Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Romance Rumors: Do You Want to See Them Back Together? (POLL)

Could it be true? There are rumors that Zac Efron and Vanesa Hudgens — who ended their three-year romance last December — are getting back together. This could spell the return of Z-a-n-e-s-s-a!

Eagle eyed observers have noted that even after the two split they remained close. They were seen together both professionally at events and in their personal lives, even visiting each other when Vanessa was filming in North Carolina.

Tabloid claims speculate that Zac is trying to rekindle the flame — do you want to see them back together? Take our poll and tell us your thoughts!

“Zac realized that he’s miserable without her,” a source close to Zac tells Star magazine. “He’s tired of meaningless hookups.”

While we haven’t seen Zac really flaunt any of his new romances, let alone hookups, there is definitely a special place in on our hearts for this couple. Whatever happens, here’s wishing these two Wildcats luck!