Christina Perri Dishes on ‘Breaking Dawn’ Wedding Song & Bella’s ‘Beautiful’ Day

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Ever since her first single “Jar of Hearts” became an international smash hit and was featured on the “Prom Queen” episode of Glee, Christina Perri’s star has been on the rise. The 26-year-old singer recently chatted with Celebuzz about her most recent song “A Thousand Years” off of the Breaking Dawn, Part 1 soundtrack, the upcoming promotional tour and whether she’s Team Jacob or Team Edward.

Congrats on “A Thousand Years” it’s such a beautiful song. What was your inspiration for the track?

Thank you. The inspiration came from the day that I screened the movie in July. I had to keep it so secret. I went, and I screened the movie at one of the studios and went right home and wrote the song. So it’s really, really simple. It’s just purely based on the love story between Edward and Bella.

How were you first approached to be on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack?

I’m signed to Atlantic Records which puts out the soundtrack through Chop Shop [Records]. They all knew that I’m a gigantic Twi-hard and it’s my favorite books and movies, so I think that my name came up not only because I’m a current artist right now but because I’m a huge fan. They asked me if I would want to write on it [the soundtrack] and of course I said yes. Then to be able to screen the movie, I remember that being the greatest thing ever and if nothing came of it I was going to be completely satisfied with all these parts. I was just so happy to be included or even have the chance [to be a part of the soundtrack]. It kind of happened really fast, but like I said I couldn’t say a word to anybody, and I kept forgetting that it was even in the works. Then all of a sudden the announcement came out for the soundtrack, and I was on it! Nobody confirmed anything until it was public. So it was a really exciting thing to find out at the same time the whole world found out.

Must have been nerve wrecking.

Yeah, I couldn’t tell my friends and my family, and I was so afraid that if I mentioned anything to anyone that somehow someone would hear me, and I would be murdered. [laughs] I was so terrified of saying anything so it seems like it happened really fast, but it was over the course of a couple of months. 

You mentioned that you screened the movie and then wrote the song and it represents the love between Bella and Edward. Can you elaborate a little bit more on that?

Honestly, what got me and why I’m such a gigantic fan is the love story. It’s almost like a Romeo & Juliet, but with vampires. That’s how I’ve always looked at the books. I fell in love with those books in 2009 and just melt over the story. I completely fell for it and when I went to write the song it was really simple for me because this movie is the most beautiful movie out all of them, in my opinion. There are three key parts to this movie: the wedding, the honeymoon and then the pregnancy. But the wedding and the honeymoon vibe is so beautiful, so loving, so pure and almost classic. So when I went home to write this song, I wasn’t going to write a song about the pregnancy of a vampire child. [laughs] It was pretty clear that I was going to write about the really beautiful love story. This song has kind of been floating inside me for a couple of years ,and I just couldn’t wait to get it out. It’s definitely one of my most classical songs that I’ve ever written as far as simplicity and instrumentation. This is the brightest and prettiest song I have written.

You mentioned you’re a huge Twihard. What’s your favorite book or movie out of the series?

It’s so funny. I compare it to the Godfather because it’s hard to say if you like one or two better. For me, it’s hard to say if I like one or four better because the first one seems very classic, and it’s the one that got me hooked, but the fourth one, which is this first part,  is all of the things we’ve been waiting for. I sound really dorky now, but one and four are definitely my favorites.

Which team are you on: Team Jacob or Team Edward?

Team Edward. I mean, come on, she marries Edward! 

You’re going to go on the Breaking Dawn promotional tour soon. Are you excited about that?

I can’t even think about it without getting sweaty. I’m so nervous. I mean I’m really excited to meet the cast and to be on this private jet flying all over the country. I’m going to lose my shit. I’m so excited. 

Are you excited to see all of the fans or a little nervous?

I didn’t think about that until just recently somebody said that to me, ‘Aren’t you scared of these crazy Twihards?’ I don’t think of them as fans because I feel like a Twihard. I feel like they’re my people and should be in the audience screaming and stuff. I definitely think they’re going to be really passionate, and I’ve heard nothing but wonderful responses. I’m so stoked and honored that everybody really likes the song so I at least imagine that they’re not going to hate me and throw anything at me. I think they’re going to be really awesome and blow my mind as far as their passion and excitement. 

Robert Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) are also musicians. Can you see yourself acting in the future?

Yeah, I couldn’t say no only because I did theater growing up. So it’s always been hand in hand [music & acting]. I say I’d see myself more on Broadway than in a movie, but if the opportunity were to come up I definitely wouldn’t turn it down. 

If you could have any role in the Twilight series, which one would it be?

Oh man, well I couldn’t not be Bella. How could I not want to make out with Rob Pattinson? Come on now! 

Since you’ve seen the movie already, is there anything that you can tell us? Maybe a little sneak?

If I told you anything, I’m pretty sure I’d be murdered. But, I will tell you that being a Twi-hard that it’s my favorite one and that everyone is going to be very happy and that they should bring some tissues.

Would you like to be write another song for the Breaking Dawn Part 2?

Yeah, I would love to! Just to be included would be an honor and if they ask me again I’m certainly not going to say no. It’s been such an incredible journey for me so far.