Kris Jenner: Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring was ‘A Gift’ (VIDEO)

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Kim & Kris' marriage is over!
Kris Jenner has received a lot of questions about her daughter Kim Kardashian’s recent split from husband Kris Humphries while promoting her new book Kris Jenner … and All Things Kardashian. The momager showed up on Good Morning America Thursday to chat Lara Spencer about how Kim is coping with the divorce news. 

“Kim hasn’t been the Kim I know in a little bit. … I saw here changing a little bit and it concerned me,” Jenner said. “I want Kim back — I want her to be happy. … She seemed worried, not her happy self.”

As for reports that Humphries has asked for the 20.5 carat engagement ring back, Kris doesn’t agree with this, saying: 

“It’s a gift — so keep your gift.”

What do you think? Should Kim give back the ring?

She said of her 31-year-old daughter’s decision to marry so quickly that Kim’s “dream [was] to get married and have babies, and raise a family — that’s all she’s ever wanted.” Kris added, “She’s a very generous girl. She has a huge heart.”