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Not even in the U.S for a year yet and Australian pop culture corespondent Jason Dundas is already making a name for himself in a huge way. Not only has he landed a gig  appearing on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live, which airs Monday-Friday at 9am, but Celebuzz recently caught up with the former MTV Australia VJ, who shared his plans for the future, how it has been living in New York and even revealed hot celebrity crush.

Hey Jason! Welcome to New York how has it been for you?

Oh my God, it’s like my childhood dream. From Australia, I flew 19 hours to get to New York. To live here and actually have a reason to be hear other than holidays is just an incredible experience.

Yes, I could only imagine. So for VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live, how is the filming process different from what you were used to in Sydney?

Well before this, I did two sort of prominent shows. I did the Australian MTV version of TRL and that was pretty similar in the way they do it. I mean it’s a live TV show, the only difference is in New York there’s a bigger buzz. There is so much more atmosphere in the air. It’s a really good environment to be in.

So you mentioned TRL, I’d imagine that was pretty good. What was some of your most memorable interviews from that time?

Probably 50 cent and Beyoncé. We did Beyoncé live around the country and were at a shopping mall with 5,000 people in front of us, all screaming while we were trying to conduct this interview. The interview went for probably 30 minutes, and it was huge. That was pretty full on, and I mean when you’re 23, it’s hard to really grasp what’s going on. Now I’m 29 in New York, so I can kind of have fun with it.

Absolutely. Who would you name as your celebrity crush?

My celebrity crush? I think Jennifer Lawrence is cute. I’m looking forward to Hunger Games.

Nice. Talking about celebs, who haven’t you had the chance to interview that you would love to meet?

Hugh Jackman because I met him a few times in Australia, but I’d love to get Hugh  to come on the show and get to know him — Aussie to Aussie. He’s a superstar and he’s super successful. I’d love to have him on the show but I’d also love to chat with Mark Wahlberg. I just really respect the way his career has progressed and now he’s sort of behind the scenes a little bit.

What kind of effect has being on TV, being named GQ’s man of Style had on your dating life?

The problem with my dating life is that prior to this show, I worked on a travel show called Getaway out of Australia for five years. I’ve been a gypsy living out of one suitcase hopping from country to country, so the dating life just does not work when you work on a travel show. Coming to New York is like a blessing in disguise. I’m a single guy in New York, with some of the most beautiful women on earth, so maybe this will be the place I actually find a girl I can seriously date.

Yeah that’s a pretty good take on that. What’s been your favorite part about being in New York so far?

Well the funny thing is I lived in New York in 2009 for three months and studied theater full-time, and I never caught the subway– ever. I just caught taxis all the time. So this time, I’m always catching the subway. There’s just such an eclectic mix of people on the subways in New York. There are guys beat boxing on corners, people dancing… It’s just so cool to be a part of.

Last question. Where do you see yourself within the next 5 years?

You know what? I couldn’t tell you because the last five years I had no idea where I was going to be. It’s all been this sort of roller coaster. In five years, I’ll be 34. In a perfect world, I’ll be living in New York City’s West Village, hosting this show full time overlooking Times Square and interviewing the biggest act and bands performing. Something like that would be amazing.

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