Pregnant Jessica Simpson: I’m Confident With My Weight Gain

Jess Shows Off Bump
Simpson wears a belly hugging shirt
Jess at Adele Concert!
Jessica Simpson goes with her man Eric Johnson.
Jessica Flaunts Her Curves
Jessica Simpson looks hot at Hot Hollywood Party.
Jessica Simpson may be eating for two, but even prior to her pregnancy the fashion mogul is just fine in her own skin. Jess opens up to Lucky and talks about fame and her famous figure.

“Everybody fluctuates, but I’m open about my weight and I’m still confident,” Simpson says about when she got picked on in the media a few years ago. “I didn’t cry about it too much.”

“I got so much scrutiny for putting on extra pounds, but I think that the decision not to make myself anorexic was actually great for branding,” she continued. “Because when you’re really, really skinny, not everybody can relate to you.”

That’s right, pick on Jess all you want but she is laughing all the way to bank.

“I’m not looking for more fame or money,” Jessica told the magazine. “I feel very secure in those areas.”

For more on Simpson and why she is in no rush to walk down the aisle (she hasn’t tried on a wedding dress) pick up the December issue of Lucky!