Christa B. Allen Talks Celebrating ‘Revenge’s’ Full-Season Pick-Up and What’s Next for Charlotte

In only a handful of episodes, ABC’s Revenge has quickly become one of the most talked about new shows of the season, thanks to its mystery plotline, shocking twists and to-die-for cast.

Among the actors heating up the small screen every Wednesday night is Christa B. Allen, who plays Charlotte Grayson, a young rich girl from the Hamptons who falls for a boy at the docks (Connor Paolo), despite her mother’s (Madeline Stowe) objections.

Celebuzz recently spoke to Christa about the success of the show, what’s in store for Charlotte this season and what she did when she found out the show had been picked up for a full season. (Hint: It involves Dom Perignon!) Check out our exclusive interview now.

Revenge was recently picked up for a full season. Have you all had time to celebrate yet?
Oh my God, you don’t even want to know! [Laughs] We were all at work [that day] – I think Connor [Paolo], Josh [Bowman] and I had finished by early afternoon – and then we got the news. We had all gone home [so] we went back to the set. Josh bought a bottle of Dom Perignon  and we were all sharing it in paper cups to celebrate. We waited for Emily [VanCamp] to get off and then the four of us went down to the beach and watched Josh catch a celebratory wave or two; he’s gotten really into the whole surfing thing now that he’s a California boy. So, we just sat on the beach together and watched the sunset and then we walked over and had this beautiful dinner [with] fish and wine and just enjoyed each other’s company. I think it was a big weight off everybody’s shoulders, just knowing that we were so fortunate to keep doing this thing that we love doing with each other.

So I take it you all get along together, then?
Oh my God, its crazy! People don’t believe it when I tell them! We work together everyday, see each other after work, see each other on the weekends. I’ve never had a cast like this!

How did you actually get the role of Charlotte?
It was crazy! I was shooting a movie in LA. I had one day off from that schedule and I had three pilot auditions in that day, Revenge being the second. I was exhausted, like, no exhaustion I’ve ever felt. But somehow, I guess it was meant to be or something. Somebody was looking out for me, I don’t know, but I went in with them and it was this lovely meeting. Then they sent my tape to [Mike] Kelley and to Phillip [Noyce] and whoever needed to see it, and by that weekend, we were signing on the dotted line and it was all done! The next week, I was in the air to North Carolina to film the pilot. Everything with the show just all kind of fell into place.

Charlotte has had a pretty rocky relationship with her mom, Victoria (Madeline Stowe), thus far. How will that relationship develop as the season progresses?
I think Charlotte has always had respect for Victoria; you have to, its your mom. But there were other things that Victoria has said recently that sort of sent Charlotte over the edge, and now I think its her time to really carve out her individuality. Part of that is going to be found with a boy at the docks that her mother doesn’t approve of. So I think Charlotte is less likely to dance around her mother’s feelings at this point and more likely to speak her mind and do what’s best for her, because she knows her mom sure ain’t looking out for her.

I take it that means things between Charlotte and Declan (Paolo) will keep heating up?
Yeah. You saw a little smooch action happening on the Fourth of July [episode] and it gets hot.

Do you think Victoria will ever get over her prejudices about Charlotte dating someone who isn’t wealthy?
Victoria is a snob! She has that wealthy woman status with power to the core. No, I don’t think she’ll ever get over it. But she doesn’t hate Declan; he’s not a bad guy. Neither is Jack. She doesn’t hate them. She just doesn’t think that that relationship is what’s best for her daughter. Which seems ironic, because it doesn’t seem like Victoria is looking out for Charlotte in any situation. But, ultimately, she does want to continue her family’s status and her daughter is half of what’s gonna do that. I think she’s more concerned about her own image rather than her daughter’s.


Madeline Stowe scares the you-know-what out of me on the show, but I imagine she’s pretty amazing in person.
She is phenomenal. She is an amazing actress, I just feel so lucky to be seen with her, I always learn something new … It’s really interesting, because Madeline and I have a lot in common, just because we are both in the same industry and I guess we’ve had similar upbringings, you could say. She also has a daughter, so we can connect on that level, because she has a teenage girl that is going through some of the same things [that] Charlotte is. So it’s nice, me and Madeline get along really well.

Revenge rivals Gossip Girl as having the best outfits on television. Have you gotten to keep any of them?
No, I haven’t gotten to keep anything, but I’ve definitely gotten some pointers and get some ideas. They know what’s out before anybody else and know all the hottest stuff.

Mike Kelley recently told Entertainment Weekly that we’ll know all of the answers to the show by episode 13. Will the show change at all after that?
Certainly we won’t know all of the answers by episode 13. I think what he meant by that was that some of the questions that were raised in the pilot are going to figure out by [episode] 13 – mainly, the body on the beach. We’re going to figure out how that sort of all played out.

With Desperate Housewives going off the air after this season, do you think Revenge has the potential to take its place as the next great primetime soap?
I think [when] anything is well received in this industry, be it TV, movie, photography, writing, whatever, it’s because somebody has taken a risk. We definitely did take a risk with this show. People easily could have said that it’s over the top, or too dramatic or that kind of thing, but these situations do really happen! I’ve talked to people who are from the Hamptons, or know people who live in the Hamptons, and from what I understand it’s quite accurate. I was shocked myself that people could behave like that! I think we took a risk with that, but thankfully people were on board.

You played a younger version of Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30 and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Any chance you’d do it again?
Yeah! I mean, depending on the role I don’t mind it; I don’t mind following in her footsteps! We’ll make some calls! She’s pretty busy these days, I think she’s pregnant! [Laughs]