Jennifer Lawrence Declares: ”Hunger Games’ Is Not ‘Twilight”

'Hunger' vs. 'Twilight'
How the two series are different, but very similar.
There’s been countless comparisons saying that Hunger Games is slated to be “the next Twilight” in the sense that it’s a young adult novel turned movie series that will likely hit blockbuster proportions. However, Jennifer Lawrence — who is starring as the film’s lead character Katniss — says that those comparisons are a bit “premature.”

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Lawrence was asked about how the two compare and said:

“I try not to think too much about it. Hunger Games is not Twilight, and while I hear the comparisons, it’s really premature to say that it will be the same phenomenon. I’m so proud of the work we did on the film—Gary and the entire cast and crew were amazing, and I can’t wait for it to be brought to life because I think it’s an important story. If it does become a crazy phenomenon, I’ll soak up my freedom now!”

Lawrence, who landed the role after her Oscar-nominated performance in Winter’s Bone, says that shooting the film was quite the ordeal, given the dystopian theme and harsh settings.

“When we were filming in the woods, it didn’t have that Hollywood gloss—it was real snakes, real bears, and real scenes of running up and down a mountain for 13 hours,” she says of the production of Games.

So was she a fan before she was cast? Absolutely, Jennifer admits.

“I had read the books before I even knew I would be auditioning for the movie, and was a huge fan of the material … Katniss is an incredible character: she’s a hunter but not a killer, a 16-year-old who’s being forced into the arena. These kids are killing one another only because if they don’t they’ll die. It’s needless, pointless, unjustified violence. It’s heartbreaking. When I auditioned, I told [director] Gary [Ross], “I understand if you don’t hire me, but please remember that after Katniss shoots a bow and kills someone, her face cannot be badass.” So there’s nothing cool about her. It’s not like she looks around the arena and goes, Yeah, I got this. I think she looks around helplessly, and thinks, I made a promise to my sister that I would survive; now I have to kill in order to do so.”

Hunger Games will hit theaters in March of 2012. Get ready.