Justin Bieber’s ‘Mistletoe’ Co-Star Kisses & Tells!

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Ali Williams became the envy of many young gals when she locked lips with Justin Bieber in his his “Mistletoe” video. So what was it like kissing the Biebs? She told MTV News:

“He was really nice. He was a good person. I heard that he was a nice guy, just from what you read in magazines and stuff, so I wasn’t really worried about meeting him. He was … really easy to get along with, really polite. As far as the kissing, it was very professional. It’s just a job.”

The 18-year-old college freshman went on to admit she wasn’t prepared for all the attention she’d get for starring in his video.

“My friends were freaking out a little more than I was. I wasn’t really prepared for all the stuff that was happening. I think that pretty much everyone has been pretty supportive. There’s some things out there that are untrue, just as far as my age and stuff, but everyone has been really nice and supportive about that.”

In the video, Justin sings his little heart out on a snow-covered street while taking steps to show the lady in his life that she’s the only one for him — despite running into a blonde who distracts his attention.

The singer then gets some sweet kissed from his girl, who looks suspiciously like his real-life girlfriend Selena Gomez! Check out the video below: