Hollywood’s Hottest Celebrity Cops! (PHOTOS)

Hot Guys With Dogs!
These hotties love their furry best friends.
We hope everyone stayed out of trouble this past Halloween weekend, but we must admit–if we were going to have a run-in with the cops, there a few we wouldn’t mind bumping in to!

Jake Gyllenhaal, Channing Tatum, Zac Efron – oh my! Besides all being gorgeous, these Hollywood hotties have another thing in common. They have all suited up in a cop uniform!

Celebuzz has come up with a collection of our favorite celebrity cops. For whatever reason they throw on the handcuffs — a movie, television show, or a costume party — these guys (or ladies!) fit the part nicely. You have the right to remain silent in awe!

Take a look through the pics and tell us your favorite!