Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail — With Interesting Terms

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Lindsay Lohan on Wednesday waived her right to a hearing for violating her probation, admitting that she was indeed in violation, prompting the court to give her the option of accepting 300 days of jailtime, with some very unique and complicated terms.

Under Judge Stephanie Sautner’s terms, Lindsay absolutely must serve 30 days in county jail, and then after being released, she must complete strict community service and psychotherapy sessions each month. She must report back to court each month for a progress update, and ultimately if she completes 12 days of community service and 4 therapy sessions each month, the rest of the 270 days will be stayed until they are permanently erased. 

“The first time you violate, you will do the rest of these 270 days,” Judge Stephanie Sautner warned, saying that she is essentially “putting the keys to the jail in the defendant’s hands” by giving her the option of accepting these terms.

After Lindsay’s initial 30 days in jail, which she must serve, Judge Sautner said the following:

“The remaining 270 days will be stayed as follows: You are to return to this court on December 14. Between now and Dec. 14, you are to perform 12 days of community service at the morgue and four psychotherapy sessions. If you do that, then the 270 days will be stayed until January 17. By January 17, you are to perform 12 more days at the morgue, and 4 more psychotherapy sessions. If you do that, then on January 17, the days will be further stayed.”

All of Lohan’s community service must be served at the morgue, as the women’s shelter she was also working with said she is a “bad example” for anyone else at the facility.

The 25-year-old star arrived to court on Wednesday morning to learn her fate for a probation violation after failing to complete a sufficient amount of community service hours following her alleged necklace theft from January. Lindsay walked into the courthouse sporting a blue polka-dot dress — conservative by Lindsay standards — and big shades. She quickly went from her SUV to inside, saying nothing to photographers and reporters shouting questions at her.

On October 19, a judge revoked Lindsay’s probation, and she was handcuffed in court, but eventually let out on bail. She was told to complete a minimum of 16 hours per week at the Los Angeles morgue, and by the looks of it, she has made good on that order (despite showing up 40 minutes late on her first day).

Lindsay’s legal team initially argued that her work overseas was partially to blame for her not fulfilling her community service requirements, but the judge pointed out that Lohan had six months to complete her time, and she was only overseas for just shy of a month.

Lohan had been in Italy for her new modeling gig with Philipp Plein. Check out photos from her shoot below.