Kim Kardashian Makes First Post-Breakup Red Carpet Appearance (PHOTOS)

Kim's Message to Fans
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Despite Kim Kardashian's very public breakup, she's still honoring her professional duties. The reality star stepped out in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday in support of the launch of the Kardashian Kollection handbag launch. By her side was her younger sister Khloe Kardashian and brother-in-law Lamar Odom

Kim, 31, had a subdued style, wearing a black sweater over a neutral-colored dress. Looking gorgeous, she didn't smile for cameras but did stop to pose alongside her sister and Lamar. 

Kim filed for divorce from her husband Kris Humphries on Monday, Halloween, siting irreconcilable differences. 

She responded to the criticism of her marriage on her blog, writing: "First and foremost, I married for love. I can’t believe I even have to defend this. I would not have spent so much time on something just for a TV show! I share so much of my life on a reality show, that contemplating whether to even film my wedding was a tough decision to make, and maybe it turned out to not be the smartest decision."



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  • M


  • Staci Zemach
    Staci Zemach

    kim looks like Cher here!

  • jo

    seriously, if somone chooses to wear that much makeup who gives a shit, its for their own self confidence not yours homo.

  • Kardashianlover123

    i definetly agree with you that marriage takes time cus it does!

  • Kardashianlover123

    i agree

  • Kardashianlover123

    ohh poor kim she looks so sad!

  • Jasmine

    Kim is so fake. She used Kris for more ratings and more money. I watched some of the wedding and turned it off because seemed like a circus and just phoney. I felt sorry for Kris then because I don't think he knew that he was a prop and would be discarded at Kims earliest convience, she didn't love Kris, it was all for the money and show. She is just a hollow shell of a woman that want attention and the world to revolve around her. Time for a change in reality t.v. They just need to go, the whole family. Khole and Kendall are the best, they seem ginuwine and have class. Love Khole and Lemar, they truly seem in love and happy and she didn't need a big gaudy wedding for show.

  • Lea William Germanotta
    Lea William Germanotta

    I Want Her HAIR <3

  • Ocean181

    Seems like Damon Thomas was right about her. Girl KARMA is going to pay you back. You used Kris Humphries isn't it conveinent you announce your divorce when you started promoting Take New York. You almost seem like a sociopath. you would step on your first born to get where you want.

  • Kendra

    She is a slut because she made a Mistake!!Just like what booo said no ones perfect everyone has their flaws!!!! I really just see someone that is searching for love in the wrong direction!!!

  • Kendra

    No right to call her a slut she didn't know it would end like live and you learn now its time to move on KIM!!!Husband and kids will come you just have to be content!!!no more rushing into things... next time be aware of who you want to marry!!!Kris was not mature enough for you!!!! I'm sorry when i watched every episodes there were warning signs all over the place!!!First off he got on Khloe because she was stating the truth about him doin it for publicity...i Never new him until Kim started dating him!!!He played where??on what team??? O!!!

  • Charlie

    I don't think at this time she would give up the "hoopla" of the cameras and attention for a man/husband. Unless there willing to do everything on film right up until her death.

  • blerrrg

    Really? I can't believe that anyone would fall for this. She is trying to look sad, she it biting her cheeks on most of these pics and her make up and clothing are styled to make her look just washed out enough for people to think she is distressed. History shows that this girl would not go to an opening for anything without portraying EXACTLY the look she wants to. Let's think about this a little further...if she was that sad about her split then she would not have filed for divorce. Women typically do that when they are ready to move on and have no remorse (yes, I am a woman). It is evident, from her statement to her fans, that this has backfired on her and she is unhappy about the bad press that she is getting. But what did she expect? Anybody who holds marriage in a high regard and views it as a sacred institution is going to think less of her.

  • joyceceleb

    hey you...if kim is a slut then she's a slut.. why you are affected? be a slut too so that you will be famous and have 18m wedding...

  • Noel

    Khloe was only 4 when Bruce and Kris met, and 5 when they got married, so your assumption is not correct. She looks very Armenian with European features (don't forget her mom is European). Bruce only got upset because Khloe and Lamar only knew each other for 3 WEEKS before they decided they wanted to get married. It seemed like they barely knew each other. Bruce wasn't upset with Kim because he himself MARRIED Kris Jenner after dating her for only 6 months. Imagine how fast they got engaged. Kim and Kris got engaged after 6 months of dating and married after 9 months of dating, which is why Bruce wasn't upset. It was similar to his situation.

  • Lana

    once a slut.. ALWAYS a SLUT!

  • Lana

    kim guess what hun..? you're a slut!

  • LuciaEC

    She does deserve to be happy but being in a relationship after relationship is not happiness. At least take the minimum of a year between break ups and even that is not enough time.

  • LuciaEC

    How is it that Bruce did not want Khloe and Lamar getting married so soon and got real upset about that. And was O.k with Kim and chris getting married so suddenly. Khloe has to be his. Did Bruce and Khloe ever get DNA done. I know she and her mom did but its the fathers she should of questioned

  • LuciaEC

    She's putting on the I'm very hurt and upset about the situation look. Girl please. People if she is as dumb as she always seems. they'll be back together no matter what their drama is. She seems like the convincing type.

  • Law Student
    Law Student

    *few not view, my bad

  • Law Student
    Law Student

    Yeh LOL I’m sure she has been spending the last view days on these websites reading our comments for sureeeeee! … oh no wait she was in Sydney promoting her store with appearances and interviews. My verdict is she seems ok!

  • MT

    shes probably just sad now because of all the hateful and nasty things people are saying about her. Even if she did plan the divorce its not easy hearing so many people bash you.

  • Law Student
    Law Student

    What and you do? but you are still firmly up her arse..ironic!

  • jessuvalle

    Kim who cares what people say only you know to follow your heart your own words, and if you know your doing the best for you and Kris in the long run without really hurting him or yourself thats good you called it off now no need to explain but just take your time to focus on yourself take a vacation!!!

  • disappointed

    Looks like Kim is going to have to get used to being bashed!! This little stunt made us realize what, really, we already knew. She is allllllllllll about KIM!!

  • Keiisha Lai
    Keiisha Lai

    You don't know everything that happened. You only know what the media chooses to tell you. Kim deserves everything that this world has offer. WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

  • Keiisha Lai
    Keiisha Lai

    Nobody likes to be used. Your assumptions are just plain shallow. She simply made bad decisions. She is judged harshly because her problems and mistakes are televised and made out to be something they're not by the media. It goes to show how HUMAN she actually is. She made a mistake and mistakes are the things that steer us in the right direction. To hope that it 'backfires' on her is such a sucky thing to say. Shit happens and things don't go accordingly and for the most you don't have so minimal information about the whole situation that you're not even in the position to judge. You saying this, I hope you realise down the track that bad choices are made and mistakes are the result but that's just apart of being human and we shouldn't get judged by the wrong decisions we've made.

  • Sylvia

    Done with kim and the entire family. I won't watch any more shows or follow any more celeb news. Done.

  • booo

    seriously Kris was an arrogant douchebag. who really knows what happened between closed doors? regardless of the fact that she is a public figure, its still her life. have you never made a mistake? So, who are you to judge her?

  • L

    She looks like shit, and she should. Dislike

  • Lucy Jessica Busfield
    Lucy Jessica Busfield

    poor kim :/


    sorry Kim you look so hurt. XOXO

  • sammy sugar
    sammy sugar

    i feel so sorry for kris he should have just banged her and left....looks like she just noticed he aint black ... kim KAR -KASHION should apologise to kris ...why go through all this hassle of a wedding

  • erica102084

    well said marty

  • erica102084

    kim smile

  • Eva

    Fake Looser: learn English. Loser

  • fake looser
    fake looser

    OMG...caked the make up on?! Seriosly, what does she look liek w/out makeup??? and hope she gives that ring back!! she is such a looser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nessey lovveee
    nessey lovveee

    u can tell she is hurting :(

  • myra

    I was a fan but I'm startup to see its a FAKE. And KIM IS THE LEADER OF THAT. Good luck finding real happiness. Fans are people u need because without u still be working in the valley. Is us that give you ratings. Not a fan at all what so ever.

  • Becca Klinger
    Becca Klinger

    Beautiful picture, but you can tell there's no spark in her eyes. I feel bad for her, but at the same time, marriage takes work for everyone. If you're going to be a married celebrity, you have to work even harder. Distance and not wanting to settle in one place can't be an excuse when you have millions at your disposal. Everyone has problems, but marriage is forever... at least it should be. Either way, I don't think she married for fame, and I definitely think she could benefit from a big hug. XoXo, KK!

  • Dymond2012

    Kim doesn't look happy at a lot of ways I feel bad for her and I can actually relate. I want to be in love just as much as she and after everything that her fans have seen her go through, she deserves to be happy.

  • Annie

    She likes to be treated ROUGH like Regge, Reggie Bush, and don't foreget her first marriage in Las Vegas.....A leopard cannot change it's stripes.

  • Annie

    Nobody is going to take her serious...Just hit it and quit it...she likes to be treated ROUGH... She doesn't deserve Kris he's too good for her.

  • aaa2ee2eeemeee3ee

    smile pleassssssssssssseeeeee

  • Annie

    Hope this backfires on Kim....Kris seems like a nice guy but Kim likes the ROUGH guys..Nobody will take her serious just hit it and quit it...She made a video with Regge quickie wedding in Las Vegas, and Reggie Busch...She likes being used...

  • Marty

    Ohhh come on stop beeing such haters, you say that just 'cause she's a public figure, it doesn't mean that things like this do not happen to regular people live your own life and stop judging others!! I respect that she's has been brave enough to face media and fans with the truth instead of hiding behind some one that she could pay to speak for her! give the girl some credit and respect the pain she's going through!!!

  • Marty

    Some times you have to take the worst that have ever happened to you to become a stronger person, live this sad phase of your life and learn from it don't worry soon you'll be ok you have tonz of people who loves and support you don't give up!!

  • Faye Tucker
    Faye Tucker

    It was so much love you left your honeymoon early in order to fulfill a business engagement. This family does everything for publicity,and she didn't even have the decency to tell her husband in person. Instead she filed, announced it on the web, and then flew off to another business engagement. Oh yeah Mediaho we believe you. By the way since it was your marriage you might wan to tell your mother to let you handle your own business.

  • Toya Rae
    Toya Rae

    This family loves this...she'll probably televise the Divorce.

  • Karen

    Definitely does! Stayyy Strong Kimm!

  • Shannon Wrenn
    Shannon Wrenn

    you can tell in these pics, Kim's mind is so focused elsewhere!! Much love to Kim!

  • candikane

    u better do something your getting old fast no one wants a has been, your lucky you found a younger, cute, honest guy he was really kool for asking your stepdad and mom for their Blessings to Marry you, most guys don't do that anymore. u screwed up people can change you just never gave it time to let him know what you liked and told him what you didnt like and vise versa. i been married 5yrs together 8, and he will do anything i want him to thats LOVE. you just needed to fill each other out who cares if he didnt please your sisters,THEY WASN'T MARRIED TO HIM U WAS, all he needed to do is please YOU! I think Both ur sisters wanted to Ruin anything you had and always will if you allow them to, they don't want you to Ever be HAPPY Kim Wake up, WHO ARE THEY TO JUDGE ANYONE? Good luck!!

  • Law Student
    Law Student

    Exactly in fact I’m sure the divorce was planned before she even walked up the aisle

  • peppa

    oh cut the shit kim!

  • Law Student
    Law Student

    ‘Kimmie’ is too busy trying her hardest to look like she is deeply hurt and gives a damn about the divorce she filed for after 72 days. She made a vital mistake though in promoting her new store and advertising this event on twitter the same day she signed the divorce papers, and she therefore contradicts her deeply hurt face

  • Law Student
    Law Student

    Isn’t it! She decided to get married due to the fact she was caught up in the media hype, she decided to divorce without even giving it 3 months. It’s all her fault and her decision, and everything she does is for money, and people are moronic enough to feel sorry her

  • Law Student
    Law Student

    Everyone has entitlement to an opinion which they voice here if they choose! Stop telling people not to air their views we can and WILL if we wish to. If she’s that sad then why go? Oh yes it’s because the only thing she actually cares about is money, and she sure would not want to miss out on an opportunity to flog her products

  • paulatb

    HEY KIM K.,Patty Stanger she is a Professional Matchmaker for Millionaires, That's what you wanted right telling Kris H. To get a Job. well these guys have Millions so you would be sit in that area anyways not sure if you can find the Love you need, but who needs LOVE when U Have Money? RIGHT???? IF ANYONE KNOWS YOU WOULD

  • Anna Cds
    Anna Cds

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  • Ana Carolina Quinderé
    Ana Carolina Quinderé

    Kim, I might have a clue on how hard this might be for you(ok, I don't because im not a inch as famous as you!)But I know how hard is to not find the one after all you've been. I watch your show almost every day, and I really love your show.I don't believe you are narcissistic, you just simply love!If I were you, I wouldn't even care about the rude comments people do about you, like you did in all other moments...Of course the reallity show is really invasive, and people around the world are watching you and judging you, but it still being YOUR life, not the other's! So, now you should (like all brasilians usually say) get up, dust yourself off and get back on top! Be proud of who you are,but not what people think about you...And sorry if my grammar and spelling sucks :)

  • Sierra South
    Sierra South

    Kim looks so sad

  • LaWanda

    I love you Kim and as a fan, you have my support! Things will look up. If you felt it was a right decision then I'm proud of you. You and Kris were in the marriage together nobody knows exactly what you're dealing with. I love you you're gorgeous. You have my support!

  • monicat

    aww Kimmie looks sooo sadd....I think you should take some time off..or maybe working keeps your mind off of everything.. but it might be healthy just to be out of the spotlight for couple days.. love you kim!

  • kirsty

    Give kim a break flip sake! If people don't like it then don't write anything!!! Leave the girl alone she's goin through a hard time!

  • joyceceleb

    kimmie ... please smile....

  • Jenny Quigley
    Jenny Quigley

    Your own fault kim!!!!Dont feel sorry for you one bit!!!!

  • Hatake Mariya
    Hatake Mariya

    Cmon, how come she is so sad now when she was planing the divorce weeks ahead. Why she was not sad before, now she is just acting. I'm sick and tired of her.

  • joyceceleb

    oh...kimmie kimmie smile please.....its so sad to see u like that..

  • joyceceleb

    kim..looks so cheer up.. we love you..