Bill Condon on Almost R-Rated ‘Breaking Dawn’ Sex Scene: Blame Kristen Stewart!

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Rob, Kristen and Taylor get immortalized.
How hot is the Breaking Dawn honeymoon? We can’t tell you just yet, but with Kristen Stewart saying it almost got an R rating because of the sex scene you probably have an idea.

Robert Pattinson joked at a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night that it was all Kristen’s fault, so when we talked to director Bill Condon at the Breaking Dawn press conference we had to get the lowdown.

“Well, I think that’s true,” Bill said agreeing with Rob.

“[Kristen] got very into it!”

“It wasn’t rated R, they don’t rate it,” Condon clarified when we asked what hit the cutting room floor to make the film PG-13. “They just say, ‘you know, we’re not hitting a PG yet.’ Frankly it’s a very clinical thing. I’ve been through this before when I was trying not to get an X or NC-17 rating on Kinsey, but because it’s so subjective, they have very specific guidelines.”

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“I hate to be clinical, but guidelines on thrusting intercourse,” said Bill. “Anything that suggested that- not to make people too excited it was never explicit — but I think any movement that suggests that is what they object to. I suspect that because of the popularity of Twilight we had an even bigger focus.”

Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 hits theaters November 18, and Twi-hards will not be disappointed! Keep coming back to Celebuzz where we will give you the scoop straight from the junket.