Will ‘The Hunger Games’ be as Popular as ‘Twilight’? (POLL)


As we mentioned earlier, Jennifer Lawrence chatted with Vanity Fair and said that The Hunger Games is not Twilight (yet, anyways). 

Looking at the picture of the Games cast stacked up against the Vanity Fair shoot from 2008 with the Twilight cast it certainly appears as if the two franchises would be the same, right?

Anyone who has read both books knows that two series are not remotely similar. However, people are predicting that the same cultural phenomenon will occur with The Hunger Games cast.

Tell us Celebuzzers, do you think The Hunger Games will be as popular as Twilight? Vote in our poll up above. We say yes!



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  • Why Hunger Games is better than Twilight
    Why Hunger Games is better than Twilight

    I beg to differ, twilight is about a whiny pathetic girl called Bella who let's her abusive,sparkling boyfriend do all of the work. Then she goes into a coma JUST because he leaves her, I mean seriously, just move on sister! the hunger games is about katniss a girl who is hated by the goverment and must lead a war/rebellion. She is at the risk of her loved ones being killed by the mother****** aka president snow

  • jellymoonpie

    First of all, the hunger games isnt about looking pretty. the story ISNT pretty. its about survival, defiance, and rebellion. its about war, not vampires. it could actually happen. im glad the cast isnt stacked. i dont want people to like it. it will ruin its greatness. the people who enjoy the books know what i mean. its too good to compare to twilight. twilight is about having a boyfriend and losing your virginity. ive read both series, i read twilight before there was even a hint of it becoming a movie. i hated the movie with a passion. i hope to god that the hunger games doesnt turn into the joke that twilight has become.

  • lilian

    well... I think it will be a succesfull movie a la pirates of the caribbean kinda thing.. you know, they have an audience, but it's not a die-hard fanbase... the kinda fanbase that lives, eats and breathes the series like the fans do with twilight.. I also think they are trying way too hard to be the next big thing... with twilight, you really didn't expect it to be this big in the first place.. what I mean is, that it wasn't a fabricated franchise, like The Hunger Games. People at lionsgate started doing promo and comparing the movie to twilight as soon as they finished the script. What I love about twilight is the story, and the actors.. and I really doubt the HG cast can.. um.. "make" people feel as close to them as the twilight cast does.. People genuinely care for the TW cast.. And Im kinda obsessed with the are they together or not (you know.. ROBSTEN lol) somehow I don't see jennifer lawrence hooking up with josh or liam and getting the same media reaction. Besides, the twilight guys are kinda cuter.. yes, shallow.. but looks sell. and liam is the ONLY guy in that cast that it's worth buying a poster for.

  • jen

    LOOL!!! Do they have Robsten???!!! No! Nada! It would be a hit, but it won't have the murdering craziness effect like Twilight. Their cast are dead in person. No X-factor or friction, whatsoever!! .. Its genius for VF to release an ala-Twilight picture. If there's no comparison, who the heck would want to google Jennifer Lawrence!! Bland! Bland!

  • Sal

    The Hunger Games and Twilight are two very different genres in a way, yet at the same time I believe that the Hunger Games will be a phenomenon just like Twilight was/is... They are both amazing series, the movies don't always seem aa good to us because we have it imagined a whole different way in our minds...

  • May

    Sorry Ashley, Twilight has released 3 films so far and generated over a billion dollars. That is not a joke. Most studios would kill to have that.

  • fysew

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  • Ashley

    I think it will be but not in the same horrible way. One of my biggest fears about the movie is that it will be a joke like twilight.

  • Denise Rein
    Denise Rein

    If this Hunger Games franchise wants to differentiate itself from Twilight then they need to stop copying Twilight's marketing strategies. They already copied the MTV trailer promo and now this photo shoot. Their PR team should learn to be more creative than just copying what this Twi franchise did for the past 3 years. Lastly, they shouldn't let their franchise ride the coattails of Twilight and avoid the comparison made by the media. If it is a good movie then it should stand on its own merits and not attaching its name to another franchise just to get a buzz. Just my opinion.