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Hi dolls! I just wanted to share a few photos from the launch of Kardashian Kollection handbags at Hugo’s Lounge in Sydney. Kim, Lamar and I had such a great time meeting everyone and I can’t thank you guys enough for giving us such a warm Aussie welcome! LOL.

Click through the gallery to see photos from the event. I was wearing a Yigal Azrouel top, a Prabal Gurung skirt, Christian Louboutin shoes with none other than a Kardashian Kollection bag! Gorgeous Award shout out to Clyde Haygood for doing my hair, Rob Scheppy for makeup and Monica Rose for styling me! Love my glam squad!

P.S. How handsome does my Lam Lam look?! LOL



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  • clarissa

    Kim! As a fan I wanna say I look up to u and I'm glad u fallowed ur heart..:) what eva the media says u need to do what's best for u not what people say... and for all u bitches talkin shit don't u have anythin else to do besides blamin kim for her devorce! Fuck off really! Get a fuckin life and leave her the fuck alone! I bet ur life is full of shit! Wheather she decided to get a devorce after 72 who gives a fuck! I'm glad she did! She deserves someone who is gonna lov her and respect her for who she is! U dumb bitches don't even fuckin know! So really back the fuck off kim! Cause I know all ya wanna be like her nd are just jelous!

  • Cece

    You are the same people who were saying that the marriage won't last,Kris doesn't wear the wedding ring,Kim doesn't happy when they were married and now that she divorced him she's the bad one.We all knew this was a bad mistake from the start,we saw how he treated her during the wedding show and they already hated each other before the wedding. what did you expect?Give the girl a break,we saw it was a mistake,she kind of knew it when she was talking to Kourtney but she thought it was just cold feet cause of the wedding.Everyone is trying to make Kris the victim and Kim the bad person while back in your mind you all knew this will happen sooner or later which I say sooner is better,she can go on with her life without someone who is supposed to be your husband putting you down instead of supporting you.

  • monica

    Please Kim stop being pathetic and playing the part that your hurt if just the night before the divorce was announced you look all happy partying stop fulling your self because we all know your full of shit. Look at your face on this picture are you trying hard to look sad because you look mad or like your face is to stiff from all the botox you get. Your only true fans are teenagers that still learning in life you should be ashamed of the message your sending example: its OK to be marry 72 days, have a sex taoe, and get around with Hollywood. I'm sure your dad is ashamed of all you girl especially you and your mom the biggest money hungry hoes. So your mom is now saying we don't know your family so we shouldn't criticized. That means all this time you guys were bullshiting us with the show ir was all make believe for the camera. Do us a favor and go back to your country with your whole family you won't be miss.

  • Nicole

    kim lost me as a fan! what an embarrassment!

  • sebrena

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  • alyssa

    U r great Kim kardasen