Kris Jenner Speaks Out on Daughter Kim Kardashian's Split (VIDEO)

Kim's Message to Fans
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Kim Files for Divorce
Kim Kardashian Divorce
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Momager Kris Jenner went on the TODAY show Tuesday in defense of her daughter Kim Kardashian's decision to file for divorce. 

“I knew a few days before, of course, because Kim and I are really close,” Kris told TODAY anchor Ann Curry of hearing of the breakup. “It’s just our job now to wrap our arms around her through thick and thin."

Kris also addressed the negative tabloid reports about Kim, saying: 

"[The marriage] certainly wasn't a sham, certainly wasn't for TV. We have enough going on on our show that we don't have to make things up. She felt that she was in love with him. It was an amazing time ... I had no idea there was a problem at the time. It saddens all of us."
Kim is currently in Sydney, Australia with her sister Khloe Kardashian promoting their Kardashian Kollection. Kris said of her 31-year-old daughter's disposition, "She feels that she’s let a lot of people down. She’s sick about it."

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  • Timah

    why the ppl who think she wrong gotta be personal opinion of kim is that she is selfish, she ain't wanna give up nothin for kris and when you get married it all a/b compromising with your spouse. Futhermore she didn't even pay for the damn wedding most of the stuff she got was free for publicity (as said by her planner)all the way down to the food and neither she or kris paid for the damn ring and to top it all off 1.5 mil for some pictures she should be ashamed that money could have went to something more important than her attention greedy ass, and her only excuse is that khloe and lamar wedding was filmed but she failed to realize is that they paid for their wedding, LAMAR BOUGHT KHLOE'S RING, and they are still married. Also irrecconcilable differences...really kim ya'll were havin those problems long B4 the wedding so quite frankly in my eyes your a selfish, money hungry, attention greedy, spolied little rich bitch...just like you said you had the whole thing planned since you were ten yrs old so therefore you can manipulate any love drunk fool into marring you knowing you would get paid the big bucks, makes sure he signed a prenup so he can't get none of the money for YOUR wedding and try to get everybody to feel sorry for...yeah right I lost all respect for you so take your sob story somewhere else!!!!

  • strawberry75

    we can comment about them because the family put themselves out there on reality t.v so if its positive or negative comments we can say whatever if the kardashians dont like what is being said stop putting ur business out n the streets like that it is REALITY isnt it i mean surely its not fake tv

  • strawberry75

    i agree kris is the greatest pimp in the world what other pimp do u know that has only one hoe n has made millions she working on the others using her slick pimp shit talk " hey baby look here u see this what we go do ,we got to work together, i want to be ur mother ur friend" .

  • Reality queen
    Reality queen

    Please. Shut. Up.

  • rlty_chk

    Legally she does not have to give the ring back. Lets see what happens to the ring will show what she is all about,

  • memama

    I hope your well KIM love you,, your biggest fan in CT,,he seemed very immature from the getco

  • Mary

    When u love some one u always do evertrying for them to keep them happy but its sad when they don't take care or give u the time or day and if Kim is happy this way its her busness and no one knows what happens behind closed doors. so i wish u luck Kim

  • Edith Parker
    Edith Parker

    Hi Kim. I'm a faithful fan and follower of u and your family, and it sadden my heart to see you in so much pain. Alway remember you are not the first and will never be the last. And always put your trust in God cus he never let us down, my prayers are with you. Be strong and have faith. Love Always........

  • Kim is a a wonderful person and all her family to. Just like any nd ordinary family.They open there hearts and lifes to us. Kim shouldnt feel bad it could happen to everyone. We love You Kim and your family.Keep your head up. Never change. Be who you are.
    Kim is a a wonderful person and all her family to. Just like any nd ordinary family.They open there hearts and lifes to us. Kim shouldnt feel bad it could happen to everyone. We love You Kim and your family.Keep your head up. Never change. Be who you are.

    Ana L

  • Maritza

    I <3 the Kardashians and Kim does have a big heart she isnt the first nor last person to get married and divorce so quickly so all this negativity is just wrong! Kris was a douche to her and he was just rude to her fam. I hope she finds her true love and if not she'll always have her family cuz at the end of the day that's all you will every have!!

  • trey 27
    trey 27

    I think kimmie is a great person an has a big heart an I'm sorry she is going through all of this my thoughts an love are with you

  • chelsi

    I feel that people need to back off of her eyes only human and just because she's famous doesn't mean she's perfect... people need to give her her space and quit criticizing her..

  • Paige k
    Paige k

    I love the kardashians and I think there marriage was genuine and NoT fake at all. I wish her nothing but the best from here on out :) love y'all!

  • myangel82

    I am so sorry all of you are going through this..Kim does have a big heart and shares with many...God bless to all of

  • jj92

    omgggggg U ARE SUCH A LIAR, everyone watch Keeping up with the Kardashians, season 6, epizode 13 where we can hear that ring cot 2 million dollars !!!!!!

  • madeline

    No hater will never be hater its the truth. I loved the to watch the show, but I fill like she really has change a lot the even the show. I think she is grown up and know what she wants she messed up again and always running and have all this excuses grow up KIM. Your family needs to stop puttin excuses. And for his family if it is true u always remember u marry him not them!!! GROW UP act ur age and stop being selfish and greedy...

  • Jen

    Does it matter that she was only married 72 days? Do people that stick it out for 7 years receive a trophy or tiara? So she jumped into marriage quickly, im sure she wasnt the 1st and will most certainly not be the last.

  • Susan Turner
    Susan Turner

    Kris Jenner is this centurys MOMMY DEAREST

  • teekay

    if this is Khloe, Kim's sister, then go ahead and do what your 30 yr old adult sister did to Lamar and watch and see how foolish you are...infact you all are very foolish because it is incredible that a 30 yr old girl cannot understand what she really wants. if she wants sex and feels so sexy, then she can proudly join the prostitutes or become a porn star. that will indeed make her super famous and rich but miserable for the rest of her life. Teach your sister the secret to keeping your relationship with Lamar-at least it has gone past 72days.

  • teekay

    Hello jenny, i appreciate your comment and its important to note here that marriage is not a mere relationship that you use and dump the man cos you can just get any other man with a sexy body. Kim is portrayaing a wrong image from what the kardashians stand for and it shows that they are more interested in themselves than the people they want to affect. A thirty year old that cannot decipher between love and lust is a 15year old in her mind and no amount of beauty can be compared with wisdom and initiative. Kim please grow up amy learn to sort your feelings for yourself not for fans. Kris Jenner, please be a mother and teach your grown up girls the value of true love and a marriage relationship-just like you and Bruce have. Everyone learn from this.

  • khloe

    I look up to kim and all sisters and familys too. I always on her side . Love you kim be stronge

  • n.k

    it's sad. 10 million dollars spent on a wedding that wasn't mean't to be. This money could have changed the lives of thousands of people.

  • donjuan

    hey Bruce Jenner..Be a man!!!!! No one would would watch thes wenches if they were A cups!

  • rlty_chk

    Role Models(?) -Suck a c..k to become known -go through life with glazed over soulless eyes -Make the most important day for a little girl to fantasize about an ugly money grab -Mommy dearest is whoring her dark lifeless soul to make money on the murder of someone she knew and could have saved her life. Ummm how bout the decades of her being abused. Way to step in over a decade after you "allowed her to be murdered" Go away, Go Away, Go Away

  • rlty_chk

    Make it (Kim & Mz Kardashian) go away

  • dao

    Exactly, mommy is a f*cken liar and is full of sh*t.

  • Todd

    I have taken dumps that lasted longer. You fat butted bimbo. You did'nt do anything but make a ton of money of stupid people. America you should be ashamed also. Go order another 5 foot long sandwich or a Carl's burger and watch more Jersey Shore.Fist pump!! It's not her fault you are all so gullible douchebags. But you are one for allowing this to be newsworthy.

  • dao

    Kim is a stupid selfish b*%$#. And, her mother is full of sh*t. Oh excuse me, Kim is in Australia, why isn't she here fixing this mess she made. This family is in no way role models to anyone. Get them off television. And Ryan Seascrest, you too. You don't care. You just see MONEY, MONEY, MONEY just likes these HOES!!!!!!!!!

  • Miss Webb
    Miss Webb

    Wait, so in the last episode of the last season where Kris was proposing to Kim and he stated that the ring was $2 million, which is the reason the Brinks truck had to deliver it was a lie?! Hmmm that just made me second guess everything she was saying. Now I could be wrong since I haven't seen that episode in a while.

  • BIdy from Cally
    BIdy from Cally

    CALL Patty StaNger she is a Professional Matchmaker for Millionaires,She will find you the right GUY right down to eye color, hair color size of his yeng yang, what do you want one million 2 million 10million 50 million or over 100 million dollars per year she has the data, she can fix u right up with whoever and whatever you want, and get this you get to go on dates first to see if you like them BEFORE MARRYING THEM!! HOW DUMB COULD SOMEONE BE I THOUGHT YOU WERE A SMART BUSINESS WOMAN,GUESS NOT. YOU WANT A MILLIONAIRE BUT DOWN WANT HIM ARROUND YOU, YOU MIGHT LOOK FOR A MAN THAT TRAVELS THE WORLD FOR BUSINESS THEN HE WILL NEVER BE HOME AND YOU CAN STILL GET HIS MONEY! MARRY HUGH heffner then you can get his money when he kicks off which wont be long. That's what you wanted right telling Kris H. To get a Job. well these guys have Millions so you would be sit in that area anyways not sure if you can find the Love you need, but who needs LOVE when U Have Money?

  • johnny

    **** Guess the old saying holds true: you just can't turn a Ho into a Housewife! ****

  • marl

    It is just way harder for Kim to be a HouseHo than it is for Khloe!

  • marl

    It is just way too hard for Kim to be a HouseHo like Khloe!

  • johnny

    Kim, you are a bonifide tart!! If not for your sex tape and Paris Hilton, no one would even know you! Why don't you go back to porn making? You fit in much more in the adult porn world than you do in the clean world, stealing every dime your greedy hands can scrounge off little girls, whom you promote yourself to as a role model. How any child can view you as such is beyond me! Your mom is absolutely vile, too! IF the only way she could get a facelift every year was to screw her plastic surgeon, she would do just that! You two are so much alike!!


    ^^^ AMEN'

  • Jen

    31 yrs old.... well thats OLD enough to think for herself. I cant imagine someone treating marriage like a game. The vows etc, abt poor n sick etc, and now just less than 3mths its finished. Has she even attempt to save her marriage? Or just run away when she felt something is wrong. Thats so wrong. Wrong values.

  • Jennifer

    She mentions 'She should have ended her relationship.' also said 'She MARRIED in LOVE' Kim Shut the fk up! Really!? so what you mean to say in back of your head while getting married you had already thought about ending your relationship but just didn't want to dissapoint people!? KRIS is NOT you game or tester. Plus Not letting him know you are filling for divorce!? KIM that is LOW! I Bet Anything your MOTHER had to do with this.Oh and to top if off, HAVING LUNCH WITH REGGIE BUSH 2 DAYS BEFORE YOU FILLED! Your are one B*@#% ! Happy to say "what goes up must come down" and theor goes your Empire Straight DOWN! Oh And I WASSSSS A fan, WASSSS!

  • kubashnee govender
    kubashnee govender

    hi kim. may the lord wrap his arms around u n gives u strength to get thru this tough time. i admire u and wish u well. just follow ur heart and do what u feel is best for u!

  • AlaBella

    If you have enough going on in your show, why did you and your daughter feel the need to televise her wedding? And make it a 4-hour special at that, with re-airings and all?

  • Melody Kinsey
    Melody Kinsey

    Hang in there Kim, haters will be haters that is so childish only you know what really happened and that is all that matters !Melody from Missouri

  • Lisa

    I mean going through a dirvorce is such one hard time wouldn't wish it to my worse enemy at all.However,we have to learn that love is always from the inside not outside .I don't know Kim as a person but the are reports that the Kris did know he was being divorced .If that the case that is bad of Kim but if not hope and pray they work it out ...