Sisters Send Kendall Jenner Sweet 16 Birthday Wishes (PHOTOS)

Kendall's Bikini Fun!
Kendall Jenner splashes around on the beach.
There’s a reason the Kardashian/Jenner family has so many fans — they always stick together through thick and thin. Millions continue to Keep Up with them to see how they handle life’s up and downs, and celebrating a major milestone is no different!

Little sis Kendall Jenner is 16 today, and her sisters — plus mom Kris — came out in full force to send her sweet birthday messages.

The girls all shared personal pics of Kendall growing up; scroll through the gallery to see the birthday girl through the years!

Kim send her bday wishes from Australia, saying: Kendall, you promised me you would never grow up, and yet here you are, towering over us all! I love you so much and am so proud of everything you have achieved. I know one day I’ll see you on the cover of Vogue! I’m sad I can’t be there to celebrate with you but as soon as I get back we’ll celebrate together… and you can drive us there!

Kourtney also shared her sisterly pride, saying: You are such an amazingly beautiful person on the inside and out. I am so proud of you every single day. You are smart, honest, loyal, genuine, gorgeous and fun! I am so excited to have you drive me around town! Call me Kenya! I love you madly.

Khloe naturally showed her sense of humor, saying: I cannot believe you are 16 today. WOW. Man I feel old LOL.

Sis Kylie wrote on their blog: Happy birthday to my sister Kendall! I love you so much! #16swag

Mom Kris writes on her blog: I love you my little Kendall!! You will always be my beautiful baby and I can’t even fathom that you are 16 today!! WOW, you can drive now!! Promise me you won’t grow up too fast! I love you dearly and I’m so proud of you!!!