Emma Roberts Gets Brainy for Tyler Shields’ ‘Smartest Man’

Shields and Zach Quinto
Tyler and Zach team up for their own TV series.
Emma Roberts' Style
Emma shows off her style at the ‘Today Show.'
Shields and Pettyfer
Tylers shoots sexy Alex Pettyfer.
Emma Roberts lent a helping hand (pardon the pun) when she modeled her digits for Tyler Shields’ new novel, Smartest Man. The famed photographer snapped Emma dunking her hands into a jar filled with a human brain for the book’s cover.

He also left a message for potential readers:

I must warn you this is a crazy book and a wild ride not for the faint of heart!

But this isn’t the first time Shields has worked with Roberts! He also shot the Scream 4 actress crying “unicorn tears” earlier this year. Check out that photoshoot in the gallery below! 

Smartest Man is set to be about the world’s smartest man and how he came to hold that title. The book is out November 3.