Britney Spears Straddles Joe Jonas During Strip Tease (PHOTOS)

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Every night while on tour during the "Lace and Leather" set, Britney Spears pulls up one lucky guest onto the stage for a raunchy strip tease, and last night's guy was none other than her opening act—Joe Jonas!

Last night's concert at London's Wembley Arena was the final performance for the "See No More" singer on the Princess of Pop's European tour and what a way to go! Before the JoBro got the pleasure of having Brit Brit straddle his shoulders, he had the full attention of her back up dancers! By the looks of it, Joe was a little uncomfortable with all of the attention, but he was definitely enjoying it as he later tweeted:

"And.. @britneyspears thanks for the strip tease.. ;)"
Take a look at the risque strip tease below. Do you guys think Joe was enjoying it or was it just all around awkward? Let us know in the comments!

Britney sure does have a pension for giving her opening acts sexy lap dances. Earlier in the summer, she gave one to DJ Pauly D when he opened for her stateside! Pauly even dubbed it "the most memorable lap dance" he would ever get in his life!

There's no doubt about it! This Femme Fatale has got great skills!



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  • haha

    "Britney sure does have a pension for giving her opening acts sexy lap dances"... a PENSION?? it's "Penchant"

  • sin

    Fuller figure??? How about fat ass figure.

  • sin

    Joe was scared to death being that close to a vagina.

  • teki

    JOE AND BRITNEY.... CRAZY WIRD STUPID.... BUT it's pretty sweet.... =D In fact Joe was happy... that's good.... :D Love for Brit.. xoxo


    Awesome!!! Joe was happy!!!

  • marian

    you can tell that Joe was enjoying Britney & the females dancer lap dance ;) but the gay guy touching him & giving him a kiss at the end was awkward...

  • Anne

    uhm..excuse me? Joe Jonas + Britney Spears + Strip Tease?!

  • Joshua Pingley
    Joshua Pingley

    Britney Spears and Joe Jonas are such gorgeous human beings<3