Kim Kardashian Speaks Out on Divorce: I'm Getting Through It (VIDEO)

Kim Files for Divorce
Kim Kardashian Divorce
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Kim's Message to Fans
Kim Kardashian speaks to fans post-breakup Read More »

Kim Kardashian is in the center of a media frenzy and finally speaking out publicly about her divorce from Kris Humphries. During her first television interview since announcing her split on Monday, Kim opened up about why she decided to end her marriage. When asked by Sunrise hosts if she fought to save the marriage, Kim responded:
"I think when you know so deep in your heart that you just to listen to your intuition and follow your heart. There's no right or wrong thing to do."

The hosts pressed further, asking if she had considered counseling, but the deflated reality star responded, "I'm not ready to get into it," insisting the rumors that she profited from her wedding were false.

"I think what really just, I think, upsets me most is that there has been from the start so many rumors of money and dollar signs ... and so much of it not being true," Kim said.

Trying to change the topic, Kim admitted she didn't want to bail on her fans  and was there to discuss the Kardashian Kollection for Sears, adding:

"I really wanted to stick with my commitment to come out to Australia. I love the fan base here. I did want some time to myself but I don't want to bale on everyone and skip out on this commitment here... I've got Khloe and Lamar here and we're just getting through it."

In a separate interview on Australia's Channel 10, Kim insisted she "married for love."

"Anyone that would get married for a TV show -- it's just, you know, ridiculous," she said. "And it's just sad that I even have to defend that."



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  • Larry Biddle
    Larry Biddle

    I can't believe I even bother wading into this but...that doofus Kris is the one that proposed. Who did he think he was proposing to? Anybody who thought he was going to marry her and wisk her off to Minnesota to have babies is ...well I already said it. It seems to me she is no more at fault than him...even less so since HE proposed marriage to somebody who was never gonna go for the lifestyle he had in mind. The fact that all those mundane details weren't worked out before marriage doesn't make these 2 unique by a long shot. It happens everyday...we all know people its happened to.

  • dee

    Kim just wanted a wedding and money

  • Disappointed

    The only reason this is such a big deal, is because the wedding was such a big deal. Kim literally tried to make it the event of the century. The fact is... regardless if people hate her or not for going through with this divorce like this, she's getting a lot of attention, which is exactly what she wants! This whole reality tv celebrity is getting way out of hand. The rest of America seriously needs something better to do. Kim Kardashian has slain the honor and value of marriage. Honestly, everyone needs to wake up and take a good look at ourselves, why are we even giving these people our attention? They don't deserve it!

  • Toya

    If kim wanted it to work and didnt want people to talk bad about her she would have seek couseling as for as i see she dont give a damn it was just a fake marriage,As Kris wud say she just wanted her fairtytale wedding and was just seeking a man to snatch into it,I hate that bitch as for as i see kRIS DID NOTHING WRONG THAT bitch just love her own way!

  • mojo

    ok i draw my own art, therefore i am an artist... not a true i sell my items artists but as a hobby an artist. how could i call myself an artist if i am telling someone else what i want in the painting but not sketching or doing it myself? im not. they are not DESIGNERS...have you seen her draw? good god the woman probably couldn't stand to do real hands on work like sketch up a dress. they have people draw their ideas. they are heads of a corporation pointing fingers whilst sitting on their fat asses promoting someone elses hard work. stupid.

  • -Michele

    Of all sisters Chloe seems to be the most honest and not so hooked on fame. Kim irritates me now.

  • Emily2

    You can check out the whole interview at CELEBUR . C OM


    but you still need to learn from your mum and your sisters most especially khloe


    Kim needs to learn from her pasts relationship, pains and rejections,ask yourself deeply whenever you are going into such a vow, nobody is perfect dont think you are going to meet a perfect man one day, you can meet a faithful and loving man but not a perfect man, you said you married for love i dont think so, because if you do, you will cope, but you still need to learn from your mum and your sisters, because your split is painful

  • Ct

    Married for love?????? YEAH RIGHT! If you married him for love you would honor your vows for BETTER OR WORSE. You don't take marriage lightly. And kris Jenner should stop defending her daughter telling the world she didn't profit from it- bunch of liars!! THE WORLD ISN'T STUPID YOU KNOW. Give him back the damn ring and you should donate the money you made from your wedding to those who are less fortunate. You just wasted 2 hours of my life watching your WASTEFUL wedding.

  • sebrena

    My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with an excellent man! They met via βlαckwhitеPlanet.СòM ... it is the largest and best community for black white singles & friends to chat online. get to know each other, and talk about religion, work, sports, life, relat-ionsh\ip, or more.…view photos of singles near you and meet one there. It's worth a try! …marriage is not a one way street here…you knew Kris wanted to live in Minnesota before you even got married…your so caught up in all the glamour and such that you don’t even know how to live a real life in the real world…midwest is nice and quiet..nice place to raise a family…why don’t you actually get to know your husband before you decide to call it quits…I think Kris is very demanding at times but on the other hand he is not all about money and glamour…

  • anna

    Ʊ W̶̲̥̅̊ȋ̝̊̅ι̥ι̥ always Βє̲̣̥ my role model ȋ̝̊̅̄ love Ʊ so much and ȋ̝̊̅̄ W̶̲̥̅̊ȋ̝̊̅ι̥ι̥ always support U̶̲̥̅̊r̲̅ decision ȋ̝̊̅̄ believe Ʊ made the rite decision

  • Emmy Isle
    Emmy Isle

    AND don't forget Kourtney and Kim take new york is coming out soon... and you know that features Kim and Kris' relationship right after the wedding.. Don't be surprised when Kris is edited to look like an ass! And I will referr to this msg Lol

  • toots

    wtg!!!!! i agree with you ..Kim needs to get a real life...

  • toots

    for real Kim...marriage is not a one way street knew Kris wanted to live in Minnesota before you even got married...your so caught up in all the glamour and such that you don't even know how to live a real life in the real world...midwest is nice and quiet..nice place to raise a family...why don't you actually get to know your husband before you decide to call it quits...I think Kris is very demanding at times but on the other hand he is not all about money and glamour....I am not for or against either Kim or Kris..just saying how easy it is to call it quits in such a short time and yet Kim craved to be married...Kim you need to get a reality check on what is more important in life..Money?? Fame??? Glamour??? or maybe a good life as a married woman???

  • paige

    I love you Kim! Keep your head up! God has your back! Xoxo

  • myarh mayne
    myarh mayne

    We really need a specific reason for the divorce

  • Aisha

    Give the gal a break. We all make mistakes her sex tape was a mistake why ¢αηt you all let it go. She is trying so hard to be strong so let's give her the support she needs pls. I love you kim and you wil be fine

  • Akis Palma
    Akis Palma

    Kim I used to think you had it together....sadly I was mistaken. Your priorities are for fame and fortune! Marriage is about commitment but it seems like it is more important to be in Australia to promote your handbags because you would hate to break that commitment right?!

  • Law Student
    Law Student

    Exactly how anyone can defend her is beyond me, this defiantly is not a heart broken woman. I feel people are missing the fact she choose to divorce.

  • lisa

    pathetic money hungry ho's all those kardashians. father was a creep who help a murderer go free, just go away your making us sick

  • Erykah

    It's sad how celebrities overlook the simplest things that can actually bring happiness. Does she think that selling handbags and being in the spotlight will provide her with the happiness she deserves? She is definately not getting younger and the earlier she realizes that, the better for her. Beauty fades and soon she'll be aging like her mother.

  • Marcus

    Why would a man go into a serious relationship with Kim? She was made famous by a sex tape, and was later revealed that the unedited version of the tape, that Ray J gave Kim a golden shower. How is a man going to take a pissed on girl serious? If Kim ever has kids, she will have to explain all this to them before they find out for themselves. She is damaged goods, and she has no one to blame but herself.

  • Angela

    Keep drinking that Kardashian kool-aid. I feel sorry for you because you actually buy into their sham. People like you are the reason why the Kardashians are famous. Are you that blind to see that the whole marriage was a publicity stunt. And what a coincidence, her divorce announcement happens the day before her pimp mother's book comes out....

  • christine

    i agree with you it should be more important than selling seems she's getting through her divorce faster than her marriage lasted. she does not seem upset enough to stop her from selling bags.

  • Nicole

    she's just putting on a sad face for the cameras, give her a couple of days and she'll be out pimping more stuff & smiling all the way to the bank.

  • Nicole

    ANY man with their head screwed on right won't want to deal with her or her antics. She's become a walking joke! Sympathy should be towards Kris H. who had to learn about the divorce via TMZ!

  • diNa

    Kim go and do something else with ur self u proved to ur fans that ur just a money hungry biatch who steps on everybody . Hope ur show dies and u fade away from the spot light .

  • Tarcia Patton
    Tarcia Patton

    this is just crazy i was so happy for kim, my guy said that kris shouldnt marry kim and he was right. when i was lookin at the wedding the family didnt like him at all now that sad. they tell her what to do she needs to live her own life. no one can tell you about your marriage you have to find out yourself. kim you will never be happy you need to get to know someone before you walk down marriage bliss.


    dont judged people in the end both are humen like we who make the some decisions like kris and kim so dont if you dont like to hear this any more so dont read WE LOVE YOU KIM <3<3 xoxo

  • Law Student
    Law Student

    You do know she is not reading your comment right??

  • AnnieM

    Kim.....ppl are upset because they feel you are not trying tp work things put it is your life and I watch you all the time.....did I think Kris was the one..NO You need to be with Shaggo or Reggie. And you look tired and sad. I feel bad that you have to go through such hatred. People can be so EVIL..PAY THEM NO MIND. Do what you have to do

  • Karla Villatoro
    Karla Villatoro

    I loved Kim kardashian I always stood up for her and supported her as a fan. But this... Is just ridicules, a marriage is not something you can quit on. It's a life commitment, yet your talking about commuting to a collection. You don't know what the meaning of commitment is. Now I see what every one is saying is real your just a money hungry slut, who fuss the spot light and does anything to keep it on her. Next she will fake her own death. I'm saddened by this.. I thought you were better than this. Courtney is defiantly the best one of them all, Kloe once your honest with your self and start loving your self, you will just look like a stupid clown on tv, embraced your figure and your woman hood and stop trying to be do fake! Courtney I love you and hope to Marry you one day ;) just saying..

  • Cindy

    Kim you suck and are soo fake. I will NOT continue to watch your fake show. You are so self centered and need to count your blessings, you are money hungry and need to get a reality check. And Khole you look stupied, STOP trying to pucker your lips, its dumb. The only normal one is Kourtney.

  • Candi

    OMG she is acting like she was maried for years it was only 2 months

  • Ren

    This is so Kardashian style, why would you jeopardize your marriage for status? You already have it and you thought the best thing for you to do is sell your collection and not worry how another human being is hurting as well? The only thing I see that Kris wanted from you was to have a simple life with kids involved. This dose not send a good message out to the younger generation that use to look up to you. Obviously you did not take your vows serious enough to commit to your marriage, for real your collection was worth all this drama?

  • Delilah E Perez
    Delilah E Perez

    im so over it !! now that shes in the tabloids once again she will be getting interviews and such out the ass making more money she doesnt need smh

  • Shannon

    Stay strong Kim!!! Ur a good person and u have a wonderful family behind u!! it's noones business what happened behind closed doors!!! Ur family and fans know u love hard and ur prince charming is out there!!!

  • Abe Gurko
    Abe Gurko

    The drama between Kim Kardashian Humphries, née Kardashian & Kris Humphries Kardashian, née Humphries is simply the kick-off to what will be the biggest soap opera saga to hit the airwaves since Luke & Laura from General Hospital. Eat that, Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event in two parts. One part scam and the other part nonsense. Let’s just say that reality television will never play as well as scripted. Hence, I give you… The Days Of Kim’s Lives: All Nine Of Them

  • Peggy Waltmon
    Peggy Waltmon

    Shango truly LOVES you KIM you will always be special to him, an people "will "care about you later in life when your children are in school your good like your mom don't eve let Hum-pries tell you such crap to try to pull u down but now that your down under LOL FIND SHANG GO

  • Peggy Waltmon
    Peggy Waltmon

    Find the real fairy tale Kim GO CALL SHANGO he's for U

  • Kristin

    all my toughts go to you kim! i hope you will handle this fine, and find a new man soon! you deserve it:)

  • dixie

    O-M-G she got married for publicity, she is crying rivers for publicity...stop reporting about her!!!!

  • AlaBella

    Counselling probably doesn't draw as much attention and ratings as a divorce. And from the sound of her, marriage and counselling don't sell as much as handbags either.

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
  • Law Student
    Law Student

    After viewing about 2 minutes of the video, I have one question: Shouldn't marriage be a bigger commitment than selling handbags? There was me thinking that she will take some time out to think about what's going on in her life and to realise her mistakes... I was wrong. No more fake depressing look on her face.