Rob Kardashian: Family is 'Supportive' of Kim's Divorce Decision

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Kim Files for Divorce
Kim Kardashian Divorce
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Looks like the Kardashian family is sticking close together after Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from her husband of two months, Kris Humphries.

After performing one of his best dances on Dancing With the Stars, her brother, Rob, said the family is supporting Kim during a difficult time, telling People:

"Obviously she's going through a lot right now, but she has her family and we're very supportive of everything she does and every decision that she makes."

Earlier in the day, Kourtney and Khloe released the following statement to Celebuzz:

“We appreciate everyone’s kindness and support. Our sister is going through a difficult time but we’re a close family and are sticking together like always. Kim, we love you.”
After spending Halloween weekend apart, TMZ reported that Kim would be filing for divorce on Monday — 72 days after the couple tied the knot this August in an over-the-top lavish wedding. In an official statement to E! News, Kim confirmed the divorce, saying:
“After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage. I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We remain friends and wish each other the best.”


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  • funmi jemilehin
    funmi jemilehin

    Stupid people. Y did she get married in d first place. Slept wt ds n dat. Dirty sex tape....shame on u kim!!!!come try dat in nigeria, dem go kill u, yeye gurl.

  • funmi jemilehin
    funmi jemilehin

    Stupid people. Y did she get married in d first place. Slept wt ds n dat. Dirty sex tape....shame on u kim!!!!

  • Verbena Robinson
    Verbena Robinson

    Lifestyles of the rich and famous that's what happens when u love a rich lifestyle

  • laine

    What can u do after 73 days that u weren't already doing? Wake up America. This is BS. She was as always a jump off, he was chosen to give her relevance to sell....something.

  • elaine

    He was a spoiled asshole from the beginning. All he did was whine and if you notice the promo for Kim n kourtney take new York said "things will change in a ny min" it was obviously a pre rnt to give KK some relevance. Khloe told the story, another sex tape, tell all, or more Ray j sympathy. Get ur money Kim. She gonna give him ten million. Watch what happens...oh that's Bravo. LMBO

  • saralee

    OMG who would have thought.. I personally think that kim wanted to find love so yet again she jumped head first into something now look first sign of trouble and she's giving up.. Do the rich and famous not realise that marriage isn't a game you have to work at it! Stop trying so hard to impress and please your mum and take a page outta your sisters' books or are you simply trying to be the next JLO? In love with love itself but not actually the person

  • tari

    Well i saw it coming

  • smoonchie

    :0 really surprised after such a fairytale wedding I guess I didn't lke Kris at first but because u said I do to him it made me lke him but now after this. I am just wondering whats next . Any way that was tough decision on some purpose it was the right one but Kim Kris was for u babes

  • kika

    Is this PR or what? so stupid to make a posh wedding and divorce after 2 months....cant understand these Americans... Just do not get marry if u do not know the person next to u , u should live with him 1-2 years and then to decide to get marry , just a tip immature girl!

  • Atinuke waheed ojora
    Atinuke waheed ojora

    Kim! kim!! kim!!! Gosh if i must say am so so and so annoyed and seriously i still am.God why dnt u try and rest to be a controvisal babe u're always d talk of d town even at 9ja ain't u tied of it.well is ur decision and i respect it.BUT LET ME TELL U CATCH AND RELAESE IS D SECRET OF EVERY SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE .

  • Vanessa

    Why are you getting divorce after 2 months ? like , forreal listen kim if your reading this Kris was the one for you ' some people hate him , but trust me you will always love him , hes the one for you , never will you find a kind of guy like him <3 I can see the future , lmfaoo , mkayy byeee ;D <3

  • Cassandra Thorson
    Cassandra Thorson

    Penny, this is the girl who wore several thousand dollar earrings by the ocean and cried when one fell off her ear. She probably would have wasted the money on her hair, cloths, nails, and more materialistic items.

  • Abe Gurko
    Abe Gurko

    Will Kim rake in more money from the divorce than what she netted from the wedding? And if so, which ding-dong companies are lining up to sponsor the divorce? Will Range Rover provide cars to get her to court proceedings? Surely there is a fashion brand that wants to sponsor her butt for when she goes on the stand and boo-hoos about their “irreconcilable differences”

  • Penny

    Imagine how much money was wasted on that wedding? Where could all that money have gone?

  • Holly

    At least now we wont have to watch Kris Humphries eat anymore! Can you say GROSS!!!

  • Correnna Hawley
    Correnna Hawley

    Um thats gross and I do think they should have waited a while before getting married to learn about each other...

  • christuina d
    christuina d

    They shld never have got married they should have waited a bit longer you gotta make a marraigew work not give up I <3 the two of them


    I think I would never be with a guy that burped in my mouth. I almost threw up when I watched the show.