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This is probably the hardest thing I've ever had to write. I see all of the support and I am so thankful for my fans, friends and family who are helping me through this difficult time.

I am trying not to read all the different media reports but it's hard not to see all the negative ones. First and foremost, I married for love. I can't believe I even have to defend this. I would not have spent so much time on something just for a TV show! I share so much of my life on a reality show, that contemplating whether to even film my wedding was a tough decision to make, and maybe it turned out to not be the smartest decision. But it's who I am! We filmed Kourtney giving birth, Khloe getting married, break ups, make ups, our best moments and our worst moments. These were all real moments. That's what makes us who we are. We share, we give, we love and we are open!

Everyone that knows me knows that I'm a hopeless romantic! I love with all of my heart and soul. I want a family and babies and a real life so badly that maybe I rushed in to something too soon. I believed in love and the dream of what I wanted so badly. I felt like I was on a fast roller coaster and couldn't get off when now I know I probably should have. I got caught up with the hoopla and the filming of the TV show that when I probably should have ended my relationship, I didn't know how to and didn't want to disappoint a lot of people.

I'm being honest here and I hope you respect my courage because this isn't easy to go through. But I do know that I have to follow my heart. I never had the intention of hurting anybody and I accept full responsibility for my actions and decisions, and for taking everyone on this journey with me. It just didn't turn out to be the fairy tale I had so badly hoped for.

There are also reports that I made millions of dollars off of the wedding. These reports are simply not true and it makes me so sad to have to even clarify this. I'm so grateful to everyone who took the time to come to my wedding and I'll be donating the money for all the gifts to the Dream Foundation.

I'm sorry if I have hurt anyone, but my dad always told me to follow my heart. I believe now that I really am.

Kim Files for Divorce
Kim Kardashian Divorce
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  • billy

    het kim hope your brother goes to the finals on dancing with the stars and remember your a great person

  • Trollhouse

    Bow out gracefull Kim, the public has spoken and there is a huge boycott just for you and since you like attention and are addicted to it I hope you enjoy the cancellation of your show so you can free up your time to troll in front of the Ivy like Phoebe with the red hair.

  • jkbloihbi

    Wow, anyone "sticking up for Kim" is a complete fucking moron! The whole marriage was a sham, done to MAKE $$$$$$. Holy mother of God, anyone who believes this was a real marriage should be taken out and fucking pummeled to death. Grow a brain, morons!

  • TARA

    Kim kardashian and her family are nothing but money hungry business people, EVERYTHING they do needs to somehow add to their fortune. Whether its Kris Kardashian contacting a company because she can't control her bladder or faking a 20million dollar wedding. If you believe that someone could not have this oh so intense feelings before she got married you clearly lack common sense. If you believe that someone truly believes in the sanctity but now has two divorces under her belt then you need to look up what wedding vows represent and state. If you can't fight for a marriage or try hundred thousand different things to make sure it works before you even consider divorce then you shouldn't get married in the first god damn place. If you already have a sex type all over the net and you're making money off people watching you have sex then there is no shame and anything you can do.. making money off a wedding is a piece of cake. If you buy into any of these fake statements made by kim and any of her family, you need to realise just as she's said HER CAREER IS IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA, SHE WOULDNT EVEN BE SO SUCCESSFUL IF SHE DIDN'T LET THE CAMERA FOLLOW HER AROUND ALL DAY EVERY DAY SO EVERYTHING IS ABOUT APPEARANCES AND MAKING MONEY. She's gonna give you what you want to hear in order for you to see her as a victim and not a villian. Don't be blind people. Think outside the box, look at all the facts and make decisions. By even writing these comments we are giving them EXACTLY what they want ATTENTION!

  • Cindy

    Kim you are so dumb.....I wish E network would ban you like they did Heidi...yes you compare to Heidi....yall need to get a are not ever going to find love because you are not're self centered and a money hungry ego-centric JOKE!

  • Angelica

    Thank you Charlie for defending me even though this people is so blinded it by Kim's bullshit, even tho they make their self sound like if they were her friends when in reality she does not give a shit about them =)

  • Angelica

    lmao hahaha so true =)

  • Las VEgas Kim
    Las VEgas Kim

    She is a PIG!

  • Howsad

    Kim you think your subtle with the procedures you get done to your face but even if its a subtle difference you still get your lips, cheeks, and butt done. U might have provided an X-ray for your butt but you still get fat injections!

  • Joel Anthony
    Joel Anthony

    What a Skank. White trash with money.......for now. Advertisers and wedding guest should file a class action lawsuit for fraud.

  • Ajay'Lolo Martinez
    Ajay'Lolo Martinez

    "Kim Kardashian's name should be SPALDING since she's passed around from athlete to athlete"

  • Emmy Isle
    Emmy Isle

    I think it's funny how ppl who are her fans are writing comments directed at Kim like she spends her days reading what her fans write to her... WELL SHE IS NOT! SHE IS THINKING ABOUT HOW SHE IS GONNA MAKE HER NEXT MILLION .... and it's from scamming you fans... sorry

  • Emmy Isle
    Emmy Isle

    Wow that's a good statement there..... People may say she is outta his league but I think he's the one who is way too good for her. He actually has talent to be in the NBA lol not just a reality show BAAAHAHA! and she will be wishing one day for a down to earth guy who doesn't care how much money she has or doesn't have and realize she let that go in Kris Humphries OBVIOUSLY fame has not gotten to his head! Poor guy. But i could be wrong and they both could be in on this scam of a wedding!

  • Julianna

    none of you guys know how she is what she wants what her intensions were or anything because you guys arent her so back df of!! you guys are just talking bull without really knowing anything.. dont be so sure about anything -_-

  • Emmy Isle
    Emmy Isle

    I agree with what you say here. She doesn't care about her fans! I noticed in her show when she went to try on dresses and there were fans outside the shop and two girls said "Congratulations on the wedding Kim" and just continues on walking not even an aknowledgement to them! I mean COME ON! A thank you would be the least you could say!.......and the contradiction as well.. what a big ass dummy

  • Emmy Isle
    Emmy Isle

    Oh you know for sure E! is going to make Kris look like a bad guy, The Kardashian family's good friend RYAN SEACREST is the producer!!! HELLO!!! And you all know that now everyone is going to watch the new season of the show to find out all the ins and outs before the divorce happened... All I can do is me and I know I am not watching that show for 1 second because I will not pay this family any more after this! Millions of dollar wedding, until she donates as much money to charity or needy ppl as she spent on that wedding I will have nothing to do with KARDASHIAN and you all should do the same!

  • Lee

    Charlie, you yourself have a typo. I believe you wanted to say "if" instead of "it". So before you jump on your high horse to mock somebody's lack of capitals.. check your own statement. Sometimes the best advice to follow, is your own!

  • Emmy Isle
    Emmy Isle

    AND I'm not a writing major or claim to be one. Since that's basically the only thing wrong with my comments I guess. Thanks miss perfect I guess just like your favorite little princess Kimberly.... AND 'They' is E! paid her to do the wedding show just like ANY reality star gets paid to do a show otherwise they wouldn't DO the show! DUH! Smart one! I watched the show one time, and that was plenty for me. What he said to Kim during that show was not HALF of what I would have said to that little beotch and I had some places I would've told her to go to as well. He had every right to stand up for himself or else that spoiled rotten little brat would walk all over him. He was not taking her bull shit and he said it himself when he signed the wedding license that he didn't even feel like he was getting married and he probably didn't act like it either ! And I would have acted the same way Actually worse bcz I don't let ppl treat me the way she treats everyone around her. AND thanks for trying to put my comments down but it didnt work! But go ahead and keep the little princess in gucci and gold! Kim and Kourtney take New York... coming soon!

  • Lee

    Its sad to see how many hateful and judgmental people there are out there. I can totally relate to Kim and understand that sometimes we follow through with things to please others or make others proud/happy of our decisions and actions. To everybody that has something mean to say, seriously- do something productive. Hating Kim Kardashian is not going to help make the world a brighter place, so get over yourselves and be the change you want to see in the world. Good Luck Kim! I think you are a sweet person with a good heart and deserve TRUE love :)

  • Emmy Isle
    Emmy Isle

    Um she makes everything in her life everyone's business. She asks for this every show she makes hundreds of thousands of dollars on....... so lets re-evaluate feeling sorry for the self-centered princess!

  • kg112908

    Granted there are alot of positive and negative comments. Mine can be taken either way. I know that no ones opinions matter but your own since a person may chose their own path. However, marriage is not something you commit to then bail on. A trial living arrangement may have been smarter, stress of the wedding would not have caused such a meltdown if more time had been alotted. What was the rush? You were engaged, the commitment from him was there. I don't like to acknowledge that he found out a very harsh way. Even if he isn't the one, he did deserve the respect of being talked to even before your mom, I understand the closeness. Marriage is about two people first, family next. You let too many people influence your choice, you have a mind of your own, stop running it by others. I'm sure Khloe and Lamar had difficulty at the beginning to, but they know the heaviness of their commitment. Even Kourt's choice to hold off because things were fine were they were was a wise choice. You all are very smart women. Not all marriages continue to be a fairytale after the wedding. reality sets in, and adjusting to the other person and their habits are learned. By not changing your last name or even hyphenating it did somewhat show that you werent truely commited. It takes alot of time, hardwork and most of all Compromise. Its a give and take thing. You're still a little too dedicated to your work, to make time for a marriage. You need a balance, a compromise. I don't feel he was living off you, he couldn't really do much about the lockout. The divorce may be for the better since from what we have learned only from television he's a small town guy (my husband is also from Minnesota, I'm from a large bordertown that is always on the go). Minnesotans (not all) enjoy the slower more modest pace, so his want to start a family, and move your lives to Minnesota wasn't ideal just yet for you. You'll get there, but remember COMPROMISE. Best wishes for the future. Please at least give the man an honest openminded (not defensive) conversation of why, and forget what we fans think. We may help your pocketbook, but we aren't what really matters. Kris did say someday after you have kids, you'll just be a memory. As harsh as his choice of words were, you will be remembered, but every fashion and celebrity has their time. Priorities first, money isn't everything (i know you're millions richer than I am, but it can all be taken away in a blink of an eye) you need someone you can fall back on. someone who even at your poorest moments will humble you, and remind you of what matters. GOD has complete control.

  • vanitea

    don't be hypocritical! many other artists who were married only a few hours. they are artists that's so natural that they want attention.. RELAXED :)

  • BIdy from Cally
    BIdy from Cally

    How do You think Kris H. Feels,? Kim, it still is NOT Just still about you when will U Get it.??? Your the one feeling sorry, but you planed this and served him without hime knowing until he heard from the tmz. Get Real!!!!!!!!!! you may not care about YOUR fans Feelings but you need to tell him your SORRY for doing him and his Family like that!

  • dv727

    Was just thinking of the Beatles' song: "Have you seen the bigger piggies...."

  • dv727

    No argument with the sentiment, I just question whether or not it's human.

  • Natalie

    You can add "actress" to your roles because this was and continues to be an act. Shame on you!

  • Priscilla Dawn Thurmond
    Priscilla Dawn Thurmond

    But as much as I love you I do agree that marrage is a HUGE deal and that you should have given it a little more time to work out. Unless he was sooo horrible that you cuoldnt stand it one more minute then.. but im still with ya!

  • Priscilla Dawn Thurmond
    Priscilla Dawn Thurmond

    OMG IM SO UPSET I JUST PUT A LONG NICE MSG AND I WAS READING IT AND IT DISAPRERED. but b/c i love u ill write it agian. DEAR KIM, Im so truely sorry for what has happend to you. Its heart breaking! Well the frist one was better damnit lol. Well Kim Im sorry. I use to think my friend was silly for watching your show but then I started to and got sucked in. I love it! I see your alot like me or I am like you b/c your older.. I know how it is to be a hopeless romantic and fall in love so easily and to get hurt from it. Ive been watching the shows for a yr or so now and I could see Kris was NOT the One for you. He has a bad attitude. Hes cold and doesnt watch what he says. He also complains too much about you to care. I mean who cares if your a neat freak its better than being dirty he should have liked that. He was a nice guy but not for you. You are beautiful and smart and talented and mature and overall your a GREAT PERSON! Dont give up on love kim. I can tell you from expierence that when the one does come you will not expect it at all, my man use to drive me crazy I wanted to ring his neck I borke up with him. He would never leave he loved me and he has seriously changed sooo much to be with me. Now I love him and weve been together for two and a half yrs now! Dont worry Kim Mr Wonderful is right around the corner. He may not be famous he may not be the best looking ! Hes there and hes waiting. so hold your head high. I loved your poison ivy costume too. It made me want to be poison ivy nest yr. I have red hair and again i'm truely sorry.xoxoxoxo priscilla

  • Karen

    Kim, DON'T worry about making other people happy BUT yourself! It's awesome that you Father taught you follow your heart and that's what you did! Everyone will hate because they have nothing better else to do. They're obviously JEALOUS. It's awesome that you will be giving to Dream Foundation. Always give and you shall receive. Don't forget that you have an AMAZING Family that supports you 110%! --Karen

  • Beppo

    Wow. You're really offensive.

  • Renee

    I would like to say that I am one of the million fans of Kim Kardashian. Kim is an inspiration to girls all over the world. Everyone has watched her shows and when you watch them you feel as if you know everyone of the kardashian/jenner family members because your watching htem so long. I look up to Kim as an idol , a role model. It was her desicion to end her marriage nobody else's , nobody knows what went on behind close doors. I think everybody should have respect for her decision. I support her all the way. We love you kim xxx



  • Corinna Medina
    Corinna Medina

    Hmmmmmm....KRIS H. IS A DOUCHE BAG!!!! He treated her like shit. He had fits when he didn't hsve his way. basically a freaking CRYBABY. C'mon he is wat 26? She is in her early 30's and a BUSINESS WOMAN!!!! SHE NEEDS A REAL HARD WORKING MAN!!! I, personally think he couldn't handle her fame & INDEPENDENCE AS A WOMAN. She sooooo down graded herself. It's understandable that marriages do not work out. I wonder if they had "differences" in the bedroom?? I don't see that she did it 4 money. No. Yes, she did rush things. THEY BOTH DID. She should have just married REGGIE!!!! (single?) LOL!! THERE WAS A REASON WHY KHLOE WAS HARD ON HIS SORRY ASS!!!!!!!!! BEST OF LUCK 2 U, KIM.

  • Law Student
    Law Student

    What a bunch of uneducated Kardashian obsessed morons! She completely contradicts herself in that letter stating she ‘married for love’ right alongside getting ‘caught up in the media’ hype so which is it? What is everyone a fan of we all know how she came to find fame and that the only reason she needs her fans is because that’s how she makes her money! Why do her fans think she gives a damn about them! What Kim has done is evil and people have no concept of morals and decency or they wouldn’t be applauding her actions, she married for a wedding and for the fame of it and then gets divorced (obviously) and you’re all still stuck up her backside! Why don’t you lot get a job and get a life or aim your admiration at somone worthy

  • netherlands miss-JJ
    netherlands miss-JJ

    such a shame you couldnt bee honest. Your face showed in almost every intervieuw that he was far more into you as you were in him. Dont pretend that isnt true. Such a shame for Kris. He looks like a sincere honest sweet guy. Hope you learn something from this........

  • umar

    kim i am ur big fan but you hurt me when u make sex with black guy and eat his cum so bad i feel

  • Dianne Ridling Ashcraft
    Dianne Ridling Ashcraft

    He is a pro ball player. It is hard to go to work when there is a NBA loc out.

  • miss.rouso

    you'll never be able to please everyone.. at the end of the day, as long as you're happy, that's all that matters. f'k all the dumb sh!t. they can either get over it or not watch.. it's as simple as that.

  • Dianne Ridling Ashcraft
    Dianne Ridling Ashcraft

    All I have to say is if she did not make any money off of this wedding, then when it was all first reported, why did you not say so then. You are only saying it now so that you do not look like a money hungry witch. How can you be sooo in love with someone and then 72 days later file for divorce? And don't you think that out of common courtsey you would have told your husband instead of him finding out from TMZ. All you want is attention. It was be sad for you to watch your sisters have the one thing that your money can't buy( though you tried)Happiness. I hope your money keeps you warm. I was a fan of yours, but no more. At least your sisters are more real then you. I mean why would someone show on tv them going to get their entire body waxed. That is things that we as fans don't need nor want to know. Grow up and get a life...

  • Behind the scenes
    Behind the scenes

    As someone who understands Hollywood, trust me, Kim is after money, as is her family. They have people around them who feed them with ideas as to how to keep the Kardashian money train rolling. You, the fans, need to realize you are making this family wealthy. Sure, if you enjoy the show, keep watching. However, if you think the Kardashians care about you, you'd better think again. The TV show is semi-scripted. As are all reality shows.

  • Masterboy

    Take your shitt girl...........Lets see where you end it up.

  • Honey

    Kim, This is the most pathetic thing I've ever done. I'm embarrassed and ashamed but I know that you and your family are very generous and thought I'd just ask...... I'm guessing you don't need the ring any more.....Like millions of Americans, my husband and I are struggling financially. His hours were cut at work and I can only work part time since we have little kids, one that is on the autism spectrum and needs to have some therapy. We live paycheck to paycheck and are struggling to pay our mortgage and other bills. We fear we will eventually lose our house once our credit runs out. Anyway, the sale of the ring could benefit many of your fans who could use some help. Just a thought! I can completely understand the situation you were in and getting swept up in it all. Don't listen to the critics, for heaven's sake, we are all just human! I wish you the best in all you do. You are such an inspiration to women! What a great business woman you are at such a young age! Sending you prayers and hugs, Honey

  • AlaBella

    Of course you married for love, Kimberly. The love of attention and mediatization

  • HannahB

    Ahh this really pulled at my heart strings. I have literally just written a comment saying I believe she was to quick to marry because she wants to be like her sisters and settle down and have kids before its to late and after reading this I was right. Its so obvious to see! Thats why I know she didnt do it for the sake of the show. She is a hopeless romantic..bless her..this must of took alot to of written I really feel for her which is something I usually do not do lol. This just goes to show looks arent everything.

  • faith

    kim u r d dumbest thing i hv even known

  • ms. c.
    ms. c.

    im a khloe fan she is real she has morals and i believe married for the right reasons i feel kim is too much into herself and shouldnt have gotten married in the first place and wow to end it so soon ya! its just crazy couldnt be for real love because love dont end that soon if its real. i think she tries to be the center of attention before her sisters she i think she wishes she had what they have! well then grow up and be a real woman and find a real man stop sleeping around so dam much its not a good influence for young girls! set a better example for the young girls who look up to you!!! maybe you should go to church!!!!

  • MiamiBeach1999

    Says "royaldiva" who probably collects welfare checks and uses them to buy their products.

  • MiamiBeach1999

    You are wrong! I am a college educated woman with two degrees and work very hard. I love my life and would not want to be a Kardashian. I was raised with proper values--my parents taught instilled an edcation, work ethic, and to live an honest life. They would have disowned me had I pulled the "porn" stunt as Kim did. That is not acceptable in my world! Besides the millions, her life is pathetic! No respected man will ever take her seriously-- this is a great example of the hefty price she is now paying for the fame. She really is disgusting! And her Mom should be ashamed of herself for not teaching her children values. Not everything you watch on their show is real-- most of it is scripted or behavior is encouraged by Producers. You are a fool if you think they are sincere people! They are lying to your face-- shows you how much they respect their fans.

  • Charlie

    Now miafrea, that insult you just said about her parents, really isn't funny, and don't judge people on their own spelling and grammar when there is such thing called... Wait for it... Wait for it... CAPITALS! Now clearly you wouldn't know about them, or you would use them, so please, go away and leave people alone, this world isn't all about spelling and grammar, so it you really want to criticize to people about it, you should really look at what you're typing first.

  • Beffsmiff

    Maybe Kris was along for the ride! I feel bad for the family and friends that put love and effort into this event. If I was Kris' mother I would be irate. I must say that it's pretty disrespectful to your family, friends and yourself to go through with a wedding because you couldn't get off the ride. I think that Kim needs some professional help. Get some courage, run your own life and get self esteem. Then you won't need a marriage! Quit looking so hard and you will find it.

  • MiamiBeach1999

    You look like cheap trash. Learn to spell please!

  • MiamiBeach1999

    This woman needs to just go away! I would think that after the porn video scandal, she would have disappeared. However, she has chosen to become a pornstar and make millions by being trashy. She is a great example of a woman with absolutely no values, intelligence, and self respect. She is so far from "reality" that she seems to think she is actual royalty! She is a disgrace to women--And she calls herself a "business woman" who works very hard. If you want to call working hard;going to parties, promoting products, and branding your name to some cheap perfume scent-- sorry, that's not working hard. Her life does not require educated, skills, and intelligence. The fools are her fans who are making her millions. Do you actually think she cares about her "fans". My question is, " Who actually fans this trashy woman?" I am almost certain I can provide the demographics of her "fans". If people would stop watching her show and buying her awful cheap products, they just might disappear!!

  • belieber101

    I LOVE YOU COURTNEYBAAABY you always have the funniest things to say lol i love reading your comments there always so funny haha :D


    Kris you never would have been happy with her in the long run, good to get out of it now and meet someone more suited for you. All the best Kris. Kim please next time you get married do not wear that hairdo, it was not flattering in the slightest. All the best in your future projects.

  • courtneybaaaby

    WOW so many of youse are hating on me, do i give a fuck no? i thought what he said he wrong, maybe im an idiot for that? but i really don't give a fuck, tell me im wrong and tell me im stupied, i realy don't care, so catcha bitchz <3

  • John Bobbie Reyes
    John Bobbie Reyes

    I so totally agree with Emmy Isle, exactly what I wanted to say. The saddest thing is I love the show so much, I would even watch the repeats. And the wedding, I don't know how many times I said WOW !!! Marriage is full of challenges and everything that we do in life is a test to see how we can handle things and how we work it out. I don't think that you even gave your marriage a chance. With all your $$$$ c'mon all these marriage counselors and you & Kris couldn't even go down that road ???? Really ??? Now I'm not sure if I even want to watch the show anymore. Khloe & Lamar, beautiful wedding and they your mom did it in x amount of days, and they are still going strong. btw I am a die hard LAKER fan. You have several months and had every girl's dream wedding. It was absolutely breath taking. And you & Kris got to spend more time getting to know each other and each other's families, and to throw in the towel without even trying to save it ??? Will see if I watch it again. So disappointed, when I first heard about it from my dad, I was like NO WAY !!!

  • Angelica

    finally some one smart in this group

  • khloefan

    Did your sisters tell you to release a statement...better yet did E write it for you? Since apparently you can't think for have to be told what to do & who to marry. You should stop being so passive and grow some balls. Def need to take advice from Khloe. She appears to be the most level minded of the Kardashians. Whether or not she married in 9days...she proved the media wrong. Her sh*t is still going strong and she & Lamar seem to be very much in love and most of all happy. Probably because she understands the meaning of marriage & the value in taking your husband's last name. Most of all not letting other people dictate her life!!! I just hope that E doesnt edit your show perceiving Kris H as this horrible guy. Of course all you care bout are the ratings hince the divorce right before air time. You're good LOL!!

  • Lenny

    It's a figure of speech... get a clue... buy one if you have to... geez!

  • Angelica

    beside the fact I missed spell it she is still a loser and so are you for following her Just saying =p

  • snazzysandy

    This just confirms what I already knew about Ms. K. She never wanted to be married, but fell in love with the idea. Kim see's what Khloe has with Lamar, she sees what Kourtney has with Scott and she wants that too. As long as Kris Jenner is in the picture, Kim will never have a successfull relationship. Good Luck Humphries :)

  • khloefan

    very well said....

  • khloefan

    "I want a family and babies and a real life so badly that maybe I rushed in to something too soon" - Kim K.... did you meant to say you wanted a fam & babies living the Hollywood Glam life. because from the show it seemed like Kris H was more than willing to give you a real life in Minnesota. Can't get much more real than that boo boo. And pls stop saying that you were so caught up in the "hoopla" that you couldn't turn back cause in the end you the hurt is worse than ending it before the altar. You're a grown woman...nobody cant make you do sh*t. I'm sorry if I have doubts about a man I'm not going to marry him I dont care how much Glam & diamonds are involved. Vows and marriage means alot to me. You sound real stupid and materialistic! Your first husband was right about you....your all about the $ and fame don't care how you get there or who you hurt along the way. SAD!!!

  • chellybelly

    haters going to hate.. do what you have to do to make you happy everyones always going to have their opinion. you know the truth thats all that matters and you have your family for support what else more can you ask for? good luck hope everything works out , and it will :)

  • vitobonespur

    The statement wasn't CLEARLY ironic, nor even subtly ironic. Sounded like some inbred, mouth-breathing, imbecile spouting off in this forum because no one around him can stand listening to his bullshit anymore.

  • vitobonespur

    Why are you concerned with gays being given the right to marry? Marriage is already a screwed-up institution. But then I guess what they do with their genitalia would be something you should continue to dwell on, right? Go away, you effin' bigot!

  • khloefan

    well said!!

  • khloefan


  • Mechas

    You just lucky that I can't speak to your face... Else, I would send you crying for 72days on your reality TV... You are not just old enough to have known before hand but you also have been through a divorce before and should have seen the reason for your break up before getting married

  • Rachel Wells
    Rachel Wells

    Now that was as honest as one can get for where you are Kim. It is none of our business, absolutely none. I wish you and Kris - peace. If I could give one piece of advice? Maybe just maybe you need to take some time away from the 'reality' world and concentrate on what is real -- take a break.. work on life, make yourself happy. And.. one more thing, turn off the dang internet. Be happy Kim.. for YOU - not mom, not dad, not sisters, not brother, not fans.. but for you.

  • Kar-dish=has been
    Kar-dish=has been

    Emmy! You nail it on the head...what most of us "sane" people have speculated. Additionally, I just LOVE the rebuttal above.........How he treated HER? OMG! She is controlling, disrespectful and a princess. I couldn't be in a room with her for more than 4 seconds without wanting to strangle her measly mouth self-absorbed ways. Hey, E......or K.......better look for a new money maker. Your channel was awesome until the K's took it over. YUCK

  • ArmySpouse12

    Obviously she did take this marriage and those vows lightly, especially for her to be married for only 72 days, if she married for love then why would she not have gotten counseling before just giving up ??? I know that answer !! Cause it wasn't love !!

  • Emma

    i love you kimmy! no matter how many times you marry/divorce/make mistakes. It shouldn't be relevent to anyone else but you and Kris - but I guess that just comes with being famous. I know you'll probably never see this comment but if you do, just know that you have soooo many people supporting you with whatever you do. Your a beautiful girl and have your whole life ahead of you, you're going to find the perfect man one day and settle down with him and have children, i guess you just have to be patient and wait - it will happen. @emmakatewhite follow me on twitter!! :) xx

  • Kar-dish=has been
    Kar-dish=has been

    As if your opinion means anything? Learn how to spell, FIRST! You are EXACTLY THE type of people her disgusting family and herself attracts. Non-educated morons.

  • erica

    heyy Kim, keep your head up and hang in there. Don't let the media get to you they just like to twist things around and harass people. There are plenty of fish in the sea for ya and one day your prince charming will swipe you off your feet. You have an amazing family that will stick by you no matter what. The Kardashian girls are strong and will fight to protect eachother. Don't let anyone tell you your not good enough or you married for money because the real Kim Kardashian marries for love and happiness. Love ya girlyy youll get through this you have friends, family and fans who are by your side 100%. I'll always love my Kardashian girls!

  • KJ

    I believe that this is the start of the down fall for the Kardashian clan. They are already famous for doing nothing. Kim's love for Money and Fame is going to cause her to grow old alone; and unhappy. I pray that God saves them from their self.

  • greens

    Courtneybaaaby; Have you looked up "irony" yet? If not ask you mom or dad to expain it. OK, now are you able to understand Bmani's message? Can you now contemplate the intent of the clearly "ironic" statement regarding gay marriage? . Can you see that Bmani was exposing the hypocracy and ignorance of right wing fanatics who espouse the the utterly FALSE proposition that only heteros should be allowed to marry because only heteros have continually, throughout western history, treated marriage as a blessed sacrement - always marrying out of love, honor and respect, never violating the honor and trust of their spouse via infidelity, refusing to divorce because they swore to each other and God that they were bound together as one as long they both shall live. Isn't that neat? You might want to retrace your electronic steps through this and other message boards on which you may have missed this in the past.

  • Miss Pami
    Miss Pami

    What do you mean, you wernt aware anything about her isnt real? Just wondering??

  • Who Am I to Judge
    Who Am I to Judge

    Dear Kim, I don't know why people are so worried and angry about the decisions you make, as if they have to live your life and walk in your shoes. It's incredible how people can be so ridiculous and so judgemental. But hey it happens all around us. Everyone deserves their hopes and dreams and to be happy. Thank you for sharing your wedding on E, it was amazing and beautiful, and it definitely was NOT a waste. Every moment in life is an experience, and I always have believed that everything happens for a reason. Your personal decisions are your personal decisions, and although you share your life with the public you are entitled to your own decisions with no explanations. It was clear from the episode that marriage and love is very important to you and your responding to life's challenges in no way implicates you taking marriage lightly. The only joke that came from this situation is other people's negativity, putting themselves in your relationship, and trying to script your life for you. You deserve the best and good things will continue to come your way regardless of others say or think. I love you and your family. Keep on keeping it real!!!!!

  • FreeBitchBaby

    I do not care for Kim at all (my least favorite Kardashian sister), but I really feel that she was being honest. She even admitted that she should have backed out, but didn't. I appreciate her honesty.

  • Miss Pami
    Miss Pami

    "AND" LOL too many ands, damn!! "U forked out money" but they paid u to do it. (Who are "they"? Just wondering) Emmy, Yep Kim did fork out the money! Where or Who did you think was going to pay for it, Kris?? LOL NOT! Even wondered if she paid for own her ring & that braclet!? Hmmm You need to re-watch that show and watch how HE treated her. Hes SO imature & wanted everything HIS way if he didn't get it he would pout. Go a head, watch it again lol. Kim was to busy planning this huge wedding to even realize what a freakin' imature asshole he was! "AND" I feel personally, well think he got hit with the ugly Yea I think maybe. His not a ALL. (Maybe she felt sorry for him?) "And" once again, I don't think for one min it was for the money, she has pleanty of it. Wonder if hes the one that did it for the fame & money?? "AND" lol j/k Thanks for reading "AND" have a great night :)

  • Stewie Emah
    Stewie Emah

    Before the wedding, all you guys did was argue, argue some more, fight, argue, argue, argue, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight. and you say you married for love? alrightiee then!

  • Lesley

    Behind every dark cloud there is a silver linning. I am sure it's a very difficult time for everyone envolved. This too shall pass, my strong beautiful sista :) We've all made mistakes. Keep your head up Kim. P.S You and Reggie made a better couple anyhow :)

  • Lollipop

    I wasn't aware that any part of her was real. lol

  • Francine N. Taylor
    Francine N. Taylor

    This is pretty sad that there are so many people who even still are buying into this farce. See, this statement is what in publicity is called "recovery". See, the backlash of the divorce is so bad that she makes a statement that makes her seem less villainess so that all the backlash will cease. Oh you poor "beleivers", you are the ones that keep her rolling in money. "Wake up!" ** Shaking you by the shoulders**---SLAP! She is in the middle of a divorce---oh and she let TMZ let her husband know she was filing...she didn't tell him herself. She is trying to save her BRAND people before the divorce controversy deflates its value. **Sighing**

  • Heather G
    Heather G

    Kim, You have to do what is best for you. And if leaving him is what you feel in your heart, then that’s all that matters. Others may say bad things, but honey, they are just jealous of you. There will always be haters in this world. Just keep your head up and stay the strong inspirational woman that you are. And you should not have to explain anything to anyone about why you got married or why you are leaving. Your real fans will love you regardless....Bible! LoL Saying prayers that things get better and you find the happiness and peace you truly deserve in life!!

  • Cindy

    All I can say is that it all comes from her disgusting mother which is all about business before family just like she told Scott in one of the episodes, "u don't mess with my family and specially u don't mess with my business" She has raised this poor girl on the side of selfishness, Kim might not be a bad woman but she's too much to handle. That guy Kris wasn't gonna be able to afford keeping her for long since her standards are super over the top. Disgusting how they registered for gifts at the wedding when this woman doesn't need anything and could have just got donations to send to charity since the beginning not when her marriage became a wreck. Sad but just shows everyone that god just can't give it to you all. I hate it when in that episode she told Kris "I can't live in a college dorm meaning that his place looked like that, wow it just doesn't surprise me, no wonder Reggie didn't propose, like if her shit doesn't stink, come on now, Pathetic and fake but over all very sad.

  • Lollipop

    Yes we all do things for money but it's gotta stop somewhere. Your entire existence does not have to revolve around you making money. Why couldn't she get married privately? Just saying.

  • Sasha

    Lacy when you grow up you'll need to be able to identify irony. Hopefully you'll also understand its place and purpose in intelligent conversation. The ability to recognize and utilize this device is a mark of intelligence and sophistication. Good luck to you in high school and beyond.

  • Nicole Young
    Nicole Young

    Ok that's all well and good but you are 31 years old and your still making the same mistakes like your still a puppy wet behind the ears! I wish you luck and hope you don't become like Elizabeth Taylor with the bad marriages. Stop letting the world see every move you make when it comes to your love life, less is more! Brush the dirt off smile pretty and move on with your life.

  • Anna Catherine
    Anna Catherine

    We've all seen Kim get through bad times, this is just another stepping stone to get her to her fairytale ending. Your family, friends, and fans love you sooooo much! We all just want you to be happy. It doesn't matter what publicity says, you know your reasons. Keep that beautiful head up, we love and support you!

  • Miss Pami
    Miss Pami

    Susan and others here, ( I just luv this blog) I totaly agree with your post & YEP I seen the samething-Kris was treating her really bad on the show. I really think she didn't think anything of it (She should have seen it in Thahiti) (spelling? lol) But she was planning a wedding and I'm sure she over looked his immaturity. Everyone here keeps talking about she did it for the money, lol come on now. If this was true I bet ½ of you would have taken ALL that money too. She has money lots of it, so I doubt she did it for cash. This is my opinon only. Like Kim said, when she loves she loves hard-I've watched the show and any guy she was ever with she did love them hard. And always got her heart broke. I do say 72 days isn't long enough but with Kris 2 days would have been long enough for me! LOL Have a great evening everyone! Just LOVES reading the comments here :)

  • Sam

    Seriously ...What Is marriage to you..>So you have one bad thing and You end a vow that YOU!! took ...I hate these celebrities that think marriage is about how much money you can make off the story or just give up..Like seriously when tuff times come you fight you don't just give up then again imagine how much money you can make to say your having a divorce or blah blah ....GROW UP

  • Miss Pami
    Miss Pami

    OH, my bad "And I hope you know that!" LOL

  • Miss Pami
    Miss Pami

    courtneybaaaby, JUST because he dosent believe in GAY marriage dosent make him "low"? WTF? You believe in what you believe in and has the right to believe and voice what HE believes in Do you "believe" that LOL. It's OK for you to voice your opion but he or others can not? Pleaseeeee

  • maria

    you can donate the stuff to me lol!!!

  • maria

    HEY YOU KNOW WHAT!!!you don't have to apoligise for anything kim,its your life you money your hapiness and if you had to marry him to realise that you two werent ment to be, well good now you know! you two move on and wish the best to both of you, god bless!!

  • Lacy

    uhh - weather bmani was being ironic or not, what she said was bad i agree with you 100% courtney

  • Emmy Isle
    Emmy Isle

    I am still a fan of the show and I am now more than ever not a fan of KIM. She is THE most selfish person I have ever seen. Kris stood up to her and did not take any of her BULL! You could tell bcz of how he acted on the show toward her, she deserved every comment he said to her during the "FAIRY TALE WEDDING" show. PFFT she didnt care at all what her soon to be husband wanted in the wedding so what makes us think she didn't do the same in the marriage. He was probably acting the way he was bcz she was acting selfish and he wanted to be away from her. AND OBVIOUSLY all she cares about is money if all these stories are true about her being upset with him for not working!! ARE YOU SERIOUS his job is on LOCK OUT u big DUMMY! I mean what a selfish little biddy! You don't see KENDRA WILKINSON DIVORCING HANK BCZ OF THE NFL! She stood by her husbands side as KIM SHOULD! And she should be supporting him instead of putting him down for being scammed by one of his friends! How insensitive can a person get! And honestly he probably saw her without make-up or hair done and that's why he started acting out!!LOL! And is she seriously trying to say she didn't make anything off that wedding? That is ridiculous! U forked out money but they paid u to do it. Face it, we all know it. I am truly disgusted by her actions in this whole thing. MAYBE if she wasn't worried so much about having a perfect wedding and more worried about having a better relationship and marriage! Kris was right when he said you could just slide any man into the groom spot at your wedding... It all just seems so convenient for Kim I'm sorry but I just can't feel sorry for her and I think she will regret this decision and I don't think she will ever be truly happy bcz she is looking in all the wrong places and being with someone for all the wrong reasons, and will never give true love a chance. Bcz her true love probably doesn't have enough money to be someone who has good enough work ethic for her. She was honest about wanting a husband and children so badly.. and KIM this is not courage that you are showing. Your showing us all how much of a coward you truly are and that MARRIAGE takes TRUE committment and should not be thrown out the window after 72 days! I have no sympathy or respect for someone with that much "WORK ETHIC" to give up on someone that easily. I really wanna know honestly if the marriage was a stunt or not. But my theory is that Kris Humphries got used by Kim Kardashian and her family for more money for their brand! She is "INCORPORATED" just like Mama Kardashian said to her when she basically FORBID her to change her last name. That was when I knew their marriage would not last because all that girl cares about is MONEY! and everyone else in their family as well! I am not against making money but if you're hurting others for your own personal gain that is UNACCEPTABLE to me! There will be no true happiness for Kim because she is incapable of caring for people for who they truly are and only about what they can give her to make her more successfull. TEAM KRIS H. all the way. And remember like he said just 4 years ago you were a nobody and sold clothes in the valley. You claim you were in love when you got married but you also knew that you didn't want to marry Kris? Both of these were stated in your statement! Wow you're dumb! When you love you love with your heart and not your mind! That's mostly the reason why this marriage ended bcz she thought too much!

  • Emmy Isle
    Emmy Isle

    I am still a fan of the show and I am now more than ever not a fan of KIM. She is THE most selfish person I have ever seen. Kris stood up to her and did not take any of her BULL! You could tell bcz of how he acted on the show toward her, she deserved every comment he said to her during the "FAIRY TALE WEDDING" show. PFFT she didnt care at all what her soon to be husband wanted in the wedding so what makes us think she didn't do the same in the marriage. He was probably acting the way he was bcz she was acting selfish and he wanted to be away from her. AND OBVIOUSLY all she cares about is money if all these stories are true about her being upset with him for not working!! ARE YOU SERIOUS his job is on LOCK OUT u big DUMMY! I mean what a selfish little biddy! You don't see KENDRA WILKINSON DIVORCING HANK BCZ OF THE NFL! She stood by her husbands side as KIM SHOULD! And she should be supporting him instead of putting him down for being scammed by one of his friends! How insensitive can a person get! And honestly he probably saw her without make-up or hair done and that's why he started acting out!!LOL! And is she seriously trying to say she didn't make anything off that wedding? That is ridiculous! U forked out money but they paid u to do it. Face it, we all know it. I am truly disgusted by her actions in this whole thing. MAYBE if she wasn't worried so much about having a perfect wedding and more worried about having a better relationship and marriage! Kris was right when he said you could just slide any man into the groom spot at your wedding... It all just seems so convenient for Kim I'm sorry but I just can't feel sorry for her and I think she will regret this decision and I don't think she will ever be truly happy bcz she is looking in all the wrong places and being with someone for all the wrong reasons, and will never give true love a chance. Bcz her true love probably doesn't have enough money to be someone who has good enough work ethic for her. She was honest about wanting a husband and children so badly.. and KIM this is not courage that you are showing. Your showing us all how much of a coward you truly are and that MARRIAGE takes TRUE committment and should not be thrown out the window after 72 days! I have no sympathy or respect for someone with that much "WORK ETHIC" to give up on someone that easily. I really wanna know honestly if the marriage was a stunt or not. But my theory is that Kris Humphries got used by Kim Kardashian and her family for more money for their brand! She is "INCORPORATED" just like Mama Kardashian said to her when she basically FORBID her to change her last name. That was when I knew their marriage would not last because all that girl cares about is MONEY! and everyone else in their family as well! I am not against making money but if you're hurting others for your own personal gain that is UNACCEPTABLE to me! There will be no true happiness for Kim because she is incapable of caring for people for who they truly are and only about what they can give her to make her more successfull. TEAM KRIS H. all the way. And remember like he said just 4 years ago you were a nobody and sold clothes in the valley. You claim you were in love when you got married but you also knew that you didn't want to marry Kris? Both of these were stated in your statement! Wow you're dumb! When you love you love with your heart and not your mind! That's mostly the reason why this marriage ended bcz she thought too much! Read more celebrity gossip at:

  • Tamara

    Kim is fake. And I see she has most people here fooled. The only reason she feels she has to make a comment is because people have reacted so negatively otherwise she would not be donating her wedding gifts to charity. She made alot of money with her wedding being aired on television. You can honestly see Kim and Kris have absolutely no chemistry between them and that there is no love between them. It was a business arrangement for publicity. And it worked. She has to make a comment otherwise her fans that keep her rich would disappear and she would be left with nothing. Kim I think your time is up.

  • eunicedj

    How would you know have you died yet ?

  • jackie

    aw kim :) I truly hope you find true love one day, everyone deserves to be loved and have a happy life the way they dream of it.

  • eunicedj

    Kim your keeping it real, I love what you sent to the fans .. If you wanted out good for you move on , your better then that.. As long as ive been watching you I saw you made money on your own merit. Let people say whatever there just losers!

  • eunicedj

    How the hell would you know she makes her own money your probably broke, and you dont understand , he didnt even have a job , big freakin deal , he is the loser join him you are one too !

  • Kay

    As much as I am a fan of the Kardashians, I'm disappointed their marriage didn't last very long but I'm not very surprised. I honestly think that Kim was afraid that she was never going to get married so when Kris proposed to her (as much as in love as she may have been) she didn't really think much about how incompatible they really are (and you do see this in their wedding episode) and agreed to getting married. I also think she was way too caught up in just having her "perfect dream wedding" to really notice that they clashed with each other all the time. She may have married for love, but I think she married just so she could experience getting married - if you guys know what I mean. I also think that if you really marry for love and believe that your marriage is "forever" then you would stick it out for another few months and work on your differences. Anyways, that's really my thoughts and opinions on it. Like I said, I am a Kardashian fan, but this is what I honestly think.

  • Moi

    Kim there will always be HATERS pay no attention to them, you have to live your life for you. This is a hard time for you but with the support of your wonderful loving family you will get through this and be a better stronger person for it. Because most of your life is so public we your fans and the haters feel as if we have a right to tell you what to do, we don't it is your life and your decision and ultimately your happiness. Take your dads advise and follow your heart, you can't go wrong following your heart. I support you 110% at this point in time your happiness and being comfortable in your skin is the most important thing. Take time to heal, lean on your family and your friends and just be your wonderful, kind loving self.


    Kim this is your life; and you love it apparently!!! N We have different stories and lifestyles, and I know that I am not perfect for any means believe me!!! But, people will be people and life will continue, all I can say is being a hopeless romantic means it didnt work, speculate, read signs, go with your gut and if you have anything in your bones telling you is wrong dont do it ( for your next relationship) because you will fall in the same predicament. I know for experience. I think if you dont look and just wait for it and it will come to you, dont rush. have faith God bless.

  • Debbie Stoddard
    Debbie Stoddard

    I certainly believe that SHE believes what she is saying.. but watching them interact before they got married, i knew that she didnt come to understand and agree on alot of things with Kris before she married his obnoxious ass. Kim needs to take a very deep look at herself before getting married again and take ALOT more time being engaged. I understand she is hurting and i am sure Kris wants to run and hide from embarrassment. I am rather pissed at myself for wasting my time watching this wedding, however beautiful, after finding out that the girl that America views has everything,,, really doesn't have everything.... Thank God for her family.. but for now i think i will just keep watching Rob dance. Next time anyone wants to trash Khloe for getting married so quickly.. tell em to shut the f up.. Lamar is the bomb! Khloe was right to feel how she felt about Kris... whether she changed her mind, i dont know.. but i would put more money on Khloes intuition than i would on Kim's facts.

  • sammytristan

    I believe you Kimberly...I did start to question your motives and everything just because the media alters what you think sometimes {let's face it, Hollywood is loco} but by reading this & seeing it from your perspective I am glad you followed your is too short to live life for others. Wish you well, stay true to you.

  • Olivia

    Kim K. Has no regard for the sanctity of marriage and this whole show stinks. You (Kim) need to give marriage longer than 72 days. And remember that marriage takes hard work and not just a vacation.

  • bkisses

    are you this loony to think she gives a crap .. she got what she wanted money and publicity and people like you keep this trash instead of tossing it out.

  • bkisses

    your nuts if u believe she ever loved Kris.. it was for the money she did playboy her sexy video and now this.. she is an attention seeker this is how she makes her money.

  • Sara

    The fact is that while I oppose gay marriage, I also think that straight people who get married and divorced in this fashion is much worse. Its disgusting that people marry for $$ and don't even go through a process of dating the person ahead of time to see if they are compatible.


    no,people arent reacting her statement angrily because they are jealous ,they are reacting angrily because this family is getting rich by publicity,and ONLY publicity,they have NO TALENT,and theyll use any means to make a dollar!!!!wake up and see these heartless money grubbing no talented asses for who they really are!!!!! you so called fans cant really be this stupid can you???lol

  • Uhh

    Bmani was being ironic, Courtney.

  • Jo Pastras
    Jo Pastras

    Hi kimmie, welcome to Australia, i cant imagine how you must feel, hold your head up and do what you came here for and what your awesome at you style beauty, stunning person you are. I love you no matter what id hate to imagine what you are going through but one thing shows your very strong and you still came to Australia to do what you are great at. Your bags are amazing have fun at the races its so much fun and you will have aball style everywhere, wish i could meet you just give you a big hug. Your gorgeous and that what change be who you are and keep been awesome with your styling your fashion just love it. xoxoxxo



  • courtneybaaaby

    BMani, are you serious right now, America, Australia, and all the other countrys SHOULD let gays marry, whats wrong with it? their human beings, its not like their aliens? if someone loves someone else, its really shouldn't matter it their straight, gay or bisexual, your a low person BMani, hope you know that.

  • bkisses

    some of u people are really blind to the fact this was all staged.. Kim was never in love with Kris.. it was all for money and publicity.. This woman has been with more men and doesnt care if she dumped Kris.. to her its another money maker for her. Kim is very selfish and doesnt care of anyone else but herself.. She is making money from her supporters duping them into believing her lies.. wake up and move on dont be fooled anymore.

  • Michelle Amengual
    Michelle Amengual

    yes Kim you should follow your heart and not listen to the NEGATIVE you are so kind and you have a big heat.

  • miafrea

    first you should try to learn how to spell your insults, you poor little thing. it's "loser". you should know that, since your parents gave you that nickname the first time they saw you!

  • Kristina Jones
    Kristina Jones

    Kimmie, you do what's best for you I completely support you and your decision. Like you I am a hopeless romantic myself. Don't be sorry for loving with everything you have sometimes it just a lesson learned. And to be honest I thought he was VERY disrespectful to you and didn't even wear his wedding ring. That love that you want so badly will come to you I promise just as it'll come to me! Stay strong and DO NOT LISTEN TO THE NEGATIVE. You are a beautiful person with an amazing heart!

  • WaaWaa

    on to the next is right... and she will at the speed of light...Team Reggie!

  • Angelica

    off course she is strong women and a VERY rich one because of people like you that put up with her stupidity

  • Angelica

    a looser fallowing a looser que verguanza que una compatriota se ha tan bruta

  • BMani

    Fairly confident that she's a loathsome human being. Good thing we don't let the gays get together and sully the purity of marriage!

  • Tatiana fron Ecuador
    Tatiana fron Ecuador

    Kim you ar a very Strong woman!! u can do this!! just have faith and ask god to give u what u need peace and happiness!! i love ur Show!! u will be ok! everyone does!! muackk

  • MylesJ.

    Mo'Kelly is the only one who got this on about Kim and how we got to this point. You're not a "hater" if you look at a 72 day marriage after a 20 million dollar wedding as ridiculous. You're a reasonable human being. If it was worth 20 million for the wedding it should be worth a 20 million dollar effort to work on the marriage.

  • spink

    Fans what fans?YOUR LOOSING THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!well deserved....

  • Jessica

    $$$$ is the only thing that matters to the Kardashian clan; and only $$$$; and they prove over and over again, that they will do anything and everything to get more $$$$. Sad for them all.

  • Mona Barkai
    Mona Barkai

    Oh my hero Kim, please do not care concerning what the false media saying, you are a successfaul woman and stil like this, just keep doing your job, because you reaaly apreciate what you got,

  • Angelica

    100% agree with you I am 23 year old military wife, I got married when I just turned 18 and my husband and I have been married for almost 6 years now and we have a beautiful son of 2 years old so for this dumb as to do this is just no acceptable, guess what? KIM marriage is hard no one said it was a game you dumb ass, but you have to work on it to make it work I wonder how NOT proud your dad is feeling right now

  • Andrea Frank Armitage
    Andrea Frank Armitage

    i find it kinda of funny how everyone says the kardashian women do everything for money. I'm not a big kardashian fan but come on people, why wouldn't they do things for money, you would too. thats why you work, go to school or whatever your doing in life because you want more, we as human strive for that, there is nothing wrong with wanting money and success it's just about they way you go for it! with that said, i truly think Kim is sincere and is going through a hard time and we should all respect her enough to stop disrespecting her and her family

  • Lily

    Her dad is probably turning in his grave right about now... he would nt b proud.

  • Tammy Rowan Harwell
    Tammy Rowan Harwell

    iu cant imagine what has happened in the last 72 days of marriage,but from someone who has been married for 31 years..doesnt look like you even gave it a shot...I believe it was all for money and publicity and you should be ashamed...I will get everyone I know to stop watching all of you greedy people....

  • Jennifer

    U r absolutely right. There's no excuse for her actions. She most definitely married him knowing that she would divorce within months. Sickening! But she is getting what she loves most... ATTENTION! Seek therapy instead, you most definitely need it.

  • fmosley

    Your real fans love you, and want the best for you. You are following your heart, admitting you made a big mistake, you are BRAVE, HONEST, and SWEET. I know your dad would be saying Kim you have done the RIGHT thing and I only wish I could be there to help you through this. Much love from New Zealand. You will get through this.

  • susan

    Dear Kim, I never write this stuff but I am a mom of a 24 yr old and I am not as cynical as all these people. I just feel for you, I guess. I am financially independent like you and my first husband was from Ohio. He used to make fun of me for being a society girl from Dallas. In our 20's when we were both young & I didn't know any better, he would make jokes at my expense, like I saw Kris do to you on the show. I applaud you for having the courage to pull the plug early. Kris was obviously very immature and said and did a lot of hurtful things to you. I think it might do you some good to take some time off from the fishbowl; maybe just promote the clothes, not your personal life for awhile. You have a good heart and it shows. May God bless you and your family.

  • Angelica

    what is wrong with humanity and dumb people that keep following this girl and her not smart decisions.I used to love this show but after this crap HELL NO! it looks like the only smart one in that family is courtney that Thanks GOD has not yet married the idiot of boy friend she has

  • jiggley

    She is full of it, sad to think you believe this crap.

  • jiggley

    She is so phony it is sad to think people buy this BS. Scripted, scripted, scripted TV for the attention whoring family!

  • Verity

    Well said!

  • Ms. Emmy
    Ms. Emmy

    Wow... so you were in love you say; BUT you wanted to end the relationship... ? but b/c of the show, you decided to go through with the marriage? Does this make any sense? You are a grown azz women 30+ and you still cannot make a logical decision? If you were not 110% committed to the relationship and/or marriage; then it should have been stopped long before you got to the altar. AND, once you went through with it, does the covenant of marriage not mean anything to you at all? Obviously not !! Who does ish like this? I stand corrected, YOU do! You and your family are nothing but fame-mongers and you all are really shameful. I feel sorry for Kris H. who obviously was duped with all these shenanigans... Karma is a b*tch and it will come back to you promise when you least expect it! Bible..

  • @Kardash4Men

    love and support you always and forever !!!

  • Verity

    I feel great. This woman loves one thing and that is ATTENTION! She had no problem with product placement and taking money for her wedding pics and wants everyone to believe she could not stop the train, WHATEVER!!!

  • Justin

    "In this most liberal world, life is a business." Currency isn't always currency as we know it. The most valuable things in life aren't things that have a price on them, The love in your heart and the time you have to give are two things that are most precious because they are priceless. The smarter you are with these assets, the more successful your life will be as it is a business. love you Kim. :-)

  • Lori Sampson-Timmons
    Lori Sampson-Timmons

    kim, i have left a lengthly message last night for you on Kourt's blog, you really should read it, i don't claim to know it all, but i do know love, and know it well..i respect whatever decision you make, because it is your decision, no one elses, forget the naysayers, they are either, young, immature, never been in love, or the idea of being in we grow older, we know better, so we do better, (ty Oprah), I beleive that saying with all my heart..don't be so hard on yourself, you thought that he was it, but we all make mistakes and we all must pick ourselves up, and move does not stop for anyone, you know this for you have experienced this,especially with the loss of your great daddy, you know, that he is looking down and is so proud of you and your family..your sisters are so wonderful, such a tight family, we all should be so daughter who is 8, loves watching all your shows, i may be a little bad for letting her watch certain shows, but i want her to know the real world..she is in awe of your family and you, she wants to go to NYC to go to DASH, she is so funny, she thinks we are taking my husband to boston for his bday in april, and asked if we could take a trip to see if you guys would be at the store, imagine, an eight year old asking see, kim i am 46, i didn't meet my mr, right till i was 35, married him 10 months later, pregnant 6 months later and then Paige was born, when i was 38...I did so much when i was younger, that I truly feel that the right time to have kids, is when you are wiser..don't worry about being in your 40's and having kids, look around you, in Hollywood, everyone is having kids in their 40's and 50's ,this may not be for you, but you have to follow your heart, when you least expect it, bam, love with be there, you will know..people ask, how did you know, beleive me, you just know..that feeling in your stomach is not a pit, it is a feeling of content, love, sharing, strength, comfort, and most of all, you feel you are one..your hearts will melt together..i didn't see that with Kris..i am not gonna shoot him down, but he was kinda rude to you on camera, how did he treat you without them? so, i guess, like so many of your fans, only hope the best for you, stop "looking" for love, it will find should never be about jealousy, hurt, or day, you will find it..God Bless

  • Missy Groome
    Missy Groome

    you do not need to explain anything to anyone and all the negative people out there talking bad are just jealous,you deserve so much better than that sorry excuse for a man.God bless you and his love will and your friends and family will help you through this time.

  • JeanPBD1

    STOP explaining yourself!!!!! This is your life and your marriage and you owe people nothing. People who love you will still love you, and the people who don't still won't. This is an extremely difficult time for you and the only important thing is taking care of you. I am praying for you. I was sad to hear you announce you're divorcing. I am a newlywed (married 6 months), and it has been tough for us too. We are just now starting to understand each others habits and experience the "HONEYMOON PHASE". I wish you would've given yourself more time, but you know what is best for your life. If I were to offer advice it would be before you sign those papers, maybe take some alone time just you and him....NO BUSINESS, NO FAMILY, NO OUTSIDER (media), and get to know each other all over again! Either way, best wishes.

  • Verity

    This woman is unbelievable! So you had no problem posing for promotional pictures during the whole wedding process, product placement, selling your wedding pictures and who knows what else and you want everyone to believe you did not make millions?!?!? That you "on a fast roller coaster and couldn’t get off " PLEASE!!! You are a piece of work. You love one thing and one thing only; ATTENTION!!

  • Josephine Borrometi
    Josephine Borrometi

    Sorry kim dont worry theres let of guys will love to marry you . you are very pretty, life goes on

  • trixiqueen

    Dont feed into all the bullshit! Dont listen to the haters! Thats just it all they are, are haters. They want to bring you down and put u down because they are mad about their life and arent happy with their life!! If for once people would stop and think about the things they say and the things they do, they would realize that some things arent always what they seem or how they are put out there to seem. Keep your head held high Kim, Mr. right is out there somewhere and he will come your way when the time is right! God puts us through these tasks and obstacles for a reason its just up to us to find those reasons. Dont listen to anyone else just listen to your heart! We all make mistakes, no one is perfect! We just need to learn from those mistakes and know not to make the same ones again! Again my best wishes are with you and may you find u true prince charming!

  • Salma

    Jose Pepe From El Paso, Tx says " You used to be my icon but after this NO MORE KIm Kardashian on my T.V or my life, you are just a business women I gave you 6 months but my bets were off you only lasted 2 months!"

  • Angelica

    you are all so stupid to believe this chick bullshit

  • Maria Victoria Olivares
    Maria Victoria Olivares


  • Kirsten Armisto Lakin
    Kirsten Armisto Lakin

    There will always be people who try to bring others down the most important thing to remember is to keep your self happy and be true to you're self! Wishing you the best! ♥

  • Michelle Parker Butler
    Michelle Parker Butler

    Keep your head up and dry those tears Kim. You are beautiful, smart, and you don't have to apologize for anything. WE LOVE YOU!!

  • Julieth Stefany Garzón Gómez
    Julieth Stefany Garzón Gómez


  • Krisi Cordsen Hernandez
    Krisi Cordsen Hernandez

    hmm you said you were following your heart when you decided to marry him....sorry,I really adore you but I don't believe anything you just said, we seen how you two interact with each other and knew it wasn't going to last because you two weren't even on the same page, ever, you were not willing to compromise at all....oh well, I already knew it was a publicity stunt on his part since he really was a nobody in basketball....on to the next................

  • Miss.T

    Negative comes from those who are disgusted with there selfs!!! Many people are praying for you KIMMIE, keep your head high at this time!!! Enjoy reading the positive over and over instead of waisting your precious time in your life on the sorry trashy responses.....Love you KIM!!!

  • SmartestCrayon

    oh please! she's just a fame/money/desperate for attention person. i don't know when all of you will just wake up and realize that her entire family is doing everything for money cause nothing else matters for them. her two sisters went donating some toys to charity the other day but they made sure that everyone knows them and will photograph them. talk about doing a deed that's beyond selfish.

  • Rachael Bretherton
    Rachael Bretherton

    only you know what is right, ignore all the haters, they're just ignorant, follow your heart and be happy :) xxx

  • Eryka Herrera Lng
    Eryka Herrera Lng


  • omfgitsmateo

    I'd say keep the toaster..... and donate the money made off the televising of the wedding & sponsorships....

  • royaldiva

    so proud of u kimmie dont mind negativity everything in life has a purpose

  • jess

    how do you feel now haters!?