle her marriage and she would have helped and i remember she was at heads with her before this marriage she cautioned Kim to be serious while she was still keeping regg's photo am really not happy there was a way kim should have given it sometime atleast a year this is not good and i pray they both reconsider especially kim her respect for this is not a joke am not happy please kim reconsider for the sake of the brand as your mother calls it

  • MikkiB

    Oh please spare us the POOR VICTIM role; she saw who he was, was told by her FAMILY and it's documented on HOW HE WAS and SHE MADE THE DECISION to be married. SHE SAW THE RED FLAGS AND HEARD THE DANGER, DANGER WARNING from her family but did want she wanted to do. Best Advice KIM...take a break from work and get healed emotionally. Whenever you have the time buy and read PEACE from the BROKEN PIECES, HOW TO GET THROUGH WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH by Iyanla Vanzant. I hope that you can find peace within you before jump into another relationship.

  • MikkiB

    If you are such great friends with Kim and Khloe; wouldn't have been easier to just send Khloe the message via email,text or phone and it would have gotten to her faster instead of her message board; that's what's wrong with HOLLYWOOD, they don't think like the rest of the world! JUST SAYING??????

  • perth

    this is very disappointing KIM! marriage is hard work, what did you expect?

  • MikkiB

    I agree, she wants to make everyone happy and not be confrontational but she has to decide what is BEST FOR KIM because everyone is living their life and happy with their mates or so we are given the impression that they are happy. It's sad, and I don't really want to bash KIM but it angers me that when a person does something out of desperation, there a consequences to those actions, she not only effected her life but the life of KRIS; love and emotions should not be toyed with, they both are hurt. Remove the celebrity status and she's still a woman who wants to be in love. I only hope that she can find sincere true love.

  • Debbie

    NEXT !

  • MikkiB

    The only Kim will be happy is when she follows her heart. She will never find true love until she can make a decision on her own without seeking the approval of others, HER FAMILY. She is so insecure and needs to truly accept being KIM before she can be MRS WHOMEVER. If there were problems before the wedding began, she should have listened to herself as SHE STATED, wanted to call the wedding off but because SHE MADE SUCH A PR FIASCO about the wedding; SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN EMBARASSED plus all the money that would be lost. It's sad that SHE didn't TALK WITH HER HUSBAND so that they could SEEK MARRIAGE COUNSELING to make it work. That's what's wrong with HOLLYWOOD MARRIAGES, they don't take it seriously.. IT'S A SACRED COMMITMENT;not a PR OPPORTUNITY to increase ratings and income. I feel sorry for KRIS HUMPHRIES, because he was MAN ENOUGH to stand up to her family and he deserves someone that will respect and treat him like the great person and husband he is; if they didn't sign a half it's community property in CALIFORNIA; it's the KARDASHIAN THING TO DO,so follow that!

  • ras2011

    yea..tell long as we get what is said...

  • stephanie in LA
    stephanie in LA

    this kinda makes me angry/upset. They got married so fast because of kim, not kris. She wanted it done so fast, so she would look good in the pictures. REALLY, really? that is not a reason to jump into a marriage. I think they should try to work this out. Kim needs to learn to chill out and relax and realize there is more to life than photo opportunities, commercials,and clothing. Kris is down to earth and acts like a real human male. He brought her back down to earth. She is so obsessed with her image that she is missing out on life. He is the opposite, he wants to have a life together like normal people, not filmed all day long. they should go to marriage counseling, unfilmed and see if its salvageable...

  • Kardashianlover123

    dont tell me you's are divorcing??? :(

  • liana

    Umm kris didn't pay for that ring!E did-get it right.But I feel like Kim didn't give it a fair chance.pple dt respect what mariage is about these days.

  • Fátima Issufo
    Fátima Issufo

    She spent her birthday with him few days ago, they had a very special dinner, was it fake? THESE CELEBRITIES are funny...

  • cindy

    there is nothing wrong with Kris, Kim is the problem. I am so sick and tired of people calling Kris a golddigger are we forgetting how much this guy spent on Kim's ring. give the a guy a broke. we should be asking ourselfs what happened to Bush....

  • SKG

    No, it can't happen to anyone! Only those who are actually allowed to get married. Maybe they should have taken a page from Angelina and Brad and just not get married until it actually can happen to everyone!

  • SKG

    Glad the know that the two of them were able to get along long enough to get through a wedding that is going to net the two of them a LOT of money! Nothing like using marriage, an institution that is not available to everyone in this country, to make money! Is this what they meant about protecting the sanctity of the institution of marriage when they passed the Defense of Marriage Act? I am pretty sure that message that the Kardashian clan is sending - make money no matter what the cost one's moral code - is far more dangerous to the children of America. Way to go, Kardashians, you've done it again!!!

  • cindy

    Kim married her career, she will never be happy she will die alone

  • Cindy Hartsell
    Cindy Hartsell

    they throw money around are wasteful while the rest of the working class stifs struggle and are alot of unemployed go without their disgracful

  • pirate 9
    pirate 9

    People this is a sad situation. Marriage is not something you decide that doesn't work in 72 days. Kim and Kris don't take the easy way out. Fight for your marriage and you can be a happy couple. Just a sad, sad day and I don't believe money was the cause for this break up.

  • a caring one
    a caring one

    Kim is seeking a voidance that cannot be filled by the expectation she places upon others when it comes to love and matters of the heart. Quit going through life vaguely and being so shallow to numb whats in bedded in thy own heart "Loneliness". Are you really comfortable in thy own skin if you can stand to be alone. Be single for a year. Stop jumping in and out of relationships. Enjoy your own company and the pray that God sends you someone just for you.

  • cece

    I believe she loved him but by the way Kris uses sarcarsm on everything would drive any woman away.He acted like he's the one who is supposed to be treated like a princess instead of treating his wife like a princess and give her time to settle and adjust after the wedding instead of forcing her to move to Minnesota,he knew what Kim does before marrying her.He didn't even compliment her wedding dress she had to ask and he didn't have a job so he should have been there to support his wife always.You could tell by the way he dressed that he was trying to stand up on her like he was making a statement by growing a moustache before the wedding too bad it back fired on him.I didn't know him before he met Kim and I won't remember him after all this.I wish them both the best!

  • victonya01

    i agree with most of the comments about the money spent on the wedding and i tend to go along with the idea that they spend money in full hands, but is also true that they made a hard work to earn it. wouldn't you do the same as she did if you had the chance?? be honest people!!! it is very easy to give an opinion based on what media tell us. you do never expect to know everything about this peopleand even more if you have never gone through this kind of situation...and let me tell you IT IS A REAL FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!! I have already lived it. I got divorced the first time, after that you fear to fall in love with someone else becouse you don't know whether you will live the same again or not. it's really difficult to find someone in who you can trust. whoever, hollyhood stars or not, they are still being human beings and guess what, they also have feelings!!

  • Sandra Cunningham
    Sandra Cunningham

    She is a dumb *itch! Its one thing to be a business money and love money but to use marriage as a way to bring attention to yourself and make more money. Thats sad! No wonder marriages arent taken as seriosly as they use to be years ago and dont last as long either. There are people loosing their homes, unable to pay their bills or find a job and she has an extravagent & expensive wedding just to be married for 72 days. I blame the tv networks also.

  • victonya01

    just want to say thank you for your support in the fight against cancer in october month

  • tis

    Really, too bad. But is there really enough time to say "irreconcilable differences"? Seems like if that is so, it has been so all along. It would have been less painful and less embarrassing to have called of the wedding. It is easier to recover from not marrying the right person, than marrying the wrong person! So sad, because at the end of the day, they are just human.

  • simplydiffer

    I watched the Keeping up with the Kardashian episodes they were in and he seemed to hate how shallow Kim was. I guess he thought she would change for him. Guess what? Nope. I bet the irreconcilable differences she filled for was "HE DIDN'T GET ME EGYPTIAN COTTON SHEETS WITH GOLD FRINGES BECAUSE HE WANTED JUST REGULAR EGYPTIAN COTTON SHEETS. THIS ISSUE IS IRRECONCILABLE!"

  • Sonja Landi-Borgo
    Sonja Landi-Borgo

    It's NOT sad..She made a committment and it is clear Kris takes the committment seriously. If she loved him, she would do what it takes for a marriage to last. Hopefully after this, she will start to work on herself.

  • sab

    I am so sorry to hear about Kim’s divorce. And honestly and not here to argue with anyone but NO ONE has the right to judge her. This was their marriage, not ours. It was their decision, not ours. People who don’t like her need to leave her page and stop being involved. that clearly shows how much you admire her. Doesn’t matter if she’s spent 10 mil or 100 mil, it was her wedding. It was her decision and it remains her decision. We the people are no one to judge her or anyone. This could happen to anyone. So be courteous, be real.

  • Lillian Ibbs
    Lillian Ibbs

    Kim is a kind, compassionate woman, does alot for charities. DIVORCE after such a short time is a mistake....look at ur wedding video amd watch your eyes sparkle whenu look at him and re-read your vows..You meant those vows..your 3 parrents taught you to br strong so I think u shouldn't just divorce....but try harder at marrage----who knows in 6 months you'll br glad....don't give up so fast.

  • Former Fan
    Former Fan

    For richer or poorer are the vows, nothing is sacred with KK unless she benefits. selfish is what she is....Humprey's is better off without her !

  • Kai OBrien
    Kai OBrien

    she i simple minded...the man wants u close to him and u divorce if he didn't wanted to be bother with u..u would of had something else to complain about...simple chicken head

  • Former Fan
    Former Fan

    What happened to for better or worse or richer or poorer ? what a joke KK is...she needs to return his ring and all the gifts she clearly does not need....... Dude hump, your better off without her and her selfish family...

  • lolachicago

    What's your next show Kim? Playboy? I think your options to show off are almost done, you need create some new, your body is going down and your ass can't keep you alive on show business forever. Think about!

  • danyy


  • jlove

    I knew it would be long before she seen the bullshit in him but I'm glad It's over because she can so better way better and I'm not just saying this because khole and Kim are my friends they are real people to with feelings so Kim god will bless u the hell what everyone is saying do u fam so u call me or email me khloe has my email address on tweeter ight

  • Lauren Elizabeth Sabra
    Lauren Elizabeth Sabra

  • mischv

    It was obvious from the start that Kim was desperate to get married, she wanted a huge diamond, and she wanted the lavish wedding and extravagant honeymoon and all the expensive gifts, oh.. and can't forget all the money for the photos and big magazine spread. Chris.. sorry, but you got used! I hope you didn't sign a pre-nup. I would take her for everything you can, if I were you!!!

  • Jamie

    Humphries is a BROKE ass mooch/monkey-like frankenstein. Kim is just a hopeless romantic, there was no money to be made off of him but for him there was all the publicity. Who the hell knew who he was before this? Glad its over, tired of looking at his ape face.

  • Tamara

    This marriage was a total sham right from the start. It was a business arrangement. There were out to make money and fooled the public. It was all about how much money they could rake in people.

  • Laura Mayancela
    Laura Mayancela

    I didn't believe they were "ment to be" from the begining.But when you're love struck it puts a mask that blocks reality.They are both too immature to get married.He wasn't the great guy he pretends to be.I'm not saying she's a saint either but at least she doesn't hide who she is.I can't believe it only lasted this long.I really expected it to last about a year.I want the real reason.A real explination as to why it ended.Did he cheat?What did she find out that we don't know?

  • dlepare

    I'm sure the majority of people commenting on this foolishness don't have a 10th of a percent of the money she makes. As most people know, she makes a good portion of her money from her show, her brand and the company's she represents. If people stop watching her and her family's foolishness and stop buying her products - she will not be profitable. I don't understand how someone who skyrockets to fame from the 'leak' of a sex tape, and who is so blatantly materialistic (as well as opportunistic) continues to prosper while moral, hard-working people suffer. I don't understand people at all and I don't feel sorry for her. She should stop all her foolish behavior and get her soul right. Everyone should stop paying attention to this sinfulness. By the way - she knew Kris was broke with no job before they got married - so who's fault is it.

  • jessica

    Kim the best thing you did is divorce him , he didn't treat you right . Now is time to heal and found somebody to really love you ....:-(

  • Lexi Anderson
    Lexi Anderson

    I'm extremely disappointed in this situation. You have this lavish wedding, three wedding dresses, spent obscene amounts of money and for what? Because you got caught up in the fairtale wedding? You made a covenant before God and family that you would stand by your man and the minute it get's tough you call it quits. Kim you need some serious counseling! Get some help so you don't end up with as many husbands as Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Elliee O Connell
    Elliee O Connell

    poor kim! khloé was right all along! kris h = a golddigger

  • dlepare

    Why ask for comments if you are not going to post them.

  • Mrs. P
    Mrs. P

    Dang! I mean marriage is tough, You cant just give up at the first sign of trouble. You have to tough it out. I am so tired of Hollywood. You make these vows to God and so easily break them. Its not right!

  • J Mae
    J Mae

    Sort of random. I feel bad for him. He apparently loved her, he asked her to marry him and she said yes for the cameras. Probably should have hashed out all that having babies, not wanting to be filmed and where they'd live business before they got married. I hope she gives the ring back!

  • yolielly rodriguez
    yolielly rodriguez

    or .. gosh! kimi you look too beautiful and you look incredibly cute kris ..!!!

  • Noah

    When asked for comment, Reggie Bush had this to say: [img][/img]

  • giusy

    I read that Kris didn't know what she was going to do, she told Ryan Seacrest before her husband... What the hell??????

  • em

    think some people have forgotten what a marriage is all about 72 day and 10million $$$$$ just blown up in smoke its easy just to give up at things but when it comes down to money your good to fight for it its a real shame you cant do that for your marriage i really loved watch keeping up with the kardashians was this all a scam ??? shame really they did make one lovely couple

  • Randy

    Sorry to hear about the brake up, I wish the best for the both of them, Randy

  • Teresa

    Take a step back Isabel. You have no room to be posting rude and immature things about Kim. You can tell your 16. Hitting below the belt is what a 16 year old would do. You have no right to be judgmental like that.

  • meeeeee

    This is when I realized they won't last a long time: KIM: "You don't understand, I've been planning this wedding since I was 10 years old!" KRIS H.: "Yeah and you can just slot any guy into it" He is probably the only person who told it like it is, even to her, while everyone else is kissing her butt. He doesn't see her like the queen of the universe like everyone else. Like he told her: few years ago you were selling clothes. Kardashians, especially Kris Jenner and Kim are all about looks, brand and money. That is sad. And it doesn't last forever.

  • Valerie

    Some folks are more interested in the wedding than the marriage. Case in point ...

  • JLU

    La verdad es que Kim se enamora sola, se precipito como mujer desesperada, claro ella vio que le venían los 31 años y quiso casarse y posiblemente tener hijos con un hombre joven, para ella debe ser muy difícil que sus dos hermanas menores estén organizada y ella aun no, Kim no te desesperes ten paciencia y disfruta de la vida. Aveces la dicha no es completa.

  • jb:)

    Kris go hump your self! he seems like such a jerk im glad kim dump his assss. Go try and take some else money or get a job because he sucks at basketball.

  • FedUpWithTheShit

    Why don't you morons finally grow a brain and stop idolizing these idiots? They spend money like it doesn't mean a thing, while the rest of the world goes hungry and live in misery. God damn you people, WAKE THE EFF UP!

  • Isabel

    Omg Kim needs to get over herself and take her head out of the "i get everything" phase just like a 2 year old. She needs to understand that marriage is work and she not giving marriage a chance. Shes the weakest out of the sisters and i guess she loved the idea of the wedding not what it actually meant between the couple.Giving up so fast is ridiculous and i suggest therapy because she needs to realize shes not going to be the "celebrity" forever. Grow up kim, i'm 16 years old and you make me look like a grown up.

  • Geselle Huerta
    Geselle Huerta

    People shouldn't be judging if they don't know the reasons why. Who are you to judge her? If it was all fake let it be, if it wasnt then too bad. They must of had enough problems for her to take that decision.

  • Teresa

    Kris Humphries is the most immature shmuck I've ever seen. Every episode I wanted to slap the sh*t out of him. He's such a baby. I saw this coming as I saw others of you did too. I'm surprised it lasted 10 weeks. I was betting on 10 days.

  • Danielle

    good for you.. that dude was an ass to you

  • Nekontam

    How the fuck can you feel sorry or sad? Your brains are brainwashed. Get down to fucking planet earth.

  • courtneybaaaby

    is everyone really so suprised? we all knew this was coming.

  • courtneybaaaby

    Dougele - oh fuck up, leave Nene alone, he/she is just stating their opinion, and what their saying is true, so in this case, it shouldn't matter what their spellings like.

  • Cassie

    Because of people like you that still believe in their shit Hollywood is what it is... and you shouldn't feel bad for her at all I bet shes ok you should feel bed for yourself cuz your a dumb person!

  • Margarida

    In a way, i'm glad this happened. Kris is an idiot and does not deserve kim!!! But i am very sad to know that kimmy is going through this... I bet it is awful :( However, he just wanted your money, doll. You're making the right decision. Be strong!!!

  • Laur

    "Wow, I feel really sad for the both of them. Anytime you have a break-up of a marriage, especially one that is so new & fresh, it is a sad day. May God Bless both of them thru this trying time, and may they find their peace & serenity thru this difficult period." Also if I may add, "People do not throw stones, we, as the public don't know what their troubles were."

  • Anney


  • Anney

    Wait... you can't let go of me yet! We haven't milked this sh** enough!

  • annmar246

    She doesn't love Kris because had she loved him, she would've moved to Minnesota and raised a load of children. However, she has Reggie on the brain. She will never get over Reggie. She would have moved to outerspace with Reggie. Remember how many miles she racked up travelling back and forth from New Orleans? She probably just realized her heart is with him no matter what.

  • Tshimollo Mpye-De Níro
    Tshimollo Mpye-De Níro

    We all knew it wasn't going to last, but this is just pathetic!!

  • Jessica

    She is a materialistic B**ch! and that is why nothing ever lasts for her! She needs to wake up seriously and look at herself along wtih her attention Wh*re mother...they will be gone like Paris n Nichole...And If Reggie is smart he would never go back to a horrid person like Kim she is insecure, materialistic, and she only thinks about herself and the next thing that she can look "cool" doing and if anyone cant see that then you are seriously BLIND...Listen to your sisters kim stop being a worthless mean nothing to us so look in the mirror and mean something to yourself..........

  • dougele

    Nene - first learn to type or spell, whichever is the more serious deficiency. Then learn what the expression is before you use it. It is - "What goes around, comes around."

  • dougele

    Allegedly a big reason for the split was that Kim did not want to move to Minnesota with him. She wanted to stay in LA with her family... Grow up, Kim! It's called marriage! You are not married to your family.... or are you? This is one of the most f***ed up families around and Kim is a spoiled brat. Kris is well rid of the whole bunch.

  • NENE


  • ana

    :( Aww. I was really hoping it would last. I love Kim and I am sure this must really suck for her.

  • Anthonia

    To think 4 a second dah Kim's marriage was gonna add up to d number of successful marriages in hollywood...guess dah was a mistake. I was so excited 4 kim,they were so beautiful together...dis is jst a shocker...well.wateva her reasons are,I jst hope she's happy n she remains successful in her career.I guess khloe will always be my best....

  • AlaBella

    Was this supposed to come as a surprise? Because it's not. Kim really comes off as a self-centered person, and I guess she might actually be just that. I'm not surprised, nor sad. I am however disgusted that now she'll try to find herself someone else and try to top that one wedding with a bigger one ... and try shove it in our faces again.

  • JO

    It is incredibly sad that they went through with the marriage if there were serious doubts before and that they think that 72 days is long enough to KNOW it won't work. I was given the advice when I got married that you have to "work at being married every day" and I think that's very true. Marriages fail now because no one wants to do the work it takes to make it work. We all want perfect from the get go with no problems, nothing to work through. Married for 18 years, worked through issues, and still very in love. Divorce is TOO easy these days.

  • Isabel Alejandra Díaz
    Isabel Alejandra Díaz

    I'm soo sorry about the misspellings, so here I post it again: I’m in shock, I was not expecting this! I feel so bad and I can just imagine how Kim feels. I really hope Kim doesn’t take seriously what the world says about this. What matters is what makes her happy and what she decides to do. I know I don’t know her and that she probably wont read this, but I just want to say that I adore you Kim, you are my role model and are always going to be! I’m so proud to say I’m you biggest fan, at least in Iceland. God bless you! I wish you all the best. Love from Iceland Isabella

  • MARi23

    PLEASE JUST GET A MAID! if u think he is sloppy at home, and go see DR,Phil- i think the First thing that will help is get away from the rest of your family and BE MARRIED! Now Kort will never get married because of u and your mom's examples. i am so glad bruce is raising the other two girls, because you three never will amount to anything! Money won't get you to HEAVEN! U BETTER CHANGE UR WAYS NOW! :)

  • Michele

    No's all about the money & the fame! Makes a person nauseous!!!!

  • Isabel Alejandra Díaz
    Isabel Alejandra Díaz

    I'm in shock, I was not expecting this! I feel so bad and I can just imagine Kim feels. I wish her all the best in the hole world. I really wish Kim doesn't take seriously what the world says about this. What matters is what makes her happy and what she decides to do. I know I don't know her and that she probably wont be reading this, but I just want to say that I adore you Kim, you are my role model and are always going to be! I'm so proud to day I'm you biggest fan at least in Iceland. God bless you! Love from Iceland Isabella.

  • Hi

    Stop hating on kim. Khloe got married in 1mth and hardly knew Lamar. Plus no one eve saw Lamar and they got married. I see that when you're pretty and hard working everyone wishes you bad luck and are jealous. I never liked Kris from the get go. Khloe was right, he was just in it for the money and fame. He was always a jerk and awkward to watch. I actually feel really bad for Kim cause I know how she wanted this to work. Kris could never shut his mouh. What women can marry a man like that? He can't shut up plus real men dont speak up like that. I know Kim will one day find mister right.

  • llissel

    love the dress=)

  • Yadi

    Wow it sux their marriage came to an end, but what sux more is that Kim is Not willing to cut the umbilical cord from her mom, Kris Jenner is such a control frk. Kim seriously needs to grow up nd make her own her life.

  • Sandra

    This is the most dysfunctional family on tv and you wonder why they are getting a divorce. I am amazed it lasted this long or even made it to the ceremony. They didn't get along right from the beginning. The only thing that kept it together was money and that is the only thing this horrid family is interested in. They are all an example of what is wrong with this world, not what is right.

  • meg

    Wat ever u rush into u rush out of... Poor kim

  • Mia Moss
    Mia Moss

    Its alot, they both have to do what's best for them and to hell with whatever anyone else has to say!

  • Maria

    I didn't like kris but if he made her happy it's okay right? But he was mean I have to say. Follow me on twitter @mariademetriou_ :)

  • geo

    ey r ol attention seekers..damn..get to know a person first b4 marring em..yuck

  • Lorraine

    I feel disgusted about this seriously this is sick!! What can people do for money... no morals no values no NOTHING!

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller

    I said it would happen. What a waste of money on that wedding could of went to better things.

  • Whattheheck!

    I hope this isn't true. As much as I hate all this PR stuff, I would never wish a marriage doom. Common on. Perhaps a Halloween prank....

  • Sarah

    This is so unfair to poor people who really need money to survive... srsly too much money spent on a stupid fake wedding just to give more publicity to a buch of greedy fake b!tches ugh!

  • barbi

    I would love that she come back with reggie bush :)

  • barbi


  • Amiga hope u find happiness
    Amiga hope u find happiness

    I hope u find true love Amiga

  • alexandraxdd

    I'm sorry but when I read this, I literally laughed. Kim is all about money. She knew that she was getting old so she picked a guy and randomly got married just so that she could have the hopes of making money and having kids while she can.

  • Kelly

    I always said that "marriage" was fake it was so OBVIOUS all she wants is $$$ and publicity

  • Rayvan

    Yes!!!! Its about time she leaves that asshole trying 2 make money out of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.... Bye-bye kris!!! BTW no one will be missing u....FYI am unfollowing u on Twitter

  • wendy

    Her marriage was a JOKE from the start

  • laura

    This is crazy...!

  • Anne


  • Angelina Kolka

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