Selena Gomez Takes a Break With Puppy Baylor! (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez spent Halloween (afternoon) doting on her adorable puppy!

The 19-year-old singer, who recently adopted this husky mix with her beau Justin Bieber, was seen taking the pup for a potty break in LA on Monday. Dressed in all black (and some interesting striped leggings) she looked cute and might we add, responsible!

It looks like SelGo won't be in LaLa Land for long!

Selena is set to host the EMAs in Belfast on November 6th! Also, the Biebs will be performing! Check out a promo below.


Selena also got in to the Halloween spirit while performing her last concert on Sunday. Take a look at some pics below!

Check out the rest of the photos of Selena and her adorable puppy in the gallery!


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  • Lizzie

    WTF is she wearing OMG! She looks really slutty.. Selena I love you but come on! You know if that was Miley Cyrus wearing that everyone would like damn she is a slut.. So u shush Hanna!.

  • Greg

    My guess? Its some of the crap Justin's been buying for her.

  • Hanna Hussain
    Hanna Hussain

    Natalia shut up

  • Aladghsd

    Whats with her clothe.? shes been starting to wear more "exposing"clothes latley, i means its okay and all that but I thought she was little kids role models!

  • Sherry Loebsack-Grey
    Sherry Loebsack-Grey

    she needs to learn how to carry that dog.

  • Miranda

    You can see her pink bikini top and bottoms, and the right strap of her bra top has slipped off her shoulder underneath her see-through shirt.

  • Brittney

    I love Selena leggings they are so freaking cute! tha's high fashion right there :)

  • Maynard Michael Griffith
    Maynard Michael Griffith

    Looks like lingerie

  • monicat

    shes soooo pretty :) dallas native! wohooo

  • Natalia

    i love selena but she is wearing really weird clothes this time!!

  • bhavya

    i think she is being moer caring towards her dog!!!!

  • ohyou

    I don't mind the bra showing, but this is more slut than class.

  • magda tenšek
    magda tenšek

    she was arraving from lax and she didn't change from he coustime

  • Lollipop

    hey, i wonder if she knows you shouldn't really hold a dog like that.

  • danyy

    pretty soon they'll be having babies together. expect mass suicide.

  • Sin

    Notice she has to watch the dog instead of Justin. If he had it the dog would commit suicide.

  • Sin

    Yeah, What is she wearing? I can see through the shirt and I have no clue about the leggings, if thats what the are.

  • courtneybaaaby


  • Javeria Ali
    Javeria Ali

    what is she wearing

  • washlala

    I like your pants and the cute dog

  • dian

    Adorable dog, cute owner.

  • courtneybaaaby

    the dog is so adorable!

  • Noah

    Clearly animal abuse. I'm calling PETA.